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Divine Proximity

The journey of this story starts in Macomb, Illinois, on the campus of Western Illinois University. It's almost time for summer break, and the college students there are getting anxious. All they can think about is seeing their hometown friends and the epic parties they're sure to never forget. But for our main character, Aleaha, the summer looks like it'll be anything but fun. Her enthusiasm for the summer is suffocated by a report that's due upon her return. This English Lit assignment will have her seeking a couple and the stories of their journey prior and after meeting. But once back in Rockford, the city where she's from, the nightmares she was having on campus are haunting her and becoming a reality. And finding a sufficient couple to interview, so she can complete her assignment, is turning out to be a more difficult task than she thought. Follow Aleaha as she reunites with family and friends. Laugh with her through hilarious encounters. Be scared for her as she tries to avoid potential danger. Smile for her as she rekindles old relationships. And cry with her as she unveils the truth behind life, love, loss, and their divine proximity.

--Donovan Brooks

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