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Diet by Divorce

The book is about how people cope and handle changes that happen either by your doing or someone else's doing. Many things can cause stress and cause one to react either positively or negatively in a way that will impact their lives. This story is about the many disappointments and successes that happened to the author, some of which could surely happen to you or have already. It is about taking care of yourself and how to do it with the least amount of discomfort. It is a book about blame on both sides as he goes through marital and work-related changes and issues. There was no perfect answer for turmoil in his life. There was only the understanding of the circumstances, and what would be the best reaction to lifestyle changes at that time. He provides some guidance through his experiences that may help you decide on your future, and how you would like to live the rest of your life.

A piece of advice from the author, "Your time is valuable, so spend it on developing family relationships, work, and friends in that order."

--David Hart

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