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Death Till We Part

It is spring in the West Virginia Mountains. Phoebe Biebel, a beautiful red-haired lass of sixteen, loves the feel of the plowed earth beneath her bare feet as she brings dinner to her father and the hired hand, tall brown-haired Adam Cooper. She has a strange feeling upon meeting him and asks her mother later about it, who remained silent.Whenever possible, she sneaks down to the twisted oak by the stream and reads poetry as she cools her feet, where she meets Adam one Sunday, who is out for a stroll. Over time their love for poetry and each other grows. Adam made Phoebe a promise for Christmas. See what he did to keep it. Meet Phoebe's mother, Martha, and her friend Amy, the mountain witch. Phoebe has a younger sister, Marie, a schoolteacher in Petersburg. Frolic with the sisters when Marie comes to visit and is caught in a thunderstorm.Adam and Phoebe build a home on North Knob. When Adam is on mail route, how does Phoebe spend her time? Meet Courageous, the family dog. What is the secret that Phoebe fears? Then there's Devil's Curve.

--Lee Bible

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