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Deadly Devotion

At thirty-five, pregnant with another woman's child, Mallory Storm is exactly where she wants to be. Her younger sister, Emma, stricken with leukemia is unable to conceive after chemotherapy. Mallory agrees to be a surrogate for her sister and brother-in-law, a secret that will ultimately drive a wedge between two families. Mallory's joy turns into pain when Emma and Derek are involved in an accident.

Arriving at the hospital, Mallory comes face-to-face with Devlin Hamilton, the man responsible for Emma & Derek's decision to elope instead of having the dream wedding Emma deserved. Before they have time to reminisce the bitter past between their families, they learn that Derek and Emma have succumbed to their injuries, and the accident may have been intentional. Devlin is shocked and angry when he learns that his family had been deceived. Emma was never pregnant, and Mallory is carrying his brother Derek's unborn child.

Devlin and Mallory are thrust into each other's life after learning custody of the baby would be granted to them, but only if they are married before the birth of the child. After several mishaps concerning Mallory's safety, Devlin begins to believe what Detective Levy already suspects"his brother and sister-in-law were murdered. But what was the connection between the killer, Mallory, and the unborn child? Convinced Mallory is in danger, Devlin moves her to his home, but soon realizes keeping Mallory safe was proving to be as difficult as putting a ring on her finger.

--Kathleen L. Boaz

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