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Day by Day

Oh my god! Where am I?

Katie woke...finding herself in a dark room-NOT HERS!

Kaitlyn O'Connor, born and raised in New Mexico, was considered the sweetheart of Albuquerque. She was always the first person to help anyone in need.

Unbeknown to her, someone was watching her every move. One day she disappears.

Jack Hayes wants what is not his. That something is Katie.

Maddy is the broken-down, beaten wife of Jack. She knows her husband is up to something-something BAD!

Jackie, the ten year daughter of Jack and Maddy, not allowed to have any friends, is all alone in the world. Until she meets Katie.

A kidnapping! Abuse! A murder!

Are they somehow connected?

A nosy neighbor helps solve a murder.


--N.C. Jones

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