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Dance of the Dryad Dream

Mother Earth takes on human form as Mother Nature to walk among us in observation of how mankind cares for and how wisely he uses the bounty of natural resources she has blessed him with. Mankind, being a product of creation is therefore under her charge along with all the flora and fauna that exists upon the earth. Things haven’t been going so well these days and man has fallen into a cycle of waste and abuse that threatens the health of every organism that lives. Although Mother Nature has provided many warning signs, man has become complacent and self-centered, ignoring that he has become a threat to even his own existence. Mother Earth can heal herself and evolve, but at what cost? A mother will always try to protect her offspring from bringing harm upon themselves through intervention. She now calls upon the dark creatures of the Dreaming to come forth to give mankind one final chance to change the error of his ways. Man must be made to see the devastation he brings upon lives unseen, but from a different angle, so that he may see what lies ahead in his own future. A select number of Dryads have been called upon to leave their sacred trees in an effort to enlist mankind in a universal effort to not only save himself, but repair the damage that he has brought upon nature. If he refuses to do so, he will suffer the ultimate and immediate consequences.

--Synne Magar Ferguson

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