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Creatures of Habit: A User's Guide to Recovery

The title of my book Creatures of Habit is really all about my journey of addiction and alcoholism. As my addiction took over, it seemed at some point all about the maintenance of staying loaded. The fun of it all quickly slipped away, and it was all about maintaining my high. My hopes and dreams slowly slipped away, and it became all about the drug. Family and friends were a thing of the past, and my entire life revolved around methamphetamine. Creatures of Habit is a book about my twenty-year journey with methamphetamine and how I finally broke the habit and started to recover. I only knew what I knew at the time, and it has taken a lot of hard work to unravel my insanity of addiction and to replace that with focus, foundation, dedication, purpose, and the desire to learn. Creatures of Habit is about how a twenty-year meth user turned his life around and managed to not only get family and friends back in my life but those relationships are better than ever before. New relationships are solid, and I'm no longer putting myself in harm's way. I believe in something much greater than myself today.

--Shane Liston

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