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Creation on a Dead End Street: A Seed of Destruction

Creation on a Dead-End Street is a message from the Almighty based on the Holy Scriptures. The message is about many areas of self-destruction, causing many deadly consequences.

The author brings to life many causes and preventions of life problems. Creation on a Dead-End Street is an answer to knowing how to protect the human body, which is the temple of God. The human man must rely on God, who's the self-existence and eternal creator of all things. The whole book is a spiritual message. There is something that's significant and magnificent about the mysterious power that's available to those that believe. God is Love.

Creation on a Dead-End Street is like having an interview with the Creator. It's an inconvenient truth that many won't accept.

Creation on a Dead-End Street can renew the mind and start a new life being part of the closure to the old life.

God has his hand on the microphone button.

Read it for a new direction. (Someone needs to listen.) God cares that everyone is saved from the foolishness of this world.

--Rev. Dr. Charlie Davis

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