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Community Life: What Is It, the Dire Need for It, and Why We Don't Have It

Community Life is a thought-provoking piece of work inspired by the high thinking G-D consciousness and visionary insight of W.Deen Mohammed. A man whom I will always call my leader. This work represents twelve years of working directly with the Imam to help promote community life among the African American people. So, despite or regardless of the gallant effort of a few leaders during our sojourn here in America, we have yet to achieve and sustain successful community life. The closest we came to that elusive goal was during the reconstruction era, after the civil war and slavery. This work is dedicated to one day establishing community life among the African American people. A day when we will manage our own lives and control our own destiny in our communities and neighborhoods. And as we pursue the management and control of our community's resources, we will at the same time respect the community building aspirations of other ethnic groups. And G-D willing be successful in our own efforts in establishing community life.


--Bari Muhammed

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