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Communicating Science and Managing the Coronavirus Pandemic

After listening to an abundance of misinformation about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and its variants, Dr. Marchesani decided to write this book. Statements such as, "We all know," followed by incorrect or misleading information is frustrating. The statement implies that the information to follow is known and accepted by everyone except the person hearing the information for the first time, and that person needs to get on board if they want to be accepted. As addressed in the book, science has the answers and needs to present the answers in a strong and effective manner. No response on the part of science is read by many that the misinformation is correct when it is not correct, or the misinformation is of equal to science when nothing can be further from the truth. Information from science must undergo rigorous peer review prior to a statement being issued, while misinformation has no basis or documentation and should be discarded. The book also addresses the nine stages of managing a pandemic--from the incident that led to the pandemic determination through remediation, recovery, and closure. The book also addresses the process of developing a pandemic scenario and a scripted pandemic exercise. The book also introduces a template for a pandemic management plan, a standby statement, and much more. This book may be the perfect guide to addressing COVID-19 misinformation and pandemic management.

--V J Marchesani, PHD

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