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Christians Going Wild: Interrupted

Have you been searching to understand why you were created and want to know your true purpose in life? Have you ever wondered how good and evil came into existence in this world, and how, since the beginning of the creation of humanity, sin - because of humanity's struggle with temptation and disobedience to God"caused the world to go wild to evil for a season before Jesus Christ redeemed humanity back to God?

Do you also tend to struggle with the spiritual world versus the natural and need direction on how to live free from evil to a life of joy and peace?

Good news! This powerful book will give you understanding into the history of God's creation for humanity and His perfect will for all people to live a successful and peaceful life with power to conquer any temptation of sin, loneliness, or depression from the devil, the enemy of darkness against mankind.

Rather, you will gain powerful revelation knowledge of God's Word and plans for you to stop drama, chaos, and your life from becoming destructive. This book will also be a life-changing transformation that will help you recognize, use, and value the power of God working to bless and prosper your life spiritually, mentally, physically - and your personal desires in life that are blessings to help you enjoy your life in God as he continues to give you his best!

--Dr. Shon Shree Lewis

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