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Choose Education Over Crime: Tools and Strategies to Save Our Youth

The books provide tools, strategies, and tips for parents, teachers, administration, and other school leaders. The information shared with you has led to my success while working within the inner city for the last twenty-plus years.Transferring from Midwest to the west coast there were several similarities. I noticed that there were still students struggling with communication between school and home. Teachers continued to face challenges with educating their students to proficiency levels and higher, and leaders continued to stumble on showing staff how to focus on learning.After the intro explains the drive behind developing the book, information is shared with parents for increasing awareness, if needed, in order to have a more positive communication between the school and home as it pertains to the child's education and welfare.As an administrator, I learned the importance of clarity, and when both parties are on the same page of what's being discussed, it is easier to find solutions to the concern.Next, the book provides detailed information that could assist the teachers in the classroom, and even though there are items discussed that are not in teachers' control, they are still mentioned to pass along to administrators as possible items to consider.Lastly, the book takes a turn to reveal the negative side of education and how leaders who are in powerful decision-making positions—charter holders, superintendents / chief executive officers, directors, and others—negatively impact the school.In 2019, I experienced my worst year in education, and it was solely based on a shift in leadership, and as it always seems to turn out, the students suffer in the end. Unfortunately, I encountered education at its worst, and although I had success at my campus, could not out shadow the toxic culture being developed by those in the hierarchy. The state of Arizona continues to suffer academically, but not because of just teachers and students. Success starts from the top as well as failure.

--Ronald Alexander M.Ed.

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