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Chicago Street Cops: Gangs Guns and Cabrini Green Housing Snipers

Cabrini-Green housing had snipers firing on the police, residents, firemen, anyone in the area of Cabrini-Green Housing, every day. In 1970, Sergeant James Severin and Officer Anthony Rizzato were murdered by snipers at Cabrini-Green Housing Units. Their killers are serving 199 years in prison. Eight years later, my partners and I worked Cabrini-Green Housing area arresting gang members and in four years confiscated over 660 various types of weapons. We also arrested five men. My partners and I survived thru the years at Chicago Police Officers. I began my career as a US Army military police officer, then Chicago Transit Authority police officer, and a Chicago police officer.

Greg always wanted to be a police officer to help people and to prevent criminals from injuring people. He started his career as a teenager when he joined the US Army as a military police officer. His duty was town patrol. Then when Greg returned home to Chicago, he was hired as a Chicago transit authority police officer, then as a Chicago police officer.

--Greg Zito

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