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Characters from the Promised Land: Jesus, the Angels and Our Father Who Are in Heaven

Characters from the Promised Land allows its reader to be present in the spirit to witness true stories and live adventures from heaven and on earth—for example, witness when God sent the Word from heaven to dwell on earth among men; hear the words spoken by the angel of God to Mary, who conceived Jesus; be there when John the Baptist first leaped for joy in his mother's womb; travel with the wise men; go up to Jerusalem with Joseph, Mary, and Jesus; to be taxed; go fishing with Simon Peter and his brother; follow Jesus; witness the sick being healed, the dead being raised, the blind receiving their sights, a woman being loosed from her iniquity, sit in with the multitudes being taught by Jesus; and witness his capture, the scourging, his hanging on the cross with the two men dying with him, and rising again.

--James Arther Lewis

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