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Candles in the Mist: Book One Lifelights Challenge Series

"Do your pink mists compel hostile testimony?" Meadowent Kinsman Jazzlyne Mansheer asked Array's Goddess in tones as sharp as the mystical blade beneath the grip she clenched with resolve. Jazzlyne swore to end the path of those who left the Meadowent Kinsmen in their predominantly female society three years back.The Meadowent Kinsmen know that people should be measured by their choices, actions, and honorable intent without gender prejudice. Jazzlyne and her Starmates invite you to share her next bends; however, be warned that if she chooses the wrong path, it could end the paths of all Arrayers. Even those in the afterlife are at risk. The correct path will lead to love and salvation.

--Sherry E. Jasieniecki

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