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Building of a Champion: The Avis Brown-Riley Story: How I Became a Champion in Life

It is not the adversity that you face, but how you face the adversity, that defines you as a person and builds character.

I think what Avis Brown and her family have done throughout their careers in the Golf world is nothing

short of amazing. Avis is a wonderful player and teacher, and readily offers her experience to helping others learn this game. That passion is so important to the growth of golf and we need more golf professionals like her going into the future.

Byron Casper

International PGA (lifetime member)

(Son of Hall of Fame Golf Legend, Billy Casper)

An extraordinary journey by an ordinary person, it will bring tears to eyes and laughter to your soul.

Our society place tremendous emphasis on "Winning" and "Losing", so much so that we often forget to celebrate the valuable life experiences that are gained.

In the pages of this fascinating journey, Avis shares her trademark 3D's (Determination, Dedication and Desire) that empowered her to become a Golf Champion. Little did she know that the lessons learned would one day save her life and help to reach the inter-personal rewards that life has to offer.

--Avis Brown-Riley

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