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Broccoli Smoccoli

Have you eaten your greens? Some fruits? Did you finish what your parents have put on your plate? Well, this young girl in our tale is about to take a magical adventure in her sleep that will leave her eating the tree-shaped greens she always hated--and eventually loving it! Throughout clouds of dripping cheese, garlics ushering the way, a plate for a canoe, and a pair of lively giant broccolis, the child journeyed a strange and enchanting wonderland. She soon wakes up to finally enjoying this healthy stuff! Join her in an extraordinary trip cruising along this peculiar land and learn as well how important fruits and vegetables are.What's more? A scrumptious Broccoli Smocoli recipe is shared by the end of this book to let all the other families and the young kids enjoy such an appetizing and healthy dish!

--Tanisha Antoine

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