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Blooming Humans

This is not just for the broken and the "fixed" but also for the poor and the rich. This is for those who are in love and for those who have loved and lost. This poetry is also for the ones who feel misunderstood and feel that, not only the world is against them, but also themselves. This poetry is for those who have to take medication that makes you sleep all the time, and it's also for the ones who think its laziness. This poetry is also for the ones who feel every emotion at once, and for the ones who feel numb and detached from emotions all together. This poetry is about empathy and knowing that you are not defined by your mental illness and the hard times. This is an A cappella anthem for us to sing together. You are not alone, you never have been, but know if we stand together and advocate for mental health, we can win the war inside our heads. We will become the blooming humans I know we can be. This poetry was written to be able to help each other as well—with love, kindness, and empathy—from the ones who are not experiencing themselves. These are morals that every person of every faith can act upon.

--Barrett Corbin

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