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Blood Moon

The Blood Moon is a story that follows the adventure of two young men who manage to get themselves into all kinds of kooky situations while pursuing some careers in the music industry. Originally, the Blood Moon was called the Mix & Scratch or The Hookup, a story about two wannabe entertainers who manage to get themselves into a lot of amusing situations while navigating their way through the streets of Chicago, but the author also wanted the story to be mysterious, amusing, and appealing to lovers of R&B, hip-hop, rock, or rap music. So he changed the title to the Blood Moon after reading about a mysterious Blood Moon that would be passing over the United States at that particular time. Then he developed the characters. Mix evolved into Jimmy Lacquer, a communication student at a local junior college; and Scratch became Marvin Chuckles, a happy-go-lucky sound engineering student, who is one of Jimmy's classmates and one of his closest friends. Together they form a group called Mix & Scratch, and they embark on a journey to pursue their musical careers. Along the way, they meet Michael Snuggles, a self-proclaimed prophet of the entertainment industry, and Mr. Bee Bee or Boom Box, a mysterious little agent who takes them under his wings.

--Mr. Green Stuff

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