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Blockchain: The Future

Most economic progress can be traced to some changes in technologies such as team engine, electric power, computers and internet, robotics, artificial intelligence, big data, and others. Technology moves fast! So fast that often times we miss opportunities; look at companies that went bankrupt because of not upgrading technology--Toys "R" Us, Kodak, Polaroid, Tower Records, Blockbuster, Compaq, and others. How many of you missed Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and the many new technologies that are being developed now. You need to take a step ahead and walk with the revolutionary technologies where Blockchain is one among the leaders. Do not miss Blockchain. Learn Blockchain technology while it is still in its infancy. Participate in the development and rewards of this technology. Business is about transactions. Blockchain makes business transactions safer, easier, and less expensive. Blockchain will allow you to participate in the growth of all economies by allowing you to be compensated for all their personal activities (generating personal data) that have value. Blockchain is a universal infrastructure that can store or transfer information anywhere in the world. Blockchain integrates smoothly with existing systems and processes, making the technology viable for global implementation. This technology will have the greatest impact on businesses than any new technology that is being developed. Read, learn, and reward yourself with knowledge that has value. With over 200 percent year-on-year job growth in blockchain since 2015, now is the time to advance into blockchain-enabled businesses.

--Stephen B. Young, Ph.D.

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