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Blind Success

A mysterious international group known as Athens has worked for years to destroy America economically and militarily. They have obtained control of the voting membership within the European Union, and America is their next target. They have secretly threatened the president of the United States and the chairperson of the Federal Reserve. Athens has given the president one week to comply with their demands or suffer the consequences.

Petula Tyne and Sulley Loneoak encountered each other on Vanderbilt's campus as Petula completed her nursing degree and Sulley breezed through his MBA. Sulley lost his eyesight and his father in a mysterious automobile accident. Petula established Blind Success, a program dedicated to increasing mobility and independence for adults who suddenly lost their eyesight. Sulley and Petula find themselves together and ambushed by the terrorist group Athens in an unexplained shootout. Petula has protected a secret for over ten years while Sulley has his own secrets over the recent loss of his sight. They must learn to trust each other enough to survive the dangers that surround them both.

--Fred Horrell

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