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Black Boy from the Barrio

Black Boy from the Barrio is a series of books about Cornelius "Neo" Wright. It's an ongoing saga about an African American man who is living two different lives. The first half of his life was spent doing nonproductive things like partying, watching television, and working on physically demanding jobs. During his mid-thirties, he had a wakeup call and realized that he needed a "check up from the neck up." He found that he was on the same career and life path that his beloved father (who was a farm laborer) had warned him to avoid. In 1994, he was introduced to some local business owners who were living the life that most people would only dream of. Fortunately, they were willing to coach and mentor Neo if he would make the time. He took them up on their offer, and the rest is history. At the time, little did Neo know that he would someday rewrite history for himself and countless others someday in the future. Well, that someday is now. Welcome to Black Boy from the Barrio Volume 1.

--Cornelius Wright

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