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Bill Kills: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Bill is an ugly man in spirit and actions, but you see, it's an endearing kind of sociopathic ugly. Five unfortunate victims will find themselves at an intersection with Bill. That intersection will lead them to become snared in two unsolved homicides and three unnatural deaths. Bill kills. He's quite good at it.

In his travels as a likable serial killer, Bill will also intersect with two improbable protagonists. The reader will become acquainted with them. The bad is a young British street racer. He tries desperately to kill himself in contests of bravery therein. Ian is spared that future with a far direr outlook when he teams with two horribly misguided individuals. From there, Ian will become an unwitting accomplice in a horrific crime against nature. But there is a path to redemption for Ian. Redemption is enabled by the good. His name is Eli, and he's comin'.

Although at least three different police departments formally investigated several of the five deaths, including search warrants and interrogations, no charges were ever levied against Bill. They were all perfect crimes.

But Bill grossly underestimated how the good and bad can team up to dispatch evil. Bill Kills is about warm– and cold–blooded murder. It's also about the chance clash between two unlikely geniuses. One is Bill, and the other is an underachieving malcontent who happens to have a good friend. The book is about love, hate, revenge, and redemption.

--Charles Gautschy III

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