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This book is about Kathy Garrett’s real life. It isn’t fiction. She tells all about her life from one to sixty-two. She tells about phony, lying friends that betrayed her all the time. She learned never to associate with them again.

She also tells about her nerves and the mental sicknesses that she has had. She has healed from OCD, and when she feels it coming on, she knows how to control it. She has had depression all her life and used to have panic attacks as well. She is also bipolar.

Kathy has studied all her problems and has nineteen medical journals containing all the records that she could get. She started collecting her records in 1999. Kathy has always read any books she can find about OCD as well as bipolar disorder. At one point, God healed Kathy from death and gave her a reason to live by taking away her OCD.

Kathy is now treated by a mental doctor and takes strong medications, and it is her hope that this book will help people with similar ailments.

--Kathy Garrett

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