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Behind the Scenes: After the Pain Volume 2

If you have suffered in your intimate relationships, marriage, or singleness state of being. This book is for you. We suffer in silence from lack of intimacy from our mates, spouses, or during courtships for many reasons mainly because of our lack of knowledge of a true relationship, marriage, partnership, or commitment. Mixed with distorted views because of sexual violations as a child, because of physical or sexual abuse as a teen, because of rape, because of incest, because of our insecurities, because we lack self-esteem, because we lack self-control, because of our lack respect for ourselves. We week love in all the wrong ways from the wrong people at the wrong times because of our own lustful desires and desperation that leads us into a deep level of sexual sins and addictions. But Jesus has the power to free you from all sexual sins, lustful desires, and acts of desperation. Read how he made me free from all the above!

--Antonette Smith

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