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Be Marvelous

Stephanie Stock was an average typical high school senior in 2018, living and dreaming of a marvelous life. Everything seemed to be perfect until one day, Venom entered her life and began to take her down piece by piece. Everything changed. Nothing seemed real. OCD and anxiety had taken over her life, and there seemed to be no hope or redemption. After believing that the problem was herself and avoiding accepting the reality of mental illness, she lost every part of herself until she found inspiration from Marvel.Marvel comes to life in Be Marvelous when Stephanie Stock shares her life with her villain of OCD and anxiety. Knowing the stigma on mental illness, Stephanie felt that it was either being accepted by hiding away to only lose herself or fighting for herself and face negative stigma. Everything changed when she realized that she is a hero, while her OCD is her villain. For two years, Stephanie gave into Venom and lost her life completely to OCD, but once she aspired to be like her heroes in Marvel, she knew how to fight for herself. It became a simple battle between a hero and a villain. The problem was not her but something in her. "I am Ghost-Spider, and Venom has nothing on me."

--Stephanie Stock

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