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Bast, Guardian of Humanity

Bast spent the last thousand years in the darkness. Now that she is out, she wants to find her priests and start over with her life. She wants to avenge herself and her priests. Bast reaches out to her family to see if they will help her and her priests. Set made up lies about her and had her banished into the darkness--not a good place for a sun goddess. But that was where she spent a thousand years planning her revenge. She knows, with the help of her family and her priests, she can and will win the war to save humanity from Set's evil intentions if her family comes through and she gets through all that will be thrown her way.She knows where one of her priests is and when she can convince him to help her with her quest to avenge themselves. When they find each other and fight for the sake of humanity, will they come out on top? The help for humanity will come, but how swiftly? You never know. No matter what, finding her priests will cure the heartache she has had for a millennium. They are all important to her, more of a family than her own family. The ability to protect them is all she wants to do. Keep them safe from Set and his evilness. She just wants to bring peace to the world. A peace that the world has never known. One where everyone has a voice and everyone can be happy. A place where you can have a family and a dream. Will the dream come true? Only if you can believe in yourself and fight for your voice to be heard. Bring your family back to being in a place where you can keep them and the rest of humanity safe from the heartache and sadness of loss.

--Kimber Vankirk

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