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Back Again

When faced with unexpected, unfair, and tragic circumstance, we all tend to search for the same answers.Though there are many questions, there is always one central question: Why?Grief causes the mind to whirlwind into a parallel universe of anger, blame, pain, and despair.However, what if we had the answer to the questions? What if we got to see the bigger picture before tragedy struck? Would we then find contentment in the fact that we have no control over life and death?Back Again is a story of intense grief for a couple of contentious divorced parents. Unwilling to let their only child leave this earth without understanding or feeling their unwavering love, they hatch a plan. A plan to put their grudges and discontent against each other aside and play-act a close, loving, happy family again while traveling to places their daughter wanted to see. They are determined to make the memories she takes with her—all only good ones. Surprise comes to both parents when they slowly realize through these desperate last interactions they are having to act less and less. They are genuinely enjoying themselves and really becoming a closer family unit than ever before. Back Again takes you on a roller-coaster ride of emotional ups and down, tragedy and triumph, and hope and despair—all culminating into a story of life and its endless mysteries.

--Latoya Fields

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