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Aware of the Ultimate Reality

It wasn't my education or career that led me to the realization there is an ultimate reality beyond our directly observable space-time continuum. Rather, it was the miracles sent my way, the small voice that protected me, reassured me, and showed me the path to becoming aware of the true nature of our reality.

There is an ultimate reality. The good news is you don't need degrees to be aware of it. AWARE of the Ultimate Reality does not lecture on how to do religion or demand a choice between spirituality and rationality. Rather, it takes you through my experiences, large and small, and asks you to examine your own experiences. Doing so will reveal that spirituality is rational. In this modern world of binary choices, where some demand we pick a side, this book embraces the radical idea that choosing one over the other results in an incomplete way of being.

--J. R. Morris

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