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Autism: A Practical Guide for Parents

Autism: A Practical Guide for Parents was written from the perspective of a father of children (now adults) with disabilities and a licensed and certified psychologist and counselor. When parents are faced with serious medical problems in their children, they become very gullible to exaggerated claims of cure and unethical providers. The book contains substantial information about behavioral interventions to help mediate the behavioral concerns for children with autism, including an extensive reading list to help supplement the parents' working knowledge and interventions. Also, a section is dedicated to various (and at times erroneous) interventions, including chelation, transcranial magnetic therapy, light therapy and others. A research section is included to emphasize the importance of psychometric testing and review for the development of reliable and valid testing assessment vehicles.A psychological approach to the understanding of autism begins with a specific perspective of this challenge. First of all, children are children, including those children with autism. Second, you need to be educated about a broad spectrum of autism symptoms, including behavioral, medical, speech and language, and physical. Also, you need to join with a behavioral health team, including a psychologist, behavioral specialist, therapeutic staff support and/or mobile therapist through your local managed care organization. Remember, you can help make positive behavioral and emotional health changes in your child to help him/her achieve a happy, healthy and productive life.I have organized this book to be an easy read for parents and professionals. I'm sure you wouldn't want to read about the abstract details of existential phenomenology, but would rather let me help you understand the details of autistic behavior from the viewpoint of a psychologist and father. hope I have succeeded in this task!

--Dominic Bucciarelli Kasony, MS, Ph.D. Licensed-Certified Psychologist

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