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Angus: Pony of the Everglades

Angus Pony of the Everglades is the first book in The Adventures of Ally Cat. Listening to a whisper in my ear, from a determined little girl and a courageous pony, I simply put pen to paper. Every event that leads to the culmination of creating these novels happened unknowingly to all the characters involved in the books. When Angus was born into a wild herd of horses living on the Everglades, Ally Cat's learning challenges were becoming clear to her, her family, and her teachers. Angus was eventually rescued from horrific events he encountered in the wilderness. Ally Cat started elementary school. This book is a full of serendipitous events and a labyrinth of twists and turns. It culminates into these two little heroes meeting and conquering life-altering challenges.

--Virona Skye

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