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American Sagas: A New Nation

American Sagas: A New Nation takes place in an alternate future of the world. Genesis, a multibillion-dollar corporation specializing in genetics, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology, had an explosion in its Midwest branch out of Cincinnati, releasing a shock wave of unknown origin, causing a chain reaction leading to the downfall of the United States.Starting in the present day, the novel follows Atlas. Originally a man getting along in life, normally his name is not known to the reader, but the reader learns about Atlas's life before and after Genesis's explosion known as day zero. Atlas travels the new landscape, looking for answers behind the conspiracy that is Genesis, and begins to rebuild a new society with others that survived day zero with him. Unfortunately, when Genesis fell, so did any security measures for protecting Genesis's assets or experiments, unleashing creatures and phenomena unknown to the world.

--Joseph Koopman

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