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American Republican Drivers: A New York City Yellow Taxi Driver’s Analysis through an Overview of American Political Socioeconomic Practices Tome I

This book is about the plight of Black Americans and other minorities living in the United States and suffering from injustices as a result of the government's failure in justice provision to them due to a mistaken or willful allowance of a third branch of the American government without an election. Then whether they were to try their own businesses or become well-educated to serve on any layer of the American government, the last words always belong to someone of the opposite race. And the law had made it so through Plessey claiming equal opportunity to the Black race where later in their interactions on the job, both races would show separate social behaviors deriving from two different educations, Plessey of which, the poorly financed Black schools had herein clearly shown through the holding positions of those minorities. Evidently, looking at the judiciary, most of the judges are whites and thus have no intention of favoring those minorities in any way because the surviving prevalence of their position does not depend on those minorities' ballots. Then through the decision of the lower courts, those minorities, although already facing impoverishment due to the established slavery (which has plagued them for so long), are either constantly imprisoned or have to make some sort of payment to those white leaders' administrations, whether on a local, state, or federal level. Obviously, such actions have decimated every possibility for the descendants of those minorities to properly excel while facing the children of the opposite race. Indeed, the hiring of Black Judge Thurgood Marshall, for example, might be an exception; their separate education from that of the Whites, such as Plessey, had set it would not normally allow those minorities to such position and that the full segregation of the United States Supreme Court until Thurgood Marshall had evidenced it. Then those Blacks used to have a slave master on the plantation fields behind them with a cowhide, so they would not leave. In New York, for example, the city had set such victimization of minorities through the action of preventing them from leaving their poorly financed school system to go to a better one as they had applied Plessey through some school districting rule system. Obviously, those leaders, mostly Whites of European descendants, might have acted this way up to now so they could continue to reign over their former slaves. Then through the application of such behavior that they would have always all claimed was the work of the city council, even with a few members of the minority community in that council, those leaders will force minorities to continue poking at them with the epithet of neo-slave drivers of the American republic, for none had done something to end that culture. Then they faced "Occupy Wall Street" that failed. They will continue to witness more protests around the courthouses as in Oregon. Then more of George Floyd's "I Can't Breathe" right across those mayors' offices such as in the city wall park of New York when equalizer corona had temporarily stopped those leader's exploitation and abuse of those drivers on the street of Manhattan, the daily drivers' farming fields till the reshaping of the courts for the establishment of laws favoring them.

--Francois Jean-Paul

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