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Alchemy of the Quran: A Gateway to the Supernatural

After Muhammad, his successors, with the help of this One Book, gained confidence and defeated the two superpowers of their time, the Romans and the Persians, despite their inferiority in weaponry and numbers. What is magical about this book that can produce such extraordinary results, in the past and present, no matter who uses it?

  • –Is this book really the exact words of God?
  • –Did Muhammad write this book?
  • –What is the secret of this book that the superpowers are so afraid of?
  • –What is the alchemy behind this book that can make anything possible against all odds?

This is how Rumi describes this book:

Words of the Quran, though they have a simple front

A deep inside layer exists, under that front


A third layer exists, beneath the deep layer

All wisdoms will be lost, in the third layer


The fourth layer, was only seen by the Nabi

                                        (Prophet Muhammad)

And the unseen Lord, was the only one to see


Don't judge the Quran, by its simple front.

Satan saw Adam, only as soil and mud

                                       Rumi, Persian Poet 13th century

                                                       Translation and Rhyme

--Faramarz Franco Davati

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