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After You Have Taken Your Last and Final Breath: Are You Prepared to Meet Almighty God?

How is it, though, that man can prepare himself for everything else but cannot prepare himself for being prepared and ready to meet Almighty God?I truly believe that being prepared to meet Almighty God is something that we all should prepare for. Because life is so short and full of uncertainties! And I also believe that Almighty God has laid upon my heart to write this book. Because people need to know where they are going to spend eternity after they have taken their last and final breath! In my book, you are going to discover answers to various questions like the following:Did you know that you already existed in the mind of Almighty God before He created you?Why does sin cause eternal separation from Almighty God?Why does Almighty God compare your life to that of a vapor?Why does the devil hate the body of Christ—the True Church of the Living God?Why are there dangers of putting off salvation to another time? Plus much more!

--Jerry Harward

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