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After You Have Suffered a While

Well, Jesus suffered. My suffering began as a child and continued into my adulthood. Well, God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son. Jesus suffered while going to the cross, and on the cross now He sits on the throne. I suffered on into adulthood, and afterward, yet I still live, so why not tell my story? I want others to know God is a forgiving god, and all they have to do is repent and depart from their evil and wicked ways. Yes, you can tell what you endured and how God brought you through it. I'm blessed to have made it by the grace and mercy of God. Jesus suffered, and I and others have suffered also. Some didn't live to tell their story, and some couldn't read or write, some could not afford it, and some didn't have the courage. I'm glad gave me the courage. I believe in Him for He cannot lie. God is love, and I plan to live and love forevermore.

--Caroline Cross

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