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After the Storm

Online attacks are hampering the smooth operation of Aunt Hyacinth's Bed and Breakfast. While Hank Dawn settles into his career as a police officer in the big city, Steph must juggle her new role as guardian for Ronnie Gideon, manage the B&B, and find a way to win Hank back. As she works to regain the trust and forgiveness of her neighbor and Hank's best friend, George Landsburg, Steph learns someone from her past is reaching out to threaten her friends and Ronnie. Steph begins receiving threatening messages demanding she deliver the treasure hidden in the house belonging to her ancestor Primrose during the time of the Civil War. When Ronnie is kidnapped, Steph and Hank must work through their differences as they race against time to find Primrose's treasure.

--KJ Ten Eyck

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