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A World in Flames

This book is about a different time. A time when the world was on fire. A time when a poor choice of a road taken could have dramatic consequences for the rest of one's life as it was for Bjarne Dramstad. During World War II, Bjarne was a front fighter in service with Hitler's Norwegian Legion on the Eastern front. He tells here of his ill-fated choice--about the horrors of war fought in the trenches and about the judgement that he received after the war. He tells of the treatment he got while in prison, which was considered this traitor's reward and the problems he faced upon his release. He was tormented with the long-lasting memories of his own past. Bjarne survived the bullet rain in the trenches surrounding Leningrad. But he had seen up close how many of his comrades had met death. For Bjarne Dramstad, the war had never ended.

--Knut Flovik Thoresen

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