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A Walking Contradiction

Well, look at that! It's been a long time coming. Now you will finally be able to dive into my mind and either drown or swim. YOU will see parts of me that I've lost and found. The love, the lust, to my heart on the ground. The insecurities but also the confidence. The need for reassurance but also no fucks given since. You may laugh or cry. You may fuck the first person that comes to mind. When you read my words, my venom shines. So sweet yet so seductive. You will love it and succumb to it. Metaphorically hypnotized. Sit back and open your mind in my world where souls unwind. Imagination has no limits here. You can fulfill your fantasies and face your deepest fear. Poetically speaking. I am poetically correct. You may want to relax. My words will have massive side effects. Everything in one. A Walking Contradiction. You will be back when you're done.

--Sharee Reyes

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