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A Soul on Fire

Kash is back with a new set of exciting characters as we explore her life after Vinny in Miami. On her own in her new city, Kash has everything she has always dreamed of having: the loft apartment, the Lexus, the glitzy Miami nightlife, and her own business that she was able to start with the help of her neighbor, Oscar. Everything seems to be miraculously falling right into Kash's lap. She even rekindles her "situationship" with Anthony—a move she seriously debated after moving out of Vinny's apartment. Working, dating, enjoying life to the fullest, Kash has it all.Toward the end of a Chicago party summer, Kash slowly begins to realize that everything in her life is not exactly what it seems. Strange coincidences that were always present prior start appearing more frequently, causing suspicion to rise.Upon returning to Miami after the devastation of Hurricane Irma, Kash is faced with a choice that will unknowingly change her life forever. Deceptions, betrayals, and unfathomable drama ensue, causing her to sever connections she thought she would have forever.Isolated and alone, Kash struggles to navigate her once glamorous life, trying to figure out who is responsible for the manufactured chaos.After the loss of two good friends in a short time span, Kash decides to set out on an adventure with the hopes of getting the answers she has been looking for. Cuba, Vegas, Los Angeles, Sedona, Iowa, and the Ozarks, all the places she visits seem to have a common theme. Memories from her upbringing arise as she experiences suspicious behaviors across the western side of the nation. It becomes evident to Kash that these are not simply just coincidences. #theawakening

--Kristen Drysch

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