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A Sober Society

For some forty years, my life was consumed by the effects of drugs and alcohol abuse. When life finally appeared, all was gone: jobs, family (wife and kids) were gone, so was my good health, money, my home. There was no other choice but to get help for my problems. Years passed before I received the help I really needed. So when the time came to prepare of my new life, recovery had to be taken quite seriously. No more hanging out with the boozin' crowd. No more hanging out at the bars and nightclubs. No more deception dodging the truth. The story is one of hundreds thousands of stories told every day. This struggle all but killed me. It took the very soul of me. Helping other became an obsession to prove to the drug addicts and alcoholics that life will be better only if they would make up their minds to join others to form a strong support group of individuals who have experienced the same losses but gained their common sense approach by making positive lifestyle changes and encouraging others to join in on the journey to a heavenly path to end the slavery and once and for all be able to accept freedom on its own terms.This story reaches out to all who search for an end but in the past was unable to find the peace and joy they yearned for. The positive is understanding why acceptance must be positive in order to give oneself the opportunity to pass on their blessings to others, which is a joy in itself to behold. This is meant to bless, not impress, to inspire the deepest desires of God's gift of love and freedom. Sobriety is a freedom of expression, fresh start approach to bringing misery, and paint to an end.

--Ernest Allen

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