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A Second Chance at Love

Falling in love at any age is exciting. And for Jade Simpson, it was. She had met Connor in August, right before her senior year at Virginia Commonwealth University. Jade and Connor spent a lot of time together talking, studying, and getting to know each other. Connor treated Jade like a queen. There wasn't anything Connor wouldn't do for Jade. Connor loved Jade and wanted to make her happy. By January, Jade had fallen in love with Connor, and from what she gathered, Connor was in love with her. Jade imagined her life after college with Connor and thought about the family she and Connor would have one day. But then there was Nelson, Connor's best friend, who was always hanging around Jade and Connor. His secret glances and soft whispers in Jade's ear made her feel special. And when his feelings for Jade got stronger, Nelson must decide if he should tell Connor how he feels about Jade or keep his feelings to himself. When the unthinkable happened, it hurt Jade and Nelson to the core. They felt guilty for hurting Connor and tried to come to terms with what they did. Trying to help each other cope took a toll on them both as they figured out how best to move on.Torn between their grief and being happy, they wondered if a second chance at love is possible...

--Karon Curtis

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