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A Quiet Place to Grow

The relationship between a mother and daughter is a special one. Unfortunately, not all mothers and daughters share good relationships. This is the case with Deloris and her mother, Emma Jean.

Deloris dreams of the moment when she'll leave home and her mother for good. But when she comes up pregnant for Jasper Reynolds, a man several years older, Deloris becomes a bargaining chip between Emma Jean and Jasper for his freedom.

Married to Jasper and expecting her first child, Deloris finds some comfort in being the woman of her own home. Although Jasper imposes house rules of his own, Deloris feels freer than ever before. However, her freedom is short-lived with the return of Luther Diamond, a dangerous man from her past.

Deloris knows that her marriage to Jasper is a betrayal to Luther and he's not a man that takes betrayal well. In fact, Luther has every intent to kill Jasper Reynolds, but Deloris in desperation to save the life of her new husband, reveals another tragic betrayal committed by her mother.

Jasper's suspicion of his new wife causes him to decide to place Michael, his best friend, in the position of watchdog for Deloris. This might prove to be a mistake because unknown to Jasper, Michael carries a torch for Deloris and she might be carrying much more for Michael.

Deloris has many problems, but her mother remains the biggest. After the birth of her baby, Deloris lies in a coma while Emma Jean sets an evil plot in motion to steal her daughter's baby. The relationship between this mother and daughter isn't just bad, it's downright criminal.

--Lysa Rochelle

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