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A Mom's Time Out: Stories of Victory

"Relax. Recharge. Take a time-out for self-care."For centuries, busy moms and women alike have heard these admonishments, but most find it difficult to heed this advice. Life's demands take over, and most can only hope to carve out a second for the proper rest and rejuvenation their bodies so often need. Consequently, when challenges and trials come, these busy moms and women already feel defeated, and they struggle to face these seemingly insurmountable problems head on.A Mom's Time-Out: Stories of Victory highlights stories from phenomenal women who have experienced storms but can testify about how they gained victories in the everyday battles that aim to keep them discouraged—particularly when self-care spa days and time-out destination getaways aren't readily available.The stories included in this book, along with the character profiles of women from the Bible, encourage not just mothers, but all women to believe that no matter what the issues may be, or how long they may endure, victories are indeed on the way. So relax, recharge, and be prepared for your victory.

--Nicole Wilson and Tanya McInnis

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