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A Message from Santa

From the author of The Four Paws and a Tale trilogy comes this insightful and compelling Christmas story. Santa is worried that people do not believe they are responsible for destroying the delicate balance of the North Pole, home to the elves, reindeer, starflowers, arctic berries, northern lights, and some very special animals. The elves in the workshop are sick, and so are the reindeer, the flowers and berries have not blossomed, the Christmas crystals have not appeared, there is no snow in the arctic lands, and the northern lights cannot be seen. It seems that the magic of Christmas might be lost forever. One Christmas Eve, Santa appears in the dreams of children and asks for their help. Old St. Nicks of yesteryears also visit parents and grandparents as they sleep.St. Nicks of the past hint to the older generation that they have failed to preserve the magic of Christmas by allowing technology and progress to disturb the arctic lands.Human activity in and around the north pole will spell a very dismal future for the world. Santa does, however, reveal a promising future, where children and parents are engaged and active in protecting the forests, glaciers, oceans, rivers, lakes, and animals. He implores the young and the old to leave this beautiful world a little better than they found it and begins to enlist the help of some very special humans to live and work in the North Pole. Through conservation efforts and under the guidance of Father Christmas and Sugar Shot, the chief woodland elf, they begin to preserve and restore the arctic lands so that the magic of Christmas would endure for all generations.

--Camille Klump

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