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A Level of Love

Marty has no idea when he makes his normal stop at a local diner how much his life will never be normal again.It is the little things in life that bring the big surprises—unplanned meetings, a piece of mail, a phone call, an act of kindness, a smile, a helping hand. For Marty, a college student moonlighting in telephone solicitation, the pretty new waitress's smile is the unexpected and pleasant end to a long day. And it's also the beginning of some serious changes in his life. Previously, he has always thought that his life is on a straight course in achieving his goal of becoming an officer of the law. But in his future is more than a diploma. Let's add mystery, intrigue, and more than a few life-altering surprises.Taking Christian fiction to a different level, author Jerry Tyson weaves a tale that challenges Marty—and, by extension, you—to determine the values that shape lives.

--Jerry Tyson

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