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96 Bars of Success: Brief History of Music

Most kids of our generation and this present generation have all collectively been into music and poetry. It's been one of the tools that has gotten us through our individual challenges in life. It helps as a distraction from reality also to focus and train the mind at the same time. Some of the questions that led to the foundation idea of the project were, What kid doesn't like music? What child does not listen to music and try to absorb it into their own lifestyle? So since music has become such a major influential factor in the lifestyle of most of this current generation, then why not implement teaching kids how to write it in schools? In English but not in music terms in this case, kids are already being taught a bit about poetry but not on its own platform with its own book and its own apps to monitor and track progress for individuals and the schools. What if that could be provided to enhance the teachings of these subjects and can also be used professionally by poets and musicians? The truth is, there is so much negativity in music today because that is the lifestyle most of the artists of the older generations have experienced growing up in much rougher times; therefore, that is what they are able to reciprocate into the world. However, these days, a lot of young youth have tried to replicate what they have heard from these older artists, only in their own style. It is a result of not being taught any better. We believe it is a cycle of negativity that will only grow while being repeated without change. This aspect of music will never be extinguished, but if schools can teach kids how to write more positive music and build up their zeal from a young age, then it is only natural that they use their own skills to create what they have been taught and rely on it as an escape from reality rather than depending on, at the same, trying to replicate what they hear and see on television.Another reason that has led to the structure of our idea was communication. We started writing our own music, recording, and producing it. As time went by, we started thinking of how we could make written music and poetry easier and more understandable to other artists that we were collaborating with that had to read our music.Using a regular writing pad could not suffice because when reading music, you need to be able to understand the structure and the flow of another person's work. There's a rhythm to every line in a piece and how a verse flows can be highlighted with the way we have structured both the book and the app.

--Dominion Oludayo

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