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101 Leadership Ideas

This handbook is based on more than thirty-five years of John DiNapoli's leadership experience in the US Army, the US Army National Guard, and the corporate world. The tenets discussed are in alphabetical order because there is no particular order for these principles. It has been the author's experience that good leaders need to understand and follow them all if they want to be effective.

To be sure, we are all stronger in some areas than others, and you may find that because of these strengths, you are more comfortable with select ideas. That is a good thing. We should all look to maximize opportunities to display our strengths. DiNapoli challenges you to read those pages that cover skills where you are less comfortable. In addition to maximizing our strengths, we should all look for areas to stretch or capabilities and improve. DiNapoli says this as someone who, on occasion, has delayed focusing on improving specific skills outside of his comfort zone.

--John DiNapoli

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