The Maid Will Be in Thursday

For those of us who don't know how to smell the roses, The Maid Will Be In Thursday. This is a twenty-year journey of which I had no idea I would be making. That is how long it has taken to finish this book. I lived with the shame and guilt of the unthinkable and had no plans to share this story, bu... Read More


A thousand years from now, Earth is a disaster. The surface is nearly unlivable outside of domed cities, with the more well-off living in stations and colonies in space. The task of reclaiming Earth is long and hard, even with the available technology. But now an alien armada has arrived to test hum... Read More

The Fish and the Frog Who Gets the Log

Fin and Ribbit have reached the age to leave their parents nest and find their own. Throughout their exploration, they meet many new faces and overcome obstacles they've never encountered before. With the help of a friend, and learning how to work together, we will discover if our little companions ... Read More

Who We Are

Who We Are is a memoir—and a study—of a generation of Black youth (including the author) who were the last to be educated under the system of segregation. Specifically, it profiles the Cameron High School classes of 1957–71 in Nashville, Tennessee. Neither a scholarly treatise nor a sociologic... Read More

The Wooden Door Christmas

What is behind the Wooden Door? Where is the key to the door? When will we get to open the door? Who will find the key?All of these questions will be answered as you read the story of The Wooden Door Christmas. This captivating magical book is based on the author's childhood tradition that her pa... Read More

His Heart's Desire

His Heart's Desire is a worship allegory and was written especially for children and youth. It demonstrates and teaches them to give thanks and to worship God by singing songs and making music to the Lord in their hearts. (Ephesians 5:19-20)... Read More

Madyson and the Pink Pony

In a magical land, where all things are possible, Madyson lives in a village called Ponyland. Although she loves her village, she is the poorest among them all. The King and Queen declare a pony race for all the little girls in Ponyland between the ages of six and nine. Whoever wins the pony race wi... Read More

A Matter of Justice and Other Stories

Here are stories of resilience and the ability to triumph in the face of adversity.... Read More

Surveys and Scams

The book is a telling of the work-a-day dreary lives of Americans: wards of the state, small-time money-grubbers, high school pranksters, simpleton geniuses--the ones nullified and canceled by their culture, society, and country--the ones affected by the political climates of the day only wanting to... Read More

Where Have All the Children Gone?

The title of the book Where Have All the Children Gone? poses a question not easy to answer. Read about children through four decades to see how life has changed and how some things never change. Everyone has a story to tell, so several stories are included from friends and family--may be a differen... Read More

2021: a news odyssey

In today's world, news and daily events are reported with sound bites and catchy phrases by the mass media, social media, news outlets, politicians, and political pundits. We hear and see the coverage of these events and in turn disseminate it to our friends and family. Unfortunately, the news and e... Read More

Climbing Out of A Joseph's Hole

The title of this book, Climbing Out of a Joseph's Hole, was given to me by God in the early stages of my divorce. God assured me at that time that he would bring me out better, wiser, and stronger than I could ever imagine. I even wrote down the date at that time with a written vision saying, "My f... Read More

Mr. Groundy and the Ragtag Crew

All creatures stop and stand before Ms. Green's chair. Mr. Groundy moves toward Ms. Green and places his paws upon her shin. He pulls himself upward and climbs into her lap, reaching for her military ball cap. He pulls the cap from her crown, then leaps to the ground, holding the cap in his mouth. H... Read More

Adventures of a Serial Entrepreneur

Bio of a Serial Entrepreneur, first editionSerial Entrepreneur, second editionWilliam G. Forhan, known as Bill Forhan, was born, raised, and educated in Michigan, and he also spent the major part of his life in business in Michigan before relocating to Florida to continue in business ventures.Upon r... Read More

The Little Christmas Spider

Elizabeth and her two children have had a difficult time since the children's father passed away during the end of summer. Elizabeth is struggling to feed and clothe her children, Jack (twelve years old) and Grace (five years old), for the winter. She sold all she could sell for food, and now it is ... Read More

Here Comes the Queen

In the year of our Lord, 1722, Queen Sarafina Bellerose ruled the kingdom with two fists of iron, a step ahead of King Cole Victor XIX. Truth is said, the king allowed her all power. It amused him to witness her torturing his many beautiful mistresses. Fact of the matter is, the queen did not cleave... Read More


The good, the bad, and the ugly are facts of life for golfers.In this book, you will be experiencing stories where good shots are plentiful: like hole in ones, bombastic drives, and long putts. Euphoric moments when US flags, rocks, Pepto Bismol, and beating your handicap make life and golf worthwhi... Read More

When I Was Just a Little Girl

When I Was Just a Little Girl takes a little girl through some of life's important lessons in a playful, child's eye view. As she grows and her own family grows, she begins to understand how important these lessons are and how to put them into practice. This little girl grows to understand how impor... Read More

Taba and the Toad

Taba, who is a very fine puppy and knows it because his mommy tells him so, ventures into unexplored territory to make a strange new friend.Their conversation about monsters and protecting his mommy gives Taba a new outlook on his responsibilities and trusting his mommy.... Read More

Have You Heard of the Little Farmer?

"Have you heard of the little farmer? He has two friendly deer named Rosie and Fuzzy. But the little farmer is lonely. He wishes of one day moving away from the farm and into the city. However, when Rosie and Fuzzy go missing, the little farmer learns of a field trip! Unable to refuse adventure, the... Read More

The A-Salt

It is every NASA scientist's dream to discover life beyond our own planet. What happens if that dream is fulfilled? What happens when the government decides making first contact is essential? The government has dreams of weapons and advanced technology. The aliens have dreams of a place to live and ... Read More


Mail fraud and wire fraud are among the most common white-collar cases prosecuted by the US government. Barely a day goes by without a mail fraud or wire fraud case appearing in the newspaper or on television news. The headlines are sensational: "Businessman Defrauds Clients of Millions of Dollars" ... Read More

Raw and Real Love

Jack Hannen is the face of the NHL. On the surface, he's a ridiculously handsome playboy who just so happens to be a single father to two adorable little girls. But deep down, Jack is a man consumed with remorse, who has been treading water for years. Unable to get passed his wife's death, Jack has ... Read More

The Sparkling Star in the Shining Moon

An idea can change your life...A written idea can change the world...The human mind has been studied for centuries and yet we know so little of how it works and its limits.Philosophy is probably the only tool that explains not the limits, but shows the horizons of its potential.Poetry, the artifice ... Read More

Down to the Root!

While we could call this is a book, the reality is that this is an easy reading, hair-charting manual made to simplify your life! It is geared to give you a jumping-off point in whatever your hair journey is. If you are about to do a big chop, this manual is for you! If you are transitioning from on... Read More

Trampling the Serpent: Vietnam POW

Vietnam is sometimes called the land of the rising serpent, or dragon, because its geographical landmass resembles a serpent (or dragon) in an upward configuration. In this book, taken from Colonel Fer's personal experience of more than six years of Communist incarceration at the hands of the North ... Read More

Getting to the End

William J. McCallister has seen it all--or so he believes. As he nears the end of a career that has spanned many years, he is left with the one question that he finds himself seeking to answer. Will I make it to the end? Dealing with the complexities of an ever-increasing diverse workplace for most ... Read More

I'm a Little Green Frog

I'm a Little Green Frog is a poem for preschool children which has a cadence to it when it is read aloud. The reader should put emphasis on the words in bold print. This will create a rhythm. The teacher or parent may have the students or child clap to the rhythm of the poem while saying: 1 and 2 an... Read More

Restored to Sanity God, Christianity, and NA

Restored to Sanity: God, Christianity, and NA is written primarily for the Christian and is about the disease of addiction and recovery. It is the author's hope that light is shed on the stumbling blocks to truth for all but especially the Christian who is met with combating addiction with all its v... Read More

Burning Vengeance

Kat Montgomery is the forty-four-year-old assistant fire marshal for the small fire department in Seguin, Texas. Ian Rivera is a twenty-seven-year-old firefighter that has been infatuated with Kat since he was a teenager. While investigating a series of arson fires set to cover murders of middle-age... Read More

The Cult of Antinous

In a revelation of the gay world of ancient Rome, a collision course is set with the present-day gay culture. A new historical tale of how the past impacts the present in the Italian town of Tivoli outside of Rome begins. It brings together all the elements of suspense and history once more.At the e... Read More

Community Life

Community Life is a thought-provoking piece of work inspired by the high thinking G-D consciousness and visionary insight of W.Deen Mohammed. A man whom I will always call my leader. This work represents twelve years of working directly with the Imam to help promote community life among the African ... Read More

Miss Kat's Brownstone

In 1960, Katrina Morgan was at a personal crossroad in her life. She needed a reason to go forward, a project to give her purpose.She has bought a run-down brownstone apartment building on Walker Avenue in New York. The deteriorated structure is the way Katrina feels about her own life.Something she... Read More


In my mind, there was nothing stronger than me. However, that strength became my weakness; and what gave that weakness such strength was the combination of selfishness, denial, self-pity, and stupidity.This is a suicidal combination that many have fallen victim.For most people, attempting suicide oc... Read More

Toward Understanding The Nigeria-Biafra War and Lingering Questions

Toward Understanding the Nigeria-Biafra War and Lingering Questions is a thought-provoking account of the British engagement with the peoples of the lower Niger river basin which resulted in the fabrication of a Nigerian state under insincere and contrived premises. The myriad ethnic groups shared n... Read More

Profound Poetry

I started writing poems in prison for me and my buddies. Writing poems for our moms, wives, and girlfriends. I spent some time writing song lyrics but always came back to faith-based poetry. Two years ago, I was looking to start dating through a dating website and told myself I was going to let God ... Read More

Pacific Oceans 11

As a 96-year-old WWII veteran this story I'm telling is about my experiences during the war and some very interesting stories about my life including working for the mafia, being involved with the demise of the zoot suiters and various stories about Marilyn Monroe, and my friendships at Calvet in We... Read More

Welcome to Aberdeen, the Silver City by the Sea

Who is Blair Kensington?

An American socialite arrives in Aberdeen, Scotland, and rocks the oil industry, moving the circles of power, introducing Aberdonians to royalty, politicians, and titans of the industry. The grey granite stone, on which the city is built, changes from drab an... Read More

Three Paws' Christmas Wish

Do you believe in Christmas miracles?Since the October earthquake, Boots has been recovering at Dr. Noah's Hospital of Hope. Dr. Noah removes a large cast covering Boots's left paw which has been unusable since he was a cub. The big reveal is a medical miracle for Boots and for Dr. Noah's reputatio... Read More

Unlike No Other

Robert Wemheuer details many important events in his impressive career in a two-book memoir Unlike No Other. His main focus is to honor the unsung heroes with whom he served as well as to call out some not-so-good characters. The Marines, sailors, and civilians who helped him learn and grow from his... Read More

Man Camp

Society today is obsessed with identity--gender, race, religion, political persuasion, and so on. So what does it mean, in this charged atmosphere, to be a man? That is the question that brought ten men from very different backgrounds to the wilderness of Central Oregon. Ten men: ten days of challen... Read More

A Brown Girl's Christmas Story

A Brown Girl's Christmas Story takes you on a heart-warming journey through the eyes of little Allison as she fondly recounts her Christmas and family's traditions.... Read More

Moody and Toody Adventures

This Book is based on the love of a man who became a little girl's heart. She had no father figure in her life. He showed her that God's love comes in a lot of things in life. "Down by the river where the kitty cats go, Gabriella is sure to go."... Read More

My Extra Life

My Extra Life is about one woman's quest to get a SAG card. She also wants to become an NFL play-by-play announcer because she is obsessed with the game of football. The majority of the book is about her experiences on movie and TV productions. She has been fortunate to work with major movie and TV ... Read More

The Agony of Injustice

The Agony of Injustice is a work of fiction set in the late 1930s to late 1950s. The story is based on an immigrant family who came from Germany after the Second World War and settled in the Midwest, which was best as he was a blacksmith. The two children, both in high school, were well-liked. The b... Read More

Always Turn Down the First Offer

Always Turn Down the First Offer: Memoirs of a Sportscaster is much more than a diary of one person's recollections working on television and radio in markets ranging in size from the smallest worked in Los Alamos, New Mexico, to the largest, the Big Apple, New York City. It portrays a nostalgic jou... Read More

Welcome to Wrallo's World

Destiny intersected with fate on a warm autumn morning when a Saturday thrift-shopping trip led to the discovery of an unwanted toy tagged for sale. The puppet had lain on the table for days filled with anticipation, dreaming and wondering about who would befriend him and if he would be the next one... Read More

The Arbitrator

The Arbitrator is the story of a man's search for truth, and he finds it in a world beyond imagination.... Read More

Forced to Flee

Drawing from a deep well of Indian and Afghan knowledge, Nasiri has compiled a capitulating story of his father's escape from Afghanistan at age twelve in 1929 to India while Nadir Shah usurped Kabul throne from Habibullah Kalakani. Kalakani was illiterate and the only Tajik Amir in the history of A... Read More

Who Is There For Me?

A woman struggled to find the answer as to why her parents excluded her from the family because she was told that they did not want her to disgrace them if she became pregnant while unmarried. The parents chose their second daughter and not her other four siblings to be excluded from the family. She... Read More

My Collection of Recipes from Across America and Germany

This is not a professionally written cookbook but is a representation of homegrown family cooking. Minus a few corporate-inspired recipes and one professional carrot cake recipe, my little book of kitchen recipes is a collection of hand-me-down family recipes from one generation to the next.The desi... Read More

The Profound Poetry of T. Mac Mandela Zulu

This book contains a talent that T. Mac did not know he had until 1976. I became very frustrated with the money I received on my paycheck, and I wrote my first poem, Minimum Wage. This book contains humor, terror, and the elation of freedom, when I gave my life to Jesus and let go of the world. Now ... Read More

A Penguin's World

Did you know that there are 17 types of penguins in the world and only seven types live in Antarctica? This and other facts about these charming birds are what draws children to Patricia Gleichauf's books about endangered sea creatures. This is the 6th and final book in her award winning Under the ... Read More

I Apologize

I Apologize is a book about the American Dream being a fallacy and the hurdles one must overcome with that belief system. If contentment can be drawn by the perceived attributes one strives for, Tristan must be the happiest man alive. However, the battle between reality and the constant dialog tha... Read More

LETIT Santa's Snowman

Grandpa B receives a snowman stocking full of goodies for Christmas. To his surprise, it talks and becomes his friend. His name is Letit, and he tells Grandpa B all about his life as a Polish snowman--meeting Santa and going to the North Pole. He tells all about the difficulties Santa's elves had wi... Read More

My Life Living With Crohns Disease And After Colon Transplant Surgery

This book is about helping people with Crohn's disease, learning about colon transplants, being strong, eating right, learning about your body, educating yourself in all aspects of Crohn's disease (whether it's by books, doctors, or hospitals), exercising, taking control of your own life, making tou... Read More

Anything Good Can Happen to Anybody

Jerry Boyd is a forty-seven-year-old widower who lives in New York. He owns a duplex apartment building on the west side of town. He works two jobs and is the father of two young adults who are heading to college. Jerry works as a janitor at the local school, and he is the owner and manager of his d... Read More

The Long Road to Freedom Book II

It was a new era. Two nations had become at odds with each other, the North and the South, which erupted into an all-out war called the Civil War. It had gotten so bad they started enlisting the help of Negroes. Many went on the promise if they survived, they would automatically receive their freedo... Read More

Dare to Restore

A masterful blending of the discipline of psychology, the science of the brain, and the realm of the spiritual as they relate to depression, postconcussion syndrome, PTSD, and many other disorders. Within these pages, the reader will be taken into the world of the fallen and given a glimpse of the p... Read More


Abominable: the closet definition there is to describe a hurt soul for it is a place you never want to be, a feeling most could never live to endure, and a word only spoken as a whisper. Take a moment for your eyes to visualize life by words that can only be written by someone who has shed burning t... Read More

Bear Flag Revolt

In the November of 2020, a business tycoon was reelected as president of the United States. California responded by seceding from the United States and forming the Democratic Republic of California. Now the fledgling California government is embroiled in a domestic insurgency. The new president of C... Read More

Anna's Revenge

Anna Flowers lost her mother at a very young age to the brutal act of murder perpetrated by her stepfather, Eustace Thorn, the man her mother married after the death of her beloved father. After Eustace escapes the hand of justice, he promises to come back and complete the job by taking Anna's life ... Read More

Nine Flying Objects

For decades, controversy has raged over the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) seen by thousands of witnesses across the globe. In June 2021, the Pentagon submitted a report to the US Congress admitting that jet pilots had been reporting UFOs for decades and that whatever their reality,... Read More

Cavalcade of American Saddles

Cavalcade of American Saddles is a pocket gallery displaying more than five hundred years of American history. The western saddle evolved through many decades of improvement and specialization. This visual masterpiece documents that journey. Phil Livingston's precise watercolor paintings and his dee... Read More

Sweet Pea Saves the Rainbows

Mother Earth has chosen Sweet Pea the robin to go on a quest to save the colors of the rainbows. The mystical flower seeds she needs to find will not only save the rainbows but the colors of Mother Earth as well. This proves to be quite an adventure with dangers all around for Sweet Pea and her frie... Read More

Tales from a Grandpa

Tales from a Grandpa is a collection of fifteen short stories written in verse. Each story has an adventure or situation that gives the hero or heroine an opportunity to solve the problem at hand with their wits and skills. They are tales of friendship, teamwork, and imagination with hopefully some ... Read More

The Adventures of Paul Bear

Paul loved his polar bear family, but he knew that the time had come to venture out and find his mom and dad.Was it safe?Was he brave enough?Could he make it on his own?He really didn't know, but what he did know was that adventure awaits.... Read More

Cori and Drake

In the beautiful rain forest on the island of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean lives a beautiful chameleon lizard named Cori. A boy lizard whose name is Drake is in love with Cori. He thinks she is the most beautiful lizard on the island, and he does everything he can to get her to like him.Drake spen... Read More

Looking Back

Looking Back captures individual memories from birth and beyond, sometimes painful, other times happy! But, through it all, there is healing in remembering.Read along as Regina takes us on a journey through the pages of her book, Looking Back, as memories are awakened past the age of infancy exper... Read More


Leon of the Western Plains thought he was like any other young man. He is content learning his father's business as a hunting guide. There is nothing Leon enjoys more than being out with his father on the wide-open plains with his faithful steed and armed with his trusty bow and arrows. Life was goo... Read More

The Adventures of Buster P.Q. Jones

Follow the whimsical adventures of Buster PQ Jones. Buster is a curious little bulldog puppy who finds friends and fun wherever he goes.... Read More

Teddy the Chef

Teddy is a puppy that loves to cook, and he helps his foster parents prepare meals. This story is about how Teddy found his forever home.... Read More

Dating in the Dark

For many years, Jeffrey Demitrack searched for a meaningful and fulfilling relationship and, most of all, hoped that one day he would find a significant other who understood and unconditionally accepted his struggles with epilepsy. People have their insecurities, and relationships already are hard w... Read More

Maddy and Grace Fight the Fog

Maddy and Grace Fight the Fog. Having fun is the goal of every kid on summer vacation. But having a wonderful time comes with awareness and responsibility. Maddy and Grace find out what happens when they ignore safety precautions while pursuing their favorite adventure. This is their story of fun, e... Read More


Buddy was excited to play with his puppies today. But when he got outside, the puppies were playing in the mud. They were just covered. Buddies mother told Buddy he needed to wash the puppies clean. So Buddy put the puppies in a tub full of soapy, bubbly water. But when he took them out of the tub, ... Read More


This book depicts individuals who lived in a different time and shows the creation of what you would call "characters." It reveals the nature of man in terms of his greed and desire for power and focuses on how delusionary and unforgiving such motivations are as well as its effect on all those surro... Read More

Killing Beauty in North America

My great-grandfather, Brigadier General Anson Mills, engaged in battle with the Sioux and Cheyenne Indians in South Dakota in the 1800s. He led the battle against the Native people at the Battle of Slim Buttes in Montana. War trophies, considered sacred objects by the Indians, included a beautiful b... Read More

Day of the Zoo

Day of the Zoo exposes the evil corruption between law and order and how the police are animals with handling the public. They treat the public with brutality like engaged animals in a zoo. This leads to civil unrest and leads the criminal minds to homeland terrorism, with no comfort for the victims... Read More

The School

Gwen Marquise is a girl at fourteen who faces many troubles and drama at her home in Virginia; but when a young man comes from England to take her to live with her eccentric aunt, she is forced to experience more traumatic scenes in her life.After four years in her new home, Gwen is well educated, b... Read More

The Morning of Night and a Last Typewriter

The Morning of Night and a Last Typewriter is an accumulation of verses inspired by faith and daily thoughts. It continues.... Read More

Beast A Haunted World

Was humanity cursed after 9/11?These are trying times for many people. Quality of life seems to be on an accelerating downward slide that began on September 11, 2001. It is as if an unknown hand were tracing downward strokes on a cosmic touchscreen.Some would say the hand would be divine. Others, de... Read More


Being: Intermezzo is a collection of poetry with interludes that celebrate the author's life with family, friends, and associates. Maria Keane's mixed-media art plates accompany several poems to complement the graceful union of the literary and visual arts.... Read More

Wealth, Love, and Lust

Great wealth was brought to be over many decades, and thus the saying of old money has good reason. This story tells about wealth for a new generation and what it has given to a few families. The wealth in this story has brought good and happiness and love. For one family, it has also brought traged... Read More

A Child's Christmas in Sweden and Other Memories

At age twenty-three, Goran Bixo emigrated to northern Minnesota, armed with an engineering degree from Katrineholm. His young sister, Ruth, in a memoir, remembers him and their grandfather, "Iorn Anners" (Iron Andersson), for songs and stories at Christmastime. As a child, Goran survived rheumatic f... Read More

Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers follows a young girl's magical adventure through a very special hidden field. After setting out on her bike one afternoon, Dani encounters a secret valley full of hibernating flowers that appear to be waiting for something. She makes her way through the valley, and as each blossom awake... Read More


The voice of a child often gets dismissed. When you were in school, do you remember seeing the sad girl in the back of the class? The kid that smelled a little funny and was always picked on for it or was a bully themselves? What was your role in this situation? I wonder, did you ever stop to thin... Read More

Three Strikes, You're Dead

Three Strikes, You're Dead is a tale ripped from today's headlines. The novel reveals a world where baseball, a pillar of American culture, is threatened by sinister forces.As a plethora of fentanyl overdose sweeps the nation, cases involving high school and college baseball players arouse the atten... Read More

Year of the Fox

Year of the Fox is the third volume in the continuing saga of Justin and Sophie Cataphlates, a very unlikely husband and wife crime-fighting team. Set in the year 1018, Justin continues as the Treasurer of the Roman Empire (which we now call Byzantine), while Sophie is the chief lady-in-waiting to ... Read More


Retribution takes place in Sacramento, California, in the late 1990s. The story details the crises the main character, Werner Manheim--the sixty-five-year-old owner of the largest structural engineering firm in the city--goes through personally and professionally after losing an arbitration proceedi... Read More

All the Monsters Are Here

All the Monsters Are Here is a debut collection of horror stories by Aaron Ray Ballard.

Lurking within the pages of these thirteen terrifying tales are the survivors of a zombie apocalypse who only think their darkest, deadliest days are behind them; a sinister werewolf that likes to play wit... Read More

Little Prayers

This book is a collection of poetry and short stories that talk about love, hate, grief, and family. It explores the complex sides of growth and gratitude inside of grief and the strength it takes to get back up again.... Read More

Rudy's Christmas Wish

Everyone at the North Pole loves Rudolph and his red nose. No one admires him more than Rudy Jr., who spends all of his time and energy wishing for a red nose too so he can be just like everybody's hero.When an accident injures Rudolph, Rudy finally forgets to be selfish and learns that dreams come ... Read More

Don, Wayward Son

A book to reach troubled youth to keep them out of prison.The best way to beat the police--stay out of trouble!I am not intending to promote this as a Christian book "only,", but it is also an exciting adventure with more to come!... Read More

Darby's Polka Dots and Pretties

Darby's Polka Dots and Pretties takes Darby and his little l'agon friend, K'Orac, on a special adventure that celebrates his mother. On their way to the meadow of pretties, K'Orac chases a light bug through the forest, leading Darby to the discovery of the beautiful glowing green pretty. Wanting to ... Read More

From The Shadows

The poems of this book reflect the principles of love, loss, and struggle. In a poignant, familiar way, they are coming to terms with human emotion. Their message is a snapshot of feelings expressed with self-awareness, captured within verses that are lyrical, intimate, and timeless. Like most every... Read More

Justice for Blake

D. J. Douglas, bail agent extraordinaire, along with her team of bounty hunters, receives a notice that one of her bail clients has jumped bail! A $150,000 bond which DJ will have to pay if she and her team don't find her.She and the team jumped into action and soon uncover a full-blown conspiracy t... Read More

An Independent View of The Donald J Trump Presidency

In the last four years, I have been seeking answers as to why our country is so deeply divided. Are we being fooled by those whom we rely on to deliver the truth about what is happening within America? I believe that our government has failed us by allowing those with ulterior motives to influence o... Read More

The Assignment

THE ASSIGNMENT When Brina Louise Grant, recent graduate of Cyclops (their equivalent of West Point), accepted a one way mission from her 25th century world into the wild west of their mid 1800's, she had no idea it would take her on a journey far and beyond what her wildest imagination could concoct... Read More

Leggy Peggy

Peggy Centipede observes Clementine practicing her dance steps every night. Peggy decides it looks like fun, and she wants to dance too. But which dance steps does she choose? There are so many! When she mimics Clementine, Peggy feels every move brings some clumsiness and discomfort until...she atte... Read More

Day Hiking Yosemite National Park

From the low-elevation foothills and canyons of the western Sierras to famed Yosemite Valley and giant sequoia trees and from high alpine meadows and lakes to the rugged peaks of the Sierra crest, Yosemite National Park has hiking trails for all levels of skill and ability. This guidebook details ev... Read More

Tales of Endings

Jackson Curtis is a nineteen-year-old drifter roaming throughout California, aided by Nicolai Pelinovsky, a possible "more-than-friend" and creature of myth. They are pulled from the routines of life in Eden when a threatening note is delivered to their hotel. Jackson is already on death's door, but... Read More

The Adventures of Connor & Finn

This is an epic saga of two Irish cousins who grew up as brothers. Together they share many wondrous and frightful adventures to the different realms of the past, present, and future, along with their cohorts, which include a clurichaun, an Irish wolfhound, and a semicrazed banshee. The story is ful... Read More

The Fallacies of Black Capitalism

Charles Wells wrote this book to provide the reader, especially young people who were not yet born, insight into the deceptive tactics and political games used by White Southern politicians and business leaders to keep minority communities economically depressed.After the 1965 Civil Rights Voting Ac... Read More

Blind Luck

A legally blind diabetic fighting ADHD, drugs, and alcoholism takes on a sighted world, learning how to overcome adversity while balancing the needs of raising a family, work, and dealing with a need to overcome the obstacles that prove to be ever challenging since the first loss of his eye function... Read More

Science or Science Fiction?

"Follow the science" is a phrase we often hear these days. All too often it means "listen to anything coming from the scientific community that supports my position, but ignore anything which does not." During my lifetime, I have seen a number of changes in many things that were once "known" to be t... Read More


Kerish was saved by a boy she never knew and placed in the loving home of the two most powerful people on Lakar. She is so different from any human born before her for she can receive the thoughts of others. Her Breeder mother, Desel, calms her burning mind until she can teach this special child how... Read More

Lethal Revelations

A father is gone. His son is left to decipher a mystery. Danny Cavallo follows the startling clues composed in his father's enthralling autobiography before his world exploded. Tommy Cavallo's book crafted an explicit map, leading to his greatest nemeses--one who, Danny believes, is accountable for ... Read More

The Broken Lens

Two teenagers who lived in a toxic, broken houses. Both lived traumatic experiences growing up, which led them to live their life, looking through a broken lens filled with wounds and tragedy, self-hate and issues, and tasteless and sorrowful life. Adam eventually got stronger by his boss's guidance... Read More

The Breath of Life

My poem The Breath of Life: Trees talks about the importance of trees in our lives. Trees provide water and oxygen. They provide food for the animals and protect the world from too much sun.... Read More

Black Swan Speaks

Black Swan Speaks is a journey placing emphasis on the ups, downs, twists and turns of life. Every thought and idea had meaning and became another step forward towards the realization that an anthology of poems was key to her sanity. Reacting to tough situations with resilience became her norm, and ... Read More


The group called the Firstborns heard the call of God and embarked on a journey to a land of peace and joy. But to get there, they must trek through dangerous terrain filled with bandits and marauders, whose only ambition was to steal and kill travelers. Furthermore, hot on their trail were the shor... Read More

A Party of Peacocks

This book is about the names of animal groups. There are many different names, and you will find this book fun and educational. Children love the name of different animal groups like a pod of whales and a swarm of bees. Enjoy the beautiful illustrations of the different animal groups from A to Z. Ea... Read More

Invested in Me

The thoughts that pass through your mind daily are responsible for almost everything that happens in your life. Therefore, the ability to focus your thoughts and emotions can be a powerful tool in the creation of everyone's reality. For this reason, positive affirmations that are continually repeate... Read More

The Adventures of Spencer Martin

Spencer Martin was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He graduated high school and joined the Army. He found only one problem with his service--he was teased about his size. He learned to be a pugilist in order to defend himself. When he finished his commitment to Uncle Sam, he returned ... Read More

Fabulous Jane

A young woman with exceptional IQ and photographic memory enters the big world. She proves herself in every endeavor she gets involved with. Along the way, she meets and impresses those people she meets. She has a mind of her own and makes many amazing and subtle, unexpected decisions. With her, the... Read More

A Marriage to An Asexual Bisexual

This book of poems takes you on a journey through Liam's mind as he processes the broken marriage from his wife who was the love of his life. Liam's wife came out as asexual and bisexual which confused Liam as to what his role was in the relationship. When Liam's wife came out, they were already sep... Read More

Artifacts Alive

Bree is a vibrant young archaeologist working toward her doctorate in anthropology. She attains a job within the Museum of Natural History in New York City for the foundation Artifacts Alive. The playboy son of the foundation's founder and CEO invites Bree to accompany him to the museum's grandest e... Read More

Scent from Heaven

Emily Young is accidentally killed while riding her bike home. She finds herself now living in heaven, where she meets those who have gone on before her. She also reunites with loved ones in this newfound paradise. She is overwhelmed and filled with incredible peace and joy as she comes face-to-face... Read More

The Reaper

Fear not those who are innocent, for I shall cause you no harm. I seek out only those who have yet to pay for their sins. Fear me if you have no remorse, for I am the Reaper. And I will ensure that you reap what you have sewn.The serial killer known as The Reaper is loose on the streets of Norfolk. ... Read More


This book is about a woman who has a learning disability. She was a foster child to her own grandmother, and this woman was on pills and didn't know she was getting addicted to the pills. In the story, she went through so many emotions and was misunderstood by so many people.In church you would call... Read More

Zombie Dogs

In a dark dingy motel room, Dave and Nancy are getting ready to rob the First National Bank. Members of the infamous Black Widows Motorcycle Gang are preparing for their two-week Ride-a-Thon camping trip. A family is quickly packing their RV for a two-week camping vacation. Then at the same time, a ... Read More

In My Moonlit Mornings

What if the prison industrial complex existed without the institutional middleman? What if indebtedness was a crime? What if all crimes could result in enslavement? In My Moonlit Mornings is a dynamic piece of realistic fiction, written in a dystopian alternate America that has permanently legalized... Read More

Traveling Adventures of Vinnie the Gifted Cat

The objective of this book is to engage parents and children to read together. The story is about a living cat that traveled during the months of March through May 2020 from Brooklyn, New York, to Williston, South Carolina. The adventures are as exciting as taking a trip with your family to just abo... Read More

Doogles & Sports Advice

Hey there, I am so glad you have made it to the back cover. I'm guessing you either just finished reading my book and are interested in more, or you are skimming through this summary to decide if it's worth your time. By the way, this book is definitely worth your time!Either way, here is a quick re... Read More

The Next Testament


The truth be known from the start, the ideas of The Next Testament: Into the Adulthood of Civilization are not the ideas of the verse writer. The ideas of the next testament are the Truth of Creation, and as such, they belong to all selves of Civilizati... Read More

Star Soul Strength

When a young non-human boy causes the cease of his planet's existence , he is isolated in a planet near Earth and is under observation. After making it to Earth with the help of a scientist that came for research, he is told by a spirit that Earth is where he learns more about his super rare nature.... Read More

Furry Friends Teach a Lesson

Why was Mia so angry with Muffy, the new kitten in the family? All he wanted to do was play! Mia was not happy to have another cat around, and soon she and Muffy were fighting with each other all the time. Would Mia and Muffy ever learn to get along and like each other? Do you always get along with ... Read More

My Wild, Wacky, Wonderful Double Mastectomy

Since 2003, Tanya Yager had been getting mammograms on her breasts. In 2004, 2006, and 2012, she had surgeries to remove a lump in her left breast of which all were benign. When Angelina Jolie had her double mastectomy, Tanya knew she would do the same thing in a heartbeat. Her doctor was not quite ... Read More

The Story of Noel

The Story of Noel tells of the courage, strength, and resolve given by all the women at the North Pole. Noel is the daughter of Rudolph and Clarice. Noel was born with the light from the Northern Star cast down upon her. Noel has all the great attributes of her parents, but she is looked at differen... Read More

The Loneliest Lions Fan

Sports brings unrivaled passion, not just to those who play the game but also to those who are rabid fans. As an avid seventy-year-old fan and supporter of Detroit Lions football over the past sixty years, this equates to decades of unmatched torment. Respectfully, I challenge anyone to opine on a m... Read More

Immortal Tears

The world doesn't care, so why should I? A common thought that hunted its way through Mae's skull as she bent down at the remains of her shattered home. Her small village fueled a flame of conquest that she didn't understand, but for what she did know is that the world around her didn't care. She wa... Read More

Tom and Wally

On the way home from school, Wally finds a stray kitten that follows him home. He has always wanted a pet, and what follows is humorous, heartwarming, sad, and full of values. You and your young ones will enjoy reading this story about Wally and his kitten, Tom.... Read More

Drastic Means

Special Agent Tyler McCoy is working undercover to bring down a suspected criminal when his cover is blown trying to save an innocent witness. His actions take a hefty toll when he is reassigned to the witness's protection detail. The situation becomes more complicated when Tyler finds himself feeli... Read More

In Pursuit of Happiness

As Jimmy becomes a young boy, he learns the value of happiness. The value of how something given so freely in the beginning turns difficult, hard to hold without questions of love and its contents.Just as Jimmy's story begins to unfold, he has an accident, falling to the concrete floor, and now suff... Read More

God is Light

According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love: Having predestined us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ himself, according to the good pleasure of his will, To the praise of the glory of his grace, whe... Read More

Su Boom Boom Su Boom Ka

Su Boom Boom Su Boom KaWhen I was an elementary school teacher in the Ivory Coast, I set aside some special time. I called that special time "Stories Time." I first initiate some tales and then end up with some discussions to see whether my young students can grasp the meaning of my tale. On many oc... Read More

Protect Your Future

Did you know there is a formula for protecting your future and being successful in life? Just think of what the days ahead could hold, whether it be positive or negative, success or failure. If you could fast forward five, ten, or even twenty years from now, what would you see? Do you see yourself ... Read More

A Turkey's Thanksgiving Story

Tom has a problem. He just learned that he would be the guest of honor at this year's Thanksgiving dinner, which is not usually a bad thing, unless you are a turkey! Tom must hatch a plan if he is going to survive this holiday, something to truly be thankful for on Thanksgiving. An all-new barnyard ... Read More

Rocco Beastie, the Magic Shoes, and the Candy Caper

Once upon a time, there was wonder, adventure, and magic in everything. For children, especially the Beastie children, there still is and always will be. The Beastie children can even find wonder, adventure, and magic in a shoe store, along with life lessons and critical-thinking skills. Rocco is he... Read More

The Long Journey Home

A puppy and kitten are lost and stranded in the woods. They encounter an unusual animal that befriends them. They experience the dangers of the wild as this friend becomes their guide by helping them get back home to the city.... Read More

Taking it on Faith

Ever wonder what you would ask God if given the opportunity? This is a story of a regular person who gets that opportunity to have many discussions with God.It begins with God sending the angel Gabriel to inform Ian that the Lord wants to speak with him to the appearance of the Almighty himself. The... Read More

Poems of Reflections

As you explore this book of poetry, your mind will go on different journeys of my life and the different views of this cold world we live in and all the evil agendas it has to offer us. The Dougie fresh collection is an array of poetry written by yours truly. So please sit back and enjoy. Welcome to... Read More

Leaving Ukraine And Other 20th Century Tales

The twentieth century was both wonderful and horrible. There were two catastrophic world wars and many ghastly smaller wars. But there were medical advances and discoveries that extended the lives of people and animals. There were many inventions that made life easier for ordinary people, inventions... Read More

Choosing Your Way Through Life

This book is about choosing your way through life so you can bring more happiness and loving into the world. Learn to create the experience of loving--the experience of a heartfelt "YES!" When you live a "YES!", you experience each day with positivity, enthusiasm, peace of mind, gratitude, and happi... Read More

Third Watch Prayer Manual

God spoke this manual into existence because of His unconditional love for the people! In this book, God's message is very simple: He's calling all unsaved to repentance! More importantly, He's summoning all intercessors and prayer warriors to answer the call to pray and to stand in the gap and make... Read More

Seasonal Storms

Life is a beautifully, scary journey through seasons and the storms that accompany them. Just as nature has seasons, so do we. There are seeds inside us all. What do we need in order to make those seeds bloom? Is it possible that the perfect ingredients necessary for this process are in someone else... Read More


Gale: the Time Transport Man is a humorous fictional book about the titular character's retired United States Marine Corps buddies, Uncle Al, Trevor, and his best friend, Louis, referred to as the gang. This book is also about Gale, who is a hopeless romantic and is in and out and back in love and h... Read More

Lizzy Goosie

Lizzy loves to learn but thinks that she knows everything. Lizzy may not always say the right things, but she would always admit when she is wrong. Lizzy has a best friend named Gander. Gander has Lizzy's best interest at heart. He is always around at the right moment to help her out of some of her ... Read More

Apricot Marmalade and the Sangsuwan Equation

Well, those Apricot Marmalade guys are at it again! In this sequel to Apricot Marmalade and the Edmondson Transmittal, Special Agents Reynolds, Bonner, Wilson, Dunn, and Cooper are again matching wits with KGB spies and other enemy agents in Thailand during the Vietnam War, with the battleground pra... Read More

Knights of the Sky

Our hero is an experienced test pilot at the start of World War I. As soon as the US enters the war, he joins the US Army and goes to flight training. After flight training, he is assigned to an air base in France. Then he has to meet the German fighter pilots daily in dogfights over Germany. He als... Read More

Psychiatry, What It's All About

What is your background?Why did you choose psychiatry for a specialty?Was your father a doctor?What prepared you to be a psychiatrist?Who goes to see a psychiatrist?What kind of problems do they have?Do they really get any better?Does medication really help?What can one expect?Are patients in the ar... Read More

Short Story Collection

Robert still listens to Fox News on the TV. With Rush Limbaugh gone, he spends that time listening to the men and women that have replaced Rush Limbaugh. The regular news stations block the truth from the public. With Robert's first two books done, Madam President and Madam President 2, he started w... Read More

After the Pandemic

Many things define a job seeker--experience, education, first impressions, connections, passion, and the value you might bring to the company you wish to work for. For decades, the perceived ideal candidate would have all of the above, most of the above; however, a good candidate would have a four-y... Read More

The Don

Bella Rossellini, a young widow, mother, and athlete, is looking for work at the end of the semester break. Upon applying at the casino for a summer job, Bella finds the staff to be abrupt and rude, deciding a casino job is not for her. As she leaves the casino, she doesn't realize she has captured ... Read More

N.O.S. You N.O.S. Me

This is the story of a single mother raising an autistic boy from knowledge of conception to adulthood. The book narrates his obstacles, challenges, and triumphs. It discloses his mother's informed and sometimes intuitive decisions about guiding and steering him down an independent and productive li... Read More

Above the Clouds

Carl Allen Hampton has spent five years building Millennium Realty into a powerhouse brokerage in the Detroit Metro market. Standing beside him during this journey has been long-time girlfriend and fiance', Pamela Matthews, and long-time employee, Angela Miles. This story follows his journey to succ... Read More

Excited Evian

Evian is such an excited girl. Her dads want the best for her at school, at home, and with her friends. Evian just has a lot of trouble settling down because she has so much energy. Her teacher and dads come up with a great plan to help Evian work on the bubbling excitement inside her.... Read More

Mystery at the Circus

Amy and Joey are sister and brother. When a circus comes to town, Joey begs his sister to go with him. When Amy finds out that the circus has a rare animal, she wants to see it. The children go to the circus and wait to see the animal. After the show is over, the two head home. Amy and Joey talk abo... Read More

The Monster That Followed

Alexis and Blake Bell thought their lives were finally going to be normal now that Henry was truly gone forever. It was time to move on and finally be happy together with their child and Blake's thriving career in the NFL. If only they had known that Henry wasn't the only monster that was after them... Read More

Marnie's Journal

This is story number two (first one is Marnie's Journals) and a continuation of a troubled woman whose main wish in life was to find a way to die and had attempted suicide many times to escape her troubled mind. According to her journals, the suicidal attempts failed, and she ended up living with th... Read More

Sunny's First Nest

Sunny is a beautiful thrush. Her songs are enjoyed by birds and humans alike. She has graduated from bird school and is now on a journey to find the perfect place to build her first nest. She knows there is a lot to consider to keep her baby bird eggs safe. One day she hears a remarkable song and de... Read More

A Journey Into Life

How it was then...I did hard drugs for the majority of my life. I ran the gambit through marijuana and alcohol, ecstasy, and acid among many others before settling into meth for seventeen years. I have two drug charges--one for intent to distribute. For nearly two decades, I created hell in life thr... Read More

Midas Living with a Bird in the Hood

Midas is an African gray parrot that was rescued in 2007. After posting some of our conversations on social media, many friends fell in love with the "cantankerous" old bird whose ability to be part of the conversation. He may be the cause of frustration one day but smiling about it the next because... Read More

Virus X

Researchers have discovered the relationship between human genetics and learning and have discovered the DNA sequence that controls both learning in specific fields of knowledge and human's emotional behavior.Detective Carl Barnes finds himself in the middle of a scheme that uses this knowledge to c... Read More

The Ungrateful Child

This book is the memoir of a lifetime of abuse thrust upon a child by the one person who was supposed to protect and love her unconditionally. The Ungrateful Child tells the story of her remarkable survival.... Read More

Rain On The Red Flag

For seventeen-year-old city boy Frank Thanh Nguyen, the official end of the war in Vietnam marked the end of his freedom and the beginning of a harrowing adventure. Rain on the Red Flag details Thanh's remarkable journey, which begins on the day the Communists planted their flag in homes along his s... Read More


If God prompts you to do something, He will provide the means to do it.The story of radio station KHOF-FM in Southern California is a good example.The pastor of a small church was prompted to start a Christian radio station, something unheard of and seemingly impossible in those days.There was no mo... Read More

Goldie and the Good Knight

Princess Marie's beloved kitten, Goldie, has gone missing during a game of hide-and-seek. The king calls upon his most trusted knight to try to find her. Will the dutiful knight be able to locate her? Come along on the adventure of Goldie and the Good Knight.... Read More

Reflections in a Mirror

FBI agents Terry Longfellow and Adriana Dickinson assist rookie agents Hart and Dominga in their first assignment in tracking a serial killer who is selecting victims of a medical supply company located in Tennessee. After capturing the serial killer in Tennessee, the rookie agents assist Agents Lon... Read More

My Father

For Ruth Guthrie, the news of her birth mother's death begins a series of events that will change her life forever, leading her on a life-changing exploration. Venturing on her own to New York City to identify her mother's body, what she discovers in the days following finally reveal the answers to ... Read More

Mr. G. and His Ladies

Mr. G and His Ladies is a beautiful and gritty tale of loyalty, love, and spiritual connection between societies lost and overlooked. These new bonds create a family born in the blood of society's wretches. Govinda's story begins when karma baptizes him as an agent after the murder of his mother and... Read More

Dark Blue

Dan Cohen has written a murder mystery that captured my attention and stirred my imagination. Dark Blue combines a compelling plot, colorful characters, crisp dialogue and confrontational politics, within and outside of the police department. Cohen, a former president of the Minneapolis City Council... Read More

Sons of Dorothy Coats

I started writing at the age of sixty-one. I've read over a thousand books and decided to try it. Since the first one, I have written nine books. I hope you enjoy it. This book is about a lone woman who is going through hard times raising her children in the mountains of West Virginia. The oldest ch... Read More

The Conspiracy

Eight years have passed since the deaths of Capri Olindo's ex-husband, Greg Crenski, and his best friend, Mape Belata, were officially ruled a murder-suicide. Though well aware it constituted irrefutable proof the men had been murdered, Pree continues to withhold from authorities the nearly half-mil... Read More

Cupcake Katy

One night, I had a dream about dancing cupcakes.When I woke up and recalled the dream, the name Cupcake Katy came to me.The creation of Cupcake Katy then began.... Read More

Cooper and the Detective

What are your names? Nelson and Jackson we're here to discuss your husband Cassandra. Standing by the kitchen, still holding the broom her eyes jumped when Marvis touched her shoulder as she was holding the mop. "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. What's going on? Who are those goons?" Cassandra s... Read More

Red Alpha Awakening

Human beings have created synthetic life from nothing. These Manufactured Humanoid Units, or MHUs, are born into an oppressed class of people, abused, exploited, and repressed for the betterment of humanity. A large ensemble cast leads this saga of action, drama, intrigue, politics, scientific enter... Read More

Tucker's Angels

The college experience can challenge the mind, prepare one for a career and/or, since away from parental supervision, provide an open invitation to frivolity, partying and ribald behavior. That may include the dream or, in most cases, the delusion of finding the love of one's life.Tucker's Angels pr... Read More

Chloe's Suprise

Chloe's adventures continue as she visits her grandparents' farm. Join Chloe as she prepares for a new lamb on the farm, and learn more about farm life along the way!... Read More


What would you do if an egotistical, narcissistic sociopath saved your life? Send them a postcard with a thank-you note attached, run away as fast as you can, or marry them?Open the pages to Dang to find out what Alexandria does when she encounters a wolf in sheep's clothing. The people closest to h... Read More

Carlos Grayhawk and the Amazing Four

Roary Lyon is one more disappointing basketball season away from losing his head coaching job. His search for that winning combination has eluded him as he wants great players, not just good ones. With his job on the line, he finds that great player in Carlos Grayhawk, who came with a troubled past.... Read More

The Anderson Twins

Three months after Mystery on a Cruise Ship, Shelby and Daniel go to the Morning Star Ranch to visit their friends from the secret room. While they are there, mysterious things begin to happen. Before long, they find out there is a treasure buried somewhere on the ranch and someone is trying to scar... Read More

Lioness of the Lowlands

"Yesterday, in a case of mistaken identity, a demon murdered Salem's best friend. Today, that demon will try to kill her. Tomorrow, she intends to return the favor. Transported to a place where the demon reigns, Salem must fight for her life and the lives of her friends. Chosen fifty generations bef... Read More

The Flower from the Garbage

The Flower from the Garbage follows the journey of a newly wedded couple, Joe and Audrey Palmer, when they miscarry their baby and begin to disconnect from each other. While Audrey goes within and isolates, Joe continues to work more hours and make poor decisions, risking his marriage and future.The... Read More

Staying Motivated

Believe in yourself, and everything else will follow. I hope you enjoy reading this amazing story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Every chapter has its own meaning that everybody can relate to in some way or form. I would like to thank each and everybody who took the time to give my first book a ch... Read More

Rylan the Happy Kangaroo

In this story, Rylan is a happy kangaroo with lots of energy. All Rylan wants is someone to play with, so he has decided to embark on a great journey through the forest in search of his heart's desire, a friend. But as Rylan begins his journey, he will soon encounter rejection that will leave him qu... Read More

Roo and the World of Crum

Step into the secret world of the ancient forest at ground level with the Crum. Green haired and no bigger than squirrels, they talk to the animal dwellers around the Home Tree burrow and live in harmony with the wild forests. Meet Roo, the young hunter, and his fox friend, Fen, along with all the C... Read More

The Unfortunate Life of Bill

Bill was a reluctant hero living a life he didn't ask for or want.... Read More

Mind of Lamont

This book is about how the world is perceived through the eyes of others, through actions and emotions. This book is also a motivational self-help guide for mentalists to see life in a different light. Enjoy!... Read More

Ted's Tales

Welcome to Ted's Tales.In this book you, will find a mixture of short stories. Whether you have only a few minutes or a few hours, there is something here for you. I invite you to join me for stories of adventure to witness a bodyguard who is tired of her profession and seeks a way out, two hikers m... Read More

A Pictorial History and Trekking Guide of the Wilderness Road

This book is about the history of the Wilderness Road and a trekking guide with photos. It presents the background of how Daniel Boone and a group of some thirty men blazed a trail by way of three states to connect Kingsport, Tennessee, to Middlesboro, Kentucky, and became an important roadway in mo... Read More

Planet Larene

The title of the book Planet Larene comes from my short stories about a man in his midtwenties who has bipolar disorder. And he is explaining his chaotic thought process. And his journey of human settlement on Planet Larene. In these stories, topics on colorism, mental health, human nature, and the ... Read More

Beyond the Fear of Death

This book is a valuable resource for reading on various dimensions on health, motivation to seek professional services, along with prayer and reading the Bible (KJV). Additionally, this book strongly recommends seeking guidance from doctors with professional training around the reader's concern. As ... Read More

Free Land For Sale!

When was the last time someone discussed Billie Holiday or Dorothy Dandridge in a classroom? Christian and his eight students embark on various controversial topics, such as political views and social views. These topics are often considered taboo, but that's exactly why Christian wanted to tackle t... Read More

North Star Rising

Amber Emrys is coming of age. She lives on the mystical isle of T'ir Na Nor in the North Sea. Preparations for her Nest Naming Celebration are in the works. Pavarotti, a Puffin who has been "Guardian of the air" on the island for centuries, has watched over Amber as she's grown from chick to fledgli... Read More

Penelope's Half-Birthday

It was Sunday, May 11th, and Penelope couldn't wait to wake up. It was going to be a FANTABULOUS DAY. It was her HALF BIRTHDAY AND MOTHER'S DAY all rolled into one!... Read More

Echoes of Purple and Gold

In Echoes of Purple and Gold, Jack Keefe stacks local history like cordwood, telling forgotten tales and making odd connections that people no longer suspect.What school kid hasn't heard--or heard about--the story of Ichabod Crane in "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"? He was both fictional and real. The... Read More

The Journey of Pumpkin and Pretzel

This book tells the story of two friends who started on this journey at the age of five. It is a peek into life as a child and as an adult. It tells the story of true friendship that touches your heart with moments of laughter and tells of moments of sadness. It gives you inspiration to not give up ... Read More

Borris the Bully

Borris is a bully at Talking Toodles farm. Borris discovers his size is bigger than all the other animals at Talking Toodles Farm; therefore he bullies his way for food, water and hay taking a large space in the barn for sleeping, leaving all the other animals nowhere to sleep.The animals at Talking... Read More

Just My Opinion

Just My Opinion is a fun and exciting read. It will keep you, the reader, fully engaged. With his views and opinions, the author challenges the norm. He comments on everything from politics to our justice system. The language is colorful and humorous, but the content is no joke. Through this book, t... Read More

Are You a Victim of Insane Relationships?

Here's what you'll find inside Are You a Victim of Insane Relationships?Why newly found seemingly ideal relationships often quickly fall apartWhy those who look for love are those least likely to find itWhy you can intensely hate your partner but not be able to break up the relationshipHow your part... Read More

The Last Days Before Peace

The story follows a young college who is about to graduate when World War II breaks out, and he joins the Navy. He is assigned to the USS Cassin as she is being rebuilt after Pearl Harbor. The story follows Lieutenant Pembrooke and the USS Cassin as they journey through the war. The story is how the... Read More

Plumber's Gap

The author's name is Marion Michael Dees. He is sixty-four years old. He has worked in construction of one kind or another for most of his life, about forty-five years. Back in November of 2020, he found out he had a blood clot in his lungs and went into AFib. He was in and out of the hospital until... Read More

A Heart of Praise

A Heart of Praise was written because of a fervent desire to communicate God's love! I wrote my first poem in the late seventies, and it is called "A Child of God." I used to be an elementary school teacher, and I wrote this poem for my fourth graders. I have found so much joy praising God and writi... Read More

Clifton's Spina Bifida Adventure

Hello, my name is Clifton Carter Jr. I was born with a disability called Spina Bifida. I am in a wheelchair, and I am twenty-five years old. I have family: my brother, Jeremy; my mother, Edith; and my stepdad, Harry. I also love writing.... Read More

Tales on The Winds of Time

As a Native American, the oral tradition is very important to my culture and is something I've always been interested in from hearing stories from my grandmother and various other family members. So using the many stories I've heard throughout my life, I decided to write my own stories, both to carr... Read More

Get Us Home

Written for family and friends who miss their loved ones. Sean Stovall's Get Us Home prepares you for what is necessary to reunite physically and emotionally with loved ones, allowing for separation to be forgotten temporarily. Family separations caused by work, school, or a new opportunity can be d... Read More

On Earth, as it is in Heaven

This is actually my own transcribed journal from late 2009, 2010, and early 2011. This was a time of terrible crisis for me and my family.To list them, our children were taken away from us for two months, our son went to jail, my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and I lost my business of twenty-t... Read More

The Rubber Band Ball Concept

Are you a part of the problem or the solution? You will discover the true answer within the pages of this book. The rubber band ball concept is a book about creating change. It is a call to action for all people living on the margins of society and those who want to help. It explains misconceptions ... Read More

When I Look at Your Heavens

The Creator of the universe has revealed Himself to it. The intelligent life out there knows about the Creator, and they have a strong desire to know more about Him. He has revealed the existence of a planet in a faraway system that has special value to Him. Why is this small, insignificant planet o... Read More


Rosalee Nib is a small little mouse with a huge heart. She is headstrong and creative. Rosalee can show anyone that you can do anything you set your mind to so long as you are determined, inquisitive, and supported.... Read More

Herman the Dinosaur

Herman the Dinosaur is having his first playdate. What will he do? What will he say? The adventure awaits!... Read More

A Beautiful Nightmare

A Beautiful Nightmare is about an entrepreneur who decided to create a life of freedom, limitless boundaries, and wealth. Through hope and ambition but lacking a solid plan, she soon discovered that the game of entrepreneurship is played by unspoken rules--rules that govern getting paid, being hired... Read More

Where Are Your Angels?

Where Are Your Angels? began when Ashley was just three and began signing, a sign no one taught, that meant, we found, was an old sign for Angel. She would sign music and point at light. She always showed her sister "Nini" where her angels were! Nini had the greatest relationship with Ashley and san... Read More

High Hopes For Freedom

Roll the Stone Away! He has risen! He has risen indeed! Now is the time to praise him and bless his name forever!... Read More

Jordan B Peterson’s impenetrable language revealed by Yahweh

This book reveals how I, the One God of Israel, revealed to Yahweh, what was the "impenetrable language," spoken of by Jordan B. Peterson and Camille Paglia in their Modern Times video. It will show how My people--Yahweh's people--were slowly seduced by people speaking this language that I told you... Read More

It's Impossible to Commit to Maybe

How can you better understand, learn, and implement plans and actions to further your business career? The company you work for? The people you work with, for, and manage?You commit to it!It's Impossible to Commit to Maybe--a bold guide for business managers--provides the "how-to" lessons and proven... Read More


Alex felt the secrets and lies day in and day out, but only evening would come to show the deceitful agony. Her lifetimes had revolved around control, pain, misery, and shame. Could life be altered in unexplained events? As Alex transcended into this life, her passion became stronger and was awoken ... Read More

Humpty Dumpty is Alive and Well

Two little girls put Humpy Dumpty back together again, and he then becomes the ruler of Alohaland, where he sits at the head of the long table with nursery-rhyme characters. Humpty Dumpty invites the two little girls to come to Alohaland to hear each nursery rhyme character tell the rest of the stor... Read More

The Last Man

In the searing finale to the Last Man trilogy, Supreme Commander Ian stands up for his country and his family as the war rages on! The fight marches right up the East Coast straight into Washington, DC, where the Pirate Army and new warriors they meet along the way make their final stand to defend f... Read More

Glass of Seduction

Sierra a young orphan from a poor little village in Spain developed into a beautiful young lady who died before she reached her dream of experiencing true love. Her departure from life was a tragic one. She was able to return as a spirit, but when she returns, it's with the desire to find true love.... Read More

Matty the Mouse

When Terry Jerome Green was writing Matty the Mouse, other books were popping into his head to write. Hopefully one day soon, he'll write another Matty the Mouse book. As of right now, he's writing several other children's books to try to get published.... Read More

Regnar's Search

Not long ago, you were an ordinary businessman, just starting a career. Now you are a prince, one of a hundred and forty-nine. With odds of 149 to one, what chance have you? Each contestant must perform an assigned Task to demonstrate his worthiness. But is that the only factor that counts? Could so... Read More

Love Brewed in Heaven's Pot

Love is the nature of God. He birthed His nature in mankind at creation. It is also a great ingredient that boosts relationships. In His divine plan, God made love the main key to success in marriage.It was by love that God established a tripartite union between Him and the first couple (Adam, the h... Read More

The Leaves Turn Brown

Anneliese Stewart's first manuscript is being considered by Rosario & Robins, a high-profile Chicago publishing firm, every author's dream. The only problem: she never contacted the firm or sent her work. Against her better judgment and intuition, encouraged by others, she agrees to accept the invit... Read More

The Lantren

Two brothers of Native American descent, researching their mysterious roots turn into a treasure hunt. Starting with an old family register of past names and dates, then a letter and a gold coin from a great-grandfather that's been on the floor of the Atlantic in a strongbox on the Titanic for nearl... Read More

Your Passport to Alternative Spirituality and the After-Life

My reason for writing this book is to address the many opinions people have about alternative spirituality topics and what happens when we die. There are many "fearful" ideas about death, personal responsibility, and "sin." I want to provide an alternative view of these subjects. I firmly believe th... Read More

The Amazing Race!

Rascal, Buddy, Lambie, Ducky, and Squirrel became new friends in Moving Day. They decided to form a club called the Best Friends Club. They even built a really cool clubhouse! Every club needs fun activities...The Amazing Race! is the third book in the children's picture book series, The Amazing Adv... Read More


Billions have fallen. With only one phase left before rebirth is complete, Chris and the rest of the rebellion are faced with a choice. They can continue to fight the tyrant and his sinister plan or lay down their arms and live a life of peace, away from Richard's reign. With more to lose than ever,... Read More

In A Square Triangle

Mariea's dreams are no longer deferred. Mariea has come a long way away from the physical, verbal, and mental abuses that she had gone through. She had gotten to a place where she can now tell others since no one had to consider caring about her situation.From a meager beginning to a personal awaren... Read More

Dreams Visions and Verses of The Watchman's Message

The purpose of this daily devotional is to shine light on real-life situations that will help you reflect on the past, have a clearer understanding of the present, and give warnings to prepare you for the future. Most importantly it's to help you meditate on the greatness of God.In loving memory of ... Read More

The Dark Tomb

The Dark Tomb is K. L. Dempsey's seventh thriller in less than three years and proof that he's fast becoming a recognized master of this particular style of mystery.Jake Nelson, the current owner of the Warren Detective Agency located in Warren, Michigan, watched in disbelief as the old woman walked... Read More

Saviour's Story

"If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans", is a favorite saying of Joan Tucker. This is a story about two people with great plans for an orphan living in Northern Ghana who needed considerable medical treatment. Born with Cerebral Palsy, Saviour would face many hardships in the first few ... Read More

False Solutions

"But you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil for when you eat of it, you will surely die" (Gen. 2:17). Why would God put that troublesome tree in the Garden of Eden? He must have known the childlike Adam and Eve would give in to temptation, especially with that old serpent s... Read More

The Seed

When God began to speak to me about who I was in Him, I was challenged from within as well as without. The first thing I had to do was deal with my wrong mindsets, misconceptions, and thoughts which simply was not true. Abba began to share some nuggets with me. He gave me words of correction, comfor... Read More


Life is definitely a journey. I never thought my life would have taken this turn. I never thought I would have compromised my spiritual principles for worldly concepts. Mommy, you left me in a horrific state. I went to some deep dark places, and I never thought I would ever escape this life of "insa... Read More

13 Forgotten

Thirteen Jews, stowaways, made it to the coast of America only to be caught. They sat together on the deck of the old ship, land of the free in sight, knowing they would be sent back to communist Russia.What would be waiting for them there? If they were lucky, a quick execution, probably ending up i... Read More

The Kitten in the Manger

This is a heartwarming story that is based on the true rescue of a little homeless kitten by a very kind policeman during the Christmas season.There is a beautiful nativity scene displayed outside a big greenhouse. A large bright star shines down on the manger where the baby Jesus is lying.The littl... Read More

The Ambassadress and Her Wives

The Ambassadress and Her Wives, an engaging comedy of manners and errors, is the author's only such work. "I wanted it to go on and on," reaves literary agent B.K. Nelson. The one act play "Unto the Meek" is included as a bonus.... Read More

The Cool Kid Says Thank you

As in my first book, The Cool Kid, I move forward in the form of, what happens after school? Are the lessons we learn from our teachers, parents, family, and friends reflected in our everyday interactions? How we treat each other is still the theme, but are we able to say "thank you"? None has been ... Read More

Foofi's Wonderful Christmas

Christmas can be a time of magic. And this Christmas, Patrick, his parents, and his faithful friend, Foofi, believed.... Read More

The Woman Who Saved Me

I hadn't worked for twenty years, and when I got convicted, for work release, I got a job in the automobile business. Follow along the journey through the ups and downs of my career, work release, and my favorite bar I hung out at and where I met the woman who saved my life.... Read More

Mysterious Phenomena and Classified Phenomena

This book addresses the following topics and more:Dreams--are they produced by our minds, or is something else going on? Eternal beings--do our biological bodies serve as temporary hosts for eternal beings?Plants--do plants possess intelligence?The fallen angels--were they biological beings sharing ... Read More

A More Perfect Union

A More Perfect UnionA historical, constitutional, legal, political, cultural analysis of our beloved America. The author explores where our nation has come from, with practical suggestions for our future.Bristling with research, history, and anecdotes, its applications promise to inform and inspire.... Read More

Out of the Blue

After losing her son to drugs, the author begins to see and feel a connection that her son was still around beginning with the funeral, and through her deep sorrow and depression. She continued this sense of connection with her son through her cancer treatment (chemotherapy and radiation). She feels... Read More

Of Secrets and Spirits

It's 1944, and while notable scientists are working in Los Alamos on the Gadget, Nick Nishimura, PhD, and his colleagues are focused on the Trick. When he realized that his teleportation Trick kind of worked, jumping from New Mexico to Arizona but also from 1944 to 2008, he had a lot of questions. S... Read More

The World According to Lindsey

This is the story of Lindsey, who started her life with a huge obstacle, followed by two more. Follow her story as she braves her way into everyone's heart by conquering everything in her path.... Read More

Don't Feed The Ratz

Geoffrey Wilcox, aka Geo, is a convicted felon who, after doing eight years in a federal facility, has been released and is on a mission to find and punish those responsible for the death of his loving mother and daughter. He soon links up with someone who would change his life forever.... Read More

My Brother is a Girl

How can a boy be a girl? Confused and caring, a young girl tries to understand what her brother means when he says he is not a boy. This is a story about love, learning, and acceptance in language young children can understand. This book provides a compassionate look at the world of gender identity.... Read More

Medical Integration Model as it Pertains to Musculoskeletal Conditions

The purpose of this book is to provide the practice ways to maximize their opportunities, in regard to patient treatment, patient outcome, and provide a multifactorial approach to pain management. The goal of the practitioner should be to provide exceptional patent care and develop an outstanding pr... Read More

The Seasons of My Life

The Seasons of My Life is a book that I wish my mother had written. Growing up, I was never very interested in hearing her tell stories of her life. I was always more interested in going out to play. As I got older and had my own family, I was always too busy with my life to sit and listen to her ex... Read More

How the Progressive Party Saves the World... or Not

We need to understand what makes two different people think they know what is going on in this world but have two completely different views. We think the other is crazy. It's common sense, right? How can they think that way?If you follow politics closely and are not caught up in any conspiracy theo... Read More

Spin Red

What happens when a practical joke goes wrong? It is 1976 as you join a group of Michigan coeds on a road trip to Kentucky. Merri, the group's self-proclaimed queen of practical jokes is in for a shock when her well-planned schemes begin to unravel and the joke turns out to be on her. Unexpected ... Read More

Bob The Skeleton

Even though Bob the skeleton begins his "new life" as a Halloween decoration, his journey really begins after Halloween when normally he would have been put into storage or worse. How a last-minute decision changed the attitude and outlook to Bob's life.As Halloween would pass, and other times of th... Read More

The Patient

Dr. Abigael Melissa Rose, an up-and-coming criminal psychiatrist, is hired to evaluate a man with an unstable personality. That man, a self-titled surgeon, is Dr. Corey Theodore Laenz. As the sessions progress, Dr. Rose begins to question her personality and possible safety.... Read More

Acts of Kindness

Robin shares six true short stories of Acts of Kindness. Each one is powerful and different, a must-read book. These are stories that will encourage you to keep moving forward with your goals. Each story has life-changing lessons. Reading this book will show you how to accept a blessing, how to give... Read More

Maria's Life in Guatemala and USA

Maria's story begins in Guatemala, a country in Central America. It describes the hardships, mischievousness, and happiness of her childhood, along with her parents, five brothers, and four sisters. At an early age and being the oldest child, she assumes the responsibility to take care of her younge... Read More

A World in Flames

This book is about a different time. A time when the world was on fire. A time when a poor choice of a road taken could have dramatic consequences for the rest of one's life as it was for Bjarne Dramstad. During World War II, Bjarne was a front fighter in service with Hitler's Norwegian Legion on th... Read More


Pravar is the inner child of all us, at times we have struggled with not fitting in and he is here to show us we are all different. Being different is a great thing and Pravar is going to help you to get through any struggles you face.... Read More

Blue Earth, Blue Sky

Blue Earth, Blue Sky takes the reader on a journey with Ari and Nana where we realize that the Earth is hot, using popsicles melting as a metaphor for our ice caps melting. The simple joy of exploring and hiking are cut short as you're taken to a magical and new world where we are shown innovations ... Read More

A Long Walk to America

Everyone has a story. Some share the story, and some never make it out alive to talk about it. A Long Walk to America shares real-life lessons from the young life of Los, a boy from El Salvador, who walks to America with his best friend. Los escaped from the civil war in his homeland in the 1990s as... Read More

After the White Smoke Cleared

A person cannot see inside another person's heart or mind when they first meet that person. All they see is a pretty painted picture of that person on the outside like the icing on a cake, very sweet, but what they cannot see is that the sweet cake is decayed on the inside. When you first meet someo... Read More

The Buddhist Investigator

Frank Albert is a retired CIA operative who is now a private investigator in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His secretary/assistant, Debbie, also has an important role in the narrative as it unfolds. Frank receives a letter from a young man, John Grabowski, who has been tricked into allowing a device to ... Read More

Lotus Ghost

Brittney Tucker has just escaped from a disastrous relationship. She feels she has nowhere to go and has no hope for a solid future. As she tries to adjust to a new life, she is haunted by ghosts. Are they ghosts of the past? What she doesn't know is some ghosts are "sent" by a serial killer who has... Read More

Don't Play With God

Who are you pretending to be? How long do you think you can get away with living wrong and no consequences? Someone is always watching, if so, who? Is this part of the guilt to think someone is watching? Travis is raised by a single mother, a churchgoing mother who instilled in her kids that they sh... Read More

The Lightning Tree

The Lightning Tree is a deeply moving and inspirational story of the Nolan Moss clan, a close-knit black family of fifteen souls bound together by love, living on the edge of existence, struggling to eke out a living, plowing the hard red clay on a small plot of ground in the isolated backwaters of ... Read More

What Kind of Hero

After the sudden death of his father. Otto stone knew he was the sole heir to an empire his father left him. With the knowledge of many styles of martial arts and being an accomplished chemist, he makes a startling discovery of an incredible concoction from chemical reaction.Otto feels something is ... Read More

Prostate Cancer and How It Changed Me

When I was initially diagnosed with prostate cancer, I did not know much about the subject. I went to the local library and bookstore to see if I could discover any insight from other people's experiences. I found a few books about prostate cancer primarily written by doctors who were involved in th... Read More

The Impossible Dream

Racism and healthcare disparities have always been a problem in the Black community, especially small country towns. This book illustrates how a poor Black boy at the age of twelve watched his mother almost die from the lack of adequate health care from a White doctor.I come from a very poor family ... Read More

The Choice Between

We often find ourselves making choices in life, not thoroughly considering the consequences that could follow or maybe you are like me and you find yourself "doing the right thing" because that's what society dictates should happen--pushing pieces of your life into place, whether or not they fit. Ia... Read More

Oh, the Lessons We Learn

This is a story about the journey we call life. It takes you down the unknown paths and explores the unexpected twists and turns along the way. It teaches you how the path can seem so serene one minute but also how quickly you can be forced to veer off the beaten path in the next minute. It is the t... Read More


Glenville is a story about growing up in a small East Texas town in the 1960s. It is a time of innocence and a time when life is lived at a slower pace. But it is also a time when young people are searching for direction, purpose, and identity. Jed Davenport is a kid from a poor and dysfunctional fa... Read More


Chortle is a humorous gift book intended to bring caregivers a small distraction from the seriousness of their everyday lives.... Read More

Driving Through Shaker Heights

Driving through Shaker Heights is the story of Sean Stevens, an average high school student living in an eastern suburb of Cleveland. Despite his lack of direction and disinterest in college, he acquiesces to his father's wish and enrolls in a small university in southern Ohio. While there, he pursu... Read More

Lessons Learned from a Side Chick

As a child, Lindsay McGhee saw the wrong kinds of love demonstrated, causing her to form an unrealistic idea of what marriage should be. Having married young and not understanding God's agenda and intention for marriage, Lindsay was caught off guard when the door opened for the side chick to step in... Read More

Healing Wounds of Ethnic Conflicts Through Feet-Washing

This book is about reconciliation. It is about winning forgiveness and healing for self and others at a price. That price in this book is foot washing. The research, based on descriptions and stories told, shed light on the depth of foot washing as a powerful alternative tool that can break the cycl... Read More

Forever and Always, My Love

With having the love of her life back, how will Renee deal with all the new changes and challenges that have followed along with it? Her world has been completely changed within the blink of an eye more than once, and she has been finding out more about her own self as time goes by. So many unanswer... Read More

Jin Mi

Jin Mi returned to Taiwan after a one-year absence. During his return, new chapters developed in his life. There was a beautiful Taiwanese movie star, a young schoolgirl, a prostitute, old loves, and new loves. There were also travels, concerts, CDs, and a new format called "Love Night." Also, there... Read More

There is a River

Callie Clemmens, 10, felt herself being pulled by an invisible canvas belt to the dreaded Watford Shoe, where all her relatives ended up as gray ghosts for life. Callie, in her desperation not to attend, found answers when her family moved to a tiny cottage on the Monocacy river, where gay vacatione... Read More


But I tell you the truth, it is to your advantage that I go away; for if I do not go away the Helper (Comforter) will not come to you; but if I go, I will send Him (the Holy Spirit) to you. [John 16:7]Many have confessed Jesus Christ as Savior and have the assurance of eternal life. However, due to ... Read More

Prose, Cons, Sins, and Vins

Contained within this grimoire are the sins (thoughts) and vins (experiences) in which the author details their harrowing life-and-death encounter with a dangerous soul. May the empath within you awaken as you cross these poems and lines of prose with curiosity and might.... Read More


This book teaches the names of the basic human body parts in Spanish and English so that cultures may start to communicate and understand each other better. May this book be the key to unlocking your child's future.You can also follow Bala's other adventures to learn about letters, numbers, colors, ... Read More

How God Cheated My Wife Out of Living the Life He Gave Her

Howard (Howie) Sandak met his wife to be in college. He saw her sitting with three other young women that Howie knew. He approached and struck up a conversation with them. After a short conversation, Alice, the one Howie did not know, asked one of the other girls his name and who he was. As he walke... Read More

Sons and Cadillacs

Going through a family breakup with children is a tremendous event in itself. Sons and Cadillacs is a heartwarming story about a father who had no idea how to manage through such a change let alone be a successful single parent. Prioritizing being a great dad and relying on a wonderful family, the b... Read More

Surviving Las Vegas

Scott Crisci's life goes full circle as he battles a crapshoot of medical maladies and rises from a busboy to a high-stakes dealer.... Read More

To Whom it May Concern

To Whom It May Concern is a love letter to a mother who gave birth and placed her baby for adoption. It is a thank-you letter to all mothers who chose to give life and permit their baby to be embraced and sheltered in the arms of another. My love for each and all of those who adopt is inexpressible.... Read More

Innocent Bones

Some crimes are ordinary (e.g. robberies, assaults, embezzlement, and the like). And then there are crimes so horrific that they almost defy description. Innocent Bones relates two such crimes. Both involve perps who plan and execute with precision and patience. Both involve multiple victims who int... Read More

The Construct of a Scientist

This biography is about a man who is unique in every way. He had decided at the age of twelve to become a scientist and worked toward that goal, earning his way financially and educationally. His mother instilled in him that he could do anything he set his mind to and do it well. His father taught h... Read More

We Gotcha

D. J. Douglas has owned her bail agency for over twenty years. Every day she encounters a variety of rascals who need to get bailed out of jail. Unfortunately, some of her rascals jump bail, and she must go look for them. D. J. gives some insight into what it takes to locate these rascals, especia... Read More

The Amazing Adventures of the Gnome Nog

It all began one spring morning when I was taking my usual walk around the lake called Granite in the shire of Chess. Everything was fresh and green as nature once again welcomed the new season. A short distance on my walk, I was startled by a small creature of about eighteen inches tall that came o... Read More

I Lived, I Fought, I Won

I Lived, I Fought, I Won was written to inspire and help bring clarity of life's challenging experiences, to others. It will talk about real-life issues that plague many people every day. To be more specific, it will provide different situations that most people go through. It will discuss the hurt,... Read More

Dionysus Refined

What is the meaning of life? Jenny and Craig Chaise, along with a close friend, Debbie-Sue, own a candle and wine company, Dionysus Refined, creating a candle line that is unique to their business. Craig is a police officer.

The couple and close friends involve themselves in the world of hors... Read More

Such a Journey

Dorothy takes us on an epic journey of a small-town girl persevering through various trials and tribulations to achieve God's purpose in her life. After surviving a broken home; physical, mental, and verbal abuse; divorce; death of her children; and near-death experiences, the pastor reveals how she... Read More

Explosive Forces

Talk about bringing your work home with you! Detective Lisa Anderson not only is given the case of finding out who holds the contract on Alex's life but she's also given the assignment of using her home as a safe house for him until these people are found. She's protected herself against involvement... Read More

Justice for Ashton

D. J. Douglas...owner of D. J.'s Bail Bonds... along with her crack Team of Fugitive Investigators, AKA Bounty Hunters, pull out all the stops to locate and apprehend their fugitives...their "bail jumpers!" This adventure has them trekking all over California and into Europe. But, first, they have t... Read More

I Keep On Following Grandma

I would follow my grandma everywhere. Our trip into the field to gather Guinee eggs was more than we expected.I was born in the city of East St. Louis, I'll. We only had a dog and cat. I loved to visit my grandma and grandpa in Canton Ms. Farm life was exciting with all kinds of animals. There were ... Read More

Uncle Santa & the Magic Hot Chocolate

The adventures of Uncle Santa and the magic hot chocolate continue as seven children compete in the Christmas Cookie Contest.Mrs. Claus reminds Jill and Andy, "It doesn't matter if you win or lose. What matters most is that you tried your best and you had a good time."Each child presents their cooki... Read More

Broken Pieces

The main character of this book is about an African-American, divorced, single mom who grew up in South Carolina. The area where she grew up on was a back country road named McCutheon road. She grew up in the home with two loving parents filled with love and joy. She is the baby sister out of all he... Read More

Ways a Relationship Rises

We all want to experience a love beyond our wildest dreams, but what happens when your partner fails to meet your expectations?How can you finally receive the love your heart longs for?In Ways a Relationship Rises (WARR): a Fresh Perspective on Life, Love, and Relationships!, Taveuan Williams tackle... Read More

The Guardians of Color

An inner-city teenager named Manuel Beakum also known as Man-yo finds an ancient power source. Man-yo is chosen by the ancient power source to save multiple dimensions from being destroyed by evil beings from the first dimension. Man-yo meets one of the evil beings named Geriss. A battle between Ger... Read More

Lonely Road Summer Roadtrips in the Time of Covid 19

"That's it, I've had enough! Pack your bag, we're hitting the road." Just about three months in, and no one is quite sure how to navigate a modern-day pandemic. Memorial Day was approaching, and the governor had plans to close down our beaches and parks. Mjay's company was furloughing people for a w... Read More

Confessions of a Covid 19 Survivor

Confessions of a COVID-19 Survivor is written by Mildred L. Norwood-Fisher. It is the heartfelt story of the pain, suffering, fear, and anxiety that overwhelmed her when she found herself suddenly cast into the excruciating valley of COVID-19. While passing through the valley, she was overwhelmed... Read More

Caged Bird Syndrome

Caged Bird Syndrome: Life after LIFE is the first of several series featuring a collective work of original mixed media fine art and poetry by Dexter Bernard Lewis Jr., also known as the artist RuBelluz El'Don. The title Caged Bird Syndrome is an allegorical representation of the soul of man confine... Read More

The Romantic Spirit

In a time of political and social turmoil, literature and Nature can help to provide a calming influence. Poems and essays about Nature, which are characteristic of the Romantic period of literature, can serve as an antidote against violence, both in real life and in the entertainment world of movie... Read More

Stories from Scowtown

Stories FROM Scowtown is a collection of short stories about our life on our floating home and the community of personalities who lived there. Our little enclave of floating homes attracted an assortment of folks, from artists to athletes to teachers and retirees. The homes were a collection of swee... Read More

Biography of Beverly Queen

I, Beverly Queen, was born and raised in Baltimore City at Providence Hospital in West Baltimore. This is my first book, but it will not be my only book. I have more to come in the future. This documentary is a twenty-year accomplishment that was written over the course of my life. The book is based... Read More

Rainbows Are God's Way of Saying "I Love You" And Other Reflections of a Wandering Soul

Rainbows Are God's Way of Saying "I Love You," And Other Reflections of a Wandering Soul - a heartwarming collection of original self quotes by Rita Janice Sall - is a unique study of the human spirit and the world that surrounds us. Based on all of life's experiences as seen through the heart, soul... Read More

Fin Galloway

Fin Galloway loves comic books, maybe a little too much. He's fifteen now and far too old to be bewitched by childish fantasies. He must grow up and face the real world.But what if the whole wide world was one big comic book? What if he was the hero?What if one wish could bring all his dreams to lif... Read More

Christmas Fantasy Lane

It all started with a writing assignment...Christmas Fantasy Lane introduces us to the bright and inquisitive Barry, a young boy who's transported to a fantastic world he didn't even realize existed until that fateful day when his teacher told his class to write about their favorite place. Before yo... Read More

The Flywheel of Life and Leadership

This book is for those who want a comprehensive approach to both life and leadership. It highlights key principles and practices to deal with the hectic, interconnected, and demanding world we live in.The first principle is seeking balance. Pursuit of a professional career at the expense of everythi... Read More

The Way It Was

This book is a subjective and objective composite of life in a Brooklyn, New York, neighborhood (Cypress Hills) during the time period from 1950 to 1960.... Read More

Oh No! What Am I Going to Wear Today?

This story features a young girl who needs help choosing her outfit of the day. The task becomes a little more challenging than she anticipates because she's quite a picky person. Her little friends race in to help and inspire her outfit choice. Will they be able to live up to the challenge?... Read More

The Engerny Thing

The children were told at school that the universe began with a big bang and that it is still expanding. They had all kinds of worries and questions about what was going to happen.It was the family night, and the children were allowed to ask any questions they wanted to ask. Any question at all abou... Read More

Cages or Wings, Poems from Life's Journey

Cages or Wings is a collection of poetry, derived from life's journey through childhood, sexual abuse, grief, love, and loss of self.

Deeply personal, intentionally raw, Cages or Wings shows that life can push us to our breaking point and yet can free us at the same time.

Read More

Walk Away

Richard Hancock, aged five, is blamed by his mother, Judith, for the drowning death of his baby brother, Franklin, aged two. Richard's Father, Milton, spends a lifetime trying to convince Richard that Franklin's death was an accident. Richard is torn, struggling through his life with tremendous guil... Read More

Everyday Devotion

In our world today, man has been running tirelessly in pursuit of material happiness, monetary gain, good health and well-being. However, the pursuit of happiness without the Word of God does not lead to a fulfilled life.God has revealed Himself completely, as well as His eternal plan through His WO... Read More

Timmy Goes to School

In this book, we meet Timmy in his debut adventure of the value of friendship and bravery as he starts school for the first time ever!... Read More

Romeo 1-1

Jim McGinnis is a former outside sales professional and retired after forty-three years in the pharmaceutical industry. He served with the 196th Light Infantry Brigade from 1965 through 1967, being deployed in South Vietnam from July 1966 to July 1967 as a senior scout observer in the Reconnaissance... Read More

Billy and Mister Crowe

Billy Doyle, a twelve-year-old boy, is caught in a horrible life in the middle of the 1930s Great Depression. Billy's parents take him to his aunt and uncle to live on a farm in a secluded community in rural Ohio. His aunt and uncle offer love and respect to Billy. He meets a special man through the... Read More

Sonny's Adventures

Sonny the Puppy Dog is waiting for his best friend Little Duke to show up. Little Duke lives in the north and comes and visits his grandparents every summer. Little Duke's grandpa and grandma are the owner of Sonny the Puppy Dog. But because Little Duke calls them Grandpa and Grandma, so does Sonny ... Read More

The Zombie Philosopher

Richard J. Wagner's debut novella is a fast paced philosophical dialog between a man in the future named Edward and his robot valet, Brent. Edward teaches Brent to cook, play chess and play tennis as Brent inspires Edward to think deeply about what it means to be a human. In the process, Brent devel... Read More

The Cemetery

The Hardings were extremely happy with their recent move to Granite. The quiet country farmhouse was everything they had hoped for, but it held a dark secret. As Halloween approached, local ghost stories begin manifesting themselves into real-life nightmares. An abandoned cemetery had a long history... Read More


The natives of the island of Oagoo had been a stagnant society until a few ambitious tribe members began expanding their world. Being islanders, they naturally became seafarers, moving from dugouts to hide boats and evermore efficient vessels. Their wandering brought them into contact with new miner... Read More

Escape into Fantasies

The title is inspired by the author's experiences in life and how she wanted to escape into a world of fantasy. Fantasy, in the opinion of the author, is a highly functioning imagination which includes extremely vivid pictures. In such a fantasy, the imagination can run wild to the point where the m... Read More

The Grumpy Wumpus

Princess Sourpop has been kidnapped by the mean old Grumpy Wumpus. Buddy and Aspen must hurry to rescue her. But is the Grumpy Wumpus really as bad as he seems?... Read More

How to Stay Healthy During-After the Covid-19 Pandemic

The purpose of the book How to Stay Healthy During/After COVID-19 Pandemic? is to help people boost their immune system with food medicine, herbal medicine, over-the-counter medicine, massage therapy, aromatherapy, exercise, etc.In this book, I focus on introducing preventive health maintenance meth... Read More

Whimsical Worldly Wonders

From the author of Whimsical Worldly Wonders comes an anthology of poems that provide lyrical rhythm and rhyme and evokes the imagination and wonder of childhood memories. It brings together a collection of a child's interaction with the natural world; spent running across an open meadow, days fishi... Read More

The One Room Schoolhouse

The One-Room Schoolhouse is a story of a community that had a thirst for knowledge because they understood that knowledge is power. However, in order to be empowered, they needed to learn how to read and write. Thus, the one-room schoolhouse was born.... Read More


Take a look at the authors life through the cocoon of multiple sclerosis. Laugh with her, cry with her, and in the end see how she Triumphs with a positive attitude.... Read More

Julie's Big Day

Wondering WHATEVER could her parents want when they called her into the kitchen, Julie sat down and with a quizzical look asked "What IS IT?" Her parents with smiles on their faces and sparkles in their eyes, exclaimed "JULIE, Daddy and I were wondering what you would like for your SIXTH birthday..... Read More

Zheph Skyre

Zheph Skyre is an inventor who is trapped in a city walled up from the rest of the world. Most people here believe that Zheph is a devil-worshipper based on his gadgets and appearance. Many believe he is a criminal. Few understand who he truly is, and one particular individual wants to use him for h... Read More

Joyful Noises and Playball!

As my friends will attest, I enjoy telling stories. Over the years, the more patient ones have endured the predictable progression of telling more and more often. For me, it becomes increasingly difficult to remember to whom I have told which stories, but I try as best I can not to be redundant. Thi... Read More

The Dusty Water

The children learn about water quality, what can be a problem, and what may not be a problem. They witness the care of fish eggs by the mother fish and the emergence of baby fish. They learn the value of keeping the environment natural. They run tests of their own to see how long it takes for very s... Read More

Chasing Ships

Anticipation of adventure pushes a young man to head to sea to work on ships. This narrative describes the process of pursuing a seagoing position, chronologizing over three decades of his career and of running the latitudes and longitudes around the world. Sailing on a large spectrum of vessels, in... Read More

Tyler and the Kingdom of Nyginia

Tyler is having a sleepless night, indeed. However, things really get wild when he meets another Long Eared Lup Lup named Arianna from the far-off land of Nyginia. The two of them embark on a quest to find the magical jewel, the Eye of Peace, and save all of Nyginia from the evil wizard, Master F... Read More

Welcome to Suko

Suko - A puzzle patterned after Sudoku with nearly the same rules but with a little added spice--simple addition challenges. Suko is sure to charge up your neurons and get your synapses snapping. Very popular in the United Kingdom, it is now finding a following in the United States. If you're a fan ... Read More

The Journey of Neel Alexander Peacock

Neel Alexander is, well, unique. From the day he hatched, he hasn't been what anyone expected him to be at all. That makes him feel awful. His friends try to tell him that he is perfect the way he is, but he can't see his true colors. A new park attendant changes that for him. Actually, she changes ... Read More

Tighter Wind the Giant Coils

How do Jacksonville homicide detectives determine the killer of the city's most prominent cardiothoracic surgeon when it turns out, surprisingly, nearly everyone associated with the doctor is a sociopath?

It's 1995, and superficially, Dr. Mason Cooper would appear to have it all--a b... Read More

The Unknown Crime of the Century

A. C. Doyle is a retired engineer and, having graduated from Rensselaer and being employed for more than forty years by major government contractors in the fields of nuclear energy and nuclear submarines, is therefore well qualified to perform the analysis of the election. However, this book also re... Read More

Through Her Eyes

With a backdrop of war and peace, this book will take you from the 1920s through the 1970s. In the middle of the Great Depression and the rebirth of a nation, the love story of Florence and Frank unfolds and carries the reader with it in both America and Europe.Follow Florence as she goes from the c... Read More

Bella's Adventure

This book is about finding courage and inspiration. Children will fall in love with Bella and her new friends as she ventures out into the world. My granddaughter, Cristina's, illustrations brings to life Bella's Adventure.Bella's Adventure is a book every child therapist should have on their shelf.... Read More


Arthur Davis and his old hunting buddy, Henry, embark on a hunt that trumps all other hunts prior. The cold and snowy Altai Mountains of Mongolia prove troubling as they chase the infamous and deadly cat Arthur has named Gushvin. With a dangerous and truly lethal cat on the loose, Arthur and Henry m... Read More

Riding the Crests of Murders

Private Detective Dick Diamond was contracted to find a mother's missing young daughter. His investigation developed into a case that involved local police, island county sheriff, FBI, CIA, DEA, Interpol, and the coast guard. It took all these agencies to get to the truth about a major international... Read More


Growing up was more of school of the hustlers than a childhood for Tatti. Watching her mother feed her drug addiction and trying to provide for her three children was havoc. Then came Tatti's mother's death, which is unbearable for any ten-year-old child. Not having a strong family foundation, Tatti... Read More

Daily Reflections

Are there days when you don't feel like you can make it? Do you look at the news and things going on around you and feel anger or depression?You need to know that GOD has placed a Warrior spirit down inside you. No matter what is going on in the world, you are more than a conqueror through your fa... Read More


I did not write this book to magnify any racial agenda. Rather, the purpose of my penmanship was to find a way to mend us. These invisible barriers have left us divided and conflicted, but my actions are truly altruistic. Because of my orientation, I can write about the experiences of a Black man. A... Read More

Screw Your Perception

Basically, Screw Your Perception is to remind us all that we are one. How is our ego getting in the way and stopping us from listening and accepting others just as they are? How can we learn to live in love and in relation with another? How can we learn and understand one another? What if we listene... Read More

Mac the Sock Welcome to Sock World

What happens when you wash your socks and one goes missing? Now we'll know the truth. Join Megan and Joseph as their mom tells them the story of what happened when a sock went through a magical window and entered into Sock World.With the help of a new friend, Mac begins his adventure in Sock World.S... Read More

The Fading of The Everglow

This is a tale of a brave knight named Amadan. He lives in a kingdom, once prosperous thanks to the power of the Everglow. The Everglow is a tree that is as mysterious as it is powerful, and using its power, the land has prospered, but one day, it begins to fade, forcing Amadan to leave his kingdom ... Read More

Gilded Rage

A story born within America's twentieth-century Gilded Age.High times for the outrageous superrich.A razzmatazz, anything-goes decade--the Roaring Twenties.Mansion owners drenched with slow-burning madness and murder.Terror abounds, lurking within the abandoned, old Gothic mansion resurrected in ear... Read More

A True Story Inspired by Niña Blanca La Santa Muerte

Now I am back in the city where I started on Kosciuszko Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn, but this time is for the glory!With celestial help and certain of success, I've seen the signs that led me to the light, and now I am delivering this message to the world.Now I respect all human beings that inhabit... Read More


It's lightning, not nightling! Or is it?Isabella is a fun, spunky girl full of imagination, but when the nightling pays a visit, she's quick to hide in a snippet!She has been afraid of thunderstorms since she could first open her eyes, especially when the big flash of lightning lights up her room in... Read More


This book is really for all of you thirteen to twenty-fives out there who are grappling with sexuality. It will help you to get your bearings on all the chaos that's happening inside and out, to understand it better, and to make you more comfortable in taking the clear (and pleasant) actions that tu... Read More

Storms of Faith

My name is Reckton Venator. I once had a different name, but I was a different man then. My new name Venator means "the hunter." What do I hunt? Creatures of evil and darkness, the beasts that have denied all that is good and true and now roam the shadows seeking the ruin of souls, the Mortu. I am t... Read More

Scared and On the Run

This story begins at a remove ranch in Montana, where three young siblings witness their father kill their mother. They escape in fear and begin a cross-country journey as their father tries to chase them down. The love the three siblings have for each other will amaze you! Each chapter has a new tw... Read More

Daisy and Erika Out on the Trail

The Daisy's Barn children's stories bring Daisy, the beautiful palomino mare, to life in her special way of teaching kids through her experiences and adventures.In this book, Daisy and Erika are going on a trail ride to see if they can find wildlife on the trails and in the woods. Erika finds lots o... Read More

The Christmas Unicorn Rescue

Enter the magical land of Eutopia, where unicorns exist and almost anything is possible. This enchanted tale of hope, imagination, bravery, and fun will have people of all ages entertained from start to finish. Mae, the unicorn, needs help and enlists a very special boy to save the day. Come enjoy t... Read More


Roger Lee, an apple grower from the mountains of West Virginia, decides to go on a day trip after the growing season ends. He ends up getting ensnared in a dystopian nightmare after being arrested by the national security police.... Read More

Reflections of a Champion

Gary Lee Brown walks you through his incredible life journey from Brentwood, New York, to winning a football championship on the world's greatest sports stage. However, his greatest battles would not end on the football field. Locking horns with paralysis and depression after his career helped lead ... Read More

The Devouring

The Devouring by Renie Tagliatela contains six slightly twisted tales of everyday events: after forty years, a son comes home to his family; two little boys are found at the bottom of a well, a county sheriff goes on the hunt to find who is responsible; a vengeful horse teaches his rider a valuable ... Read More

Autobiography Of A Failure

I wrote this book hoping that it might awaken somebody from the slumber of mischief and allow his or her possible assets to achieve their American dream, which I am still looking for.... Read More

Armor Up!

This book is about how the human race left Earth after it was no longer habitable. Assisted by a race of aliens, they complete a large "ark" spacecraft and flee to a planet found in the Andromeda Galaxy, which is named Anthem. After twenty-plus years in space, they arrive and begin rebuilding the hu... Read More

Buttercup and Dragonflies

Sam and Sissy are talking about finding the courage to learn how to ride a horse. Sissy is helping her understand how taking a deep breath helps. Deep breaths make oxygen flow through your body, which makes your blood flow better and helps you think clearer. Try to think of them as little breaths of... Read More

Nana's Summertime Treats

As far as my family can remember, from back in the early 1960s up to the present, most summers when school is out African American children are sent down South to stay with close family members, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, to learn how to work the fields or just for free child care. In thos... Read More

Oh Mom! I Can Read

Can Johnny Lee really read? Find out when you read about this first grader in Oh Mom! I Can Read.... Read More


Our beloved vampire Varick's quest to rebuild the human population in a world where the dead have become the dominant species has led him, and his recent companion, Henry, to an unassuming safe haven. As the two recuperate from the daily struggle to stay alive against the living and the dead, Varick... Read More

Modern Gothic

This book is a chronological anthology detailing the origins of the supernatural.... Read More

Mommy's Blue Stilettos

Have your siblings ever told you a story that seems a little far-fetched? Reese is about to embark on the truth that lies behind her sister Claire's story of their mommy's magic shoe closet! Slip on your stilettos and get ready for a fun adventure with Reese as she tests the magic for herself.... Read More


When Kane walked into the diner to get his breakfast before a meeting, little did he know that the little spitfire of a lady that seemed so nice in the diner was one that was not to be reckoned with.Kat had no idea that the man that she met in her favorite diner that morning would change her life fo... Read More

River of Sorrows

The true story of the Vietnam War in 1967, as seen through one man's experiences with River Assault Squadron 11. The training, a flight, battles, and much more. Operations in the Mekong Delta.... Read More

Rosie's Red Nose

In 2014, I wrote this story to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the most famous reindeer ever to lead Santa's sleigh. It is a delightful story that includes technological advances relevant to today's society with a blend of humor. It also puts a focus on evolving social attitudes about equali... Read More

The Marriage Pill

The birds and the bees is supposedly the story of what sex and love is all about, and the speech of all its meanings and lure are presumed to be delivered by mother/father/both or that adult in your life well before any such dealings. Well, now, readers, raise your hand up high if you ever got that ... Read More

Inside Out

They thought they'd conquered him, thought they'd put him out of commission, thought they were rid of him forever. Him, the most diabolical criminal mind the world has ever known. Him, the serial killer who made all those before him look like choirboys. Well, they were wrong. All of them. Far from b... Read More

Wait for Luna Raye

Luna Raye is a sloth in the Amazon rain forest who spends her days watching the other animals play on the forest floor. She longs to join them but feels that she is too slow to be able to share in their fun.One day, her friends Mitzi the Marmoset and Sosie the Squirrel Monkey talk her into coming do... Read More

Cowboy's Big Dream

Cowboy's Big Dream is a true tale about a puppy being conditioned and trained to learn the skills necessary to become a service dog and positively change a disabled veteran's life. It sheds light on the process through the dog's eyes and intends to capture the transition of the puppy's first year of... Read More

Abandoned Words Between Pages

Abandoned Words Between Pages is a visual word and image journey combined together to create the poignant yet sometimes bittersweet memories of life. While life is full of love, joy, and happiness, it is also sometimes filled with pain, sadness, and heartache. The writings in this book will touch on... Read More

Page Publishing Poetry Anthology Volume 8

Volume eight of the Page Publishing Poetry Anthology Series presents the work of contemporary poets Margie Lee Blackmer, Dr. Rachel Zohar Dulin, Gina Douglas, Taylor Johnston, Albert Thompson, Courtney Ray Mitchell, Brandon Penrod, Crystal L. Goss, Russell Conwell Walker Jr., and Shakara Smith-Curry... Read More

Page Publishing Poetry Anthology Volume 8

Volume eight of the Page Publishing Poetry Anthology Series presents the work of contemporary poets Margie Lee Blackmer, Dr. Rachel Zohar Dulin, Gina Douglas, Taylor Johnston, Albert Thompson, Courtney Ray Mitchell, Brandon Penrod, Crystal L. Goss, Russell Conwell Walker Jr., and Shakara Smith-Curry... Read More

Page Publishing Poetry Anthology Volume 8

Volume eight of the Page Publishing Poetry Anthology Series presents the work of contemporary poets Margie Lee Blackmer, Dr. Rachel Zohar Dulin, Gina Douglas, Taylor Johnston, Albert Thompson, Courtney Ray Mitchell, Brandon Penrod, Crystal L. Goss, Russell Conwell Walker Jr., and Shakara Smith-Curry... Read More

Page Publishing Poetry Anthology Volume 8

Volume eight of the Page Publishing Poetry Anthology Series presents the work of contemporary poets Margie Lee Blackmer, Dr. Rachel Zohar Dulin, Gina Douglas, Taylor Johnston, Albert Thompson, Courtney Ray Mitchell, Brandon Penrod, Crystal L. Goss, Russell Conwell Walker Jr., and Shakara Smith-Curry... Read More

Page Publishing Poetry Anthology Volume 8

Volume eight of the Page Publishing Poetry Anthology Series presents the work of contemporary poets Margie Lee Blackmer, Dr. Rachel Zohar Dulin, Gina Douglas, Taylor Johnston, Albert Thompson, Courtney Ray Mitchell, Brandon Penrod, Crystal L. Goss, Russell Conwell Walker Jr., and Shakara Smith-Curry... Read More

Page Publishing Poetry Anthology Volume 8

Volume eight of the Page Publishing Poetry Anthology Series presents the work of contemporary poets Margie Lee Blackmer, Dr. Rachel Zohar Dulin, Gina Douglas, Taylor Johnston, Albert Thompson, Courtney Ray Mitchell, Brandon Penrod, Crystal L. Goss, Russell Conwell Walker Jr., and Shakara Smith-Curry... Read More

Page Publishing Poetry Anthology Volume 8

Volume eight of the Page Publishing Poetry Anthology Series presents the work of contemporary poets Margie Lee Blackmer, Dr. Rachel Zohar Dulin, Gina Douglas, Taylor Johnston, Albert Thompson, Courtney Ray Mitchell, Brandon Penrod, Crystal L. Goss, Russell Conwell Walker Jr., and Shakara Smith-Curry... Read More

Page Publishing Poetry Anthology Volume 8

Volume eight of the Page Publishing Poetry Anthology Series presents the work of contemporary poets Margie Lee Blackmer, Dr. Rachel Zohar Dulin, Gina Douglas, Taylor Johnston, Albert Thompson, Courtney Ray Mitchell, Brandon Penrod, Crystal L. Goss, Russell Conwell Walker Jr., and Shakara Smith-Curry... Read More

Page Publishing Poetry Anthology Volume 8

Volume eight of the Page Publishing Poetry Anthology Series presents the work of contemporary poets Margie Lee Blackmer, Dr. Rachel Zohar Dulin, Gina Douglas, Taylor Johnston, Albert Thompson, Courtney Ray Mitchell, Brandon Penrod, Crystal L. Goss, Russell Conwell Walker Jr., and Shakara Smith-Curry... Read More

The Adventures of Iki and Kainoa

In book 1 of The Adventures of Iki and Kainoa, our protagonist Iki (a small but mighty Welsh corgi) and her little brother Kainoa (a ninety-pound German shepherd) and their furry and feathered siblings get into all sorts of trouble around the house. With an opera singer for a mom, life is always int... Read More

Little Whisperer and the Butterfly

In a very special place, under a very funny looking tree, there lives a very tiny Dream Fairy.Her name is Little Whisper.She sleeps on a bed of soft moss under a big Leaf in the Land of Dreamy Dreams.When she woke up on this day, it seemed just like a regular day. She stretched out her little arms a... Read More

My Rhyming Poetry Scroll

My Rhyming Poetry Scroll, from start to finish as it does unroll, shows my poems in their variety, all in order chronologically, from when I was age twenty-seven to about sixty, from days of mental stability through bipolarism (manic-depression) back to mental stability. I hope on you it makes a goo... Read More

I'm Still Here

This author has been through the valley of the shadow of death. When I chose to use illegal drugs, I lost. I lost my whole family to drugs, except for my dad. I lost my jobs, my marriages, my children; I lost two brothers (from drug overdoses and alcohol poisoning), and my mom died of transverse mye... Read More

Darby Meets Tall Town

Darby Meets Tall Town takes Darby and his new friend, Shyrka, on another fun adventure. Down the Trail of the Willows, through the B'lack Forest, and across the meadow is Tall Town, Shyrka's home. While out gathering pine berries for Darby's mother, Shyrka and Darby talk about helping others as chie... Read More

Tickle Bee, Come Save Me

This is about two children scared of noises and monsters in the dark and the tickle bee coming to save them.... Read More

Maddy and Grace at the Racetrack

Maddy and Grace at the Racetrack

A sequel to

Maddy's Dream

In Maddy and Grace at the Racetrack, Maddy and Grace come in contact with a big workhorse. His job is to pull a heavy hay wagon to feed the fastest racehorses at the track. This adventure turns out to be ... Read More

A Small Town’s Legacies

A Small Town's Legacies takes the reader on an historical journey that begins in the 1700s with early settlers building homesteads in the swampy wilderness of Northwest Pennsylvania. Their experiences of hardships, ingenuity, and bravery enabled these stalwart people to survive and create a thriving... Read More

Substitutes Stink Sometimes

Michael's world was about to crash as he learns that he is going to have an extended substitute teacher. He does not like change! He absolutely adores his homeroom teacher, Mrs. Graham, and will now have to deal with continuous changes with Mrs. Snelling. Will he adapt, or will he struggle?... Read More

In the Shadows of the Ghost People

The Florida Keys are so coveted for its beauty, and the tourists seem to flock to its small island paradise, giving them a transit feel for the people going in and out of the area.Marathon, Florida, is a small island town located midway down the chain of islands housed a dark and dangerous secret in... Read More

Ruby and Adora

Ruby and Adora is a bilingual story and activity book about the first day of school for a little girl who has moved to a new military duty station with her parents. Like many children, Ruby is excited and also a little nervous about going to a new school. She is concerned if she will make any friend... Read More

Unlike No Other

Book 1 is a series of stories of my company-grade years beginning with learning to be a Marine Corps officer, then naval aviator. My first squadron experiences include learning to fly the first Marine Corps CH-53, being deployed overseas to Vietnam for my first of three combat tours, which are all d... Read More

Out of the Shoebox

Out of the Shoebox is an incredible mystery based on real events unfolding around memories of an aging American veteran that occurred during WWII. This twofold story line, full of twists and turns, set against a wartime backdrop in Great Britain, is now being disclosed after the turn of the century ... Read More

The Cost of Becoming "Woke"

Merriam-Webster defines woke as being "aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues [especially issues of racial and social justice]."

The Urban Dictionary defines woke as "the act of being very pretentious, attempting to impress by affecting greater importance or merit than ... Read More

Living Between the Lines

They were a house of Saps, six in all with Momma and Poppa Sap, managing the family circus. He wasn't always known as supersonic Sap, but he soon learned what he was capable of achieving. The world around him changed, and so did his name. He got busy, Living Between the Lines.... Read More

Page Publishing Poetry Anthology Volume 8

Volume eight of the Page Publishing Poetry Anthology Series presents the work of contemporary poets Margie Lee Blackmer, Dr. Rachel Zohar Dulin, Gina Douglas, Taylor Johnston, Albert Thompson, Courtney Ray Mitchell, Brandon Penrod, Crystal L. Goss, Russell Conwell Walker Jr., and Shakara Smith-Curry... Read More

Gabby Raccoon

This little storybook takes you back to a place and time when life was more laid back, but yet life is very exciting for a little raccoon named Gabby. Now, as you read you will see that Gabby is taught right from wrong and he also knows it is always best to tell the truth. But soon you will see t... Read More

Covid Covid Go Away, Busy MiMi Wants To Play

Seven-year-old MiMi was called Busy MiMi because she and her friends were always very busy, living their very best lives until sadly the coronavirus came and caused their very active and fun lives to be completely changed from the beautiful way they liked it. Busy MiMi felt that she had to do ... Read More

The Eye and Covid-19 Simplified for Kids

The Eye and COVID-19 Simplified for Kids: Animated is an educative, simplified children's book on a burning topic of public health importance (COVID-19) that addresses the cause, presentation, course, and effect of COVID-19 on the eyes. The book has views that soften the hard yet important top... Read More

Communicating Science and Managing the Coronavirus Pandemic

After listening to an abundance of misinformation about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and its variants, Dr. Marchesani decided to write this book. Statements such as, "We all know," followed by incorrect or misleading information is frustrating. The statement implies that the information to follow is k... Read More


Dr. Johnny Conrad, astrophysicist and radio telescope astronomer, stumbles upon a strange signal from deep space. This unique communication eventually leads him and his fellow scientists into an all-out battle for space superiority and the survival of the aliens, humans, and Earth itself. A... Read More


The adventure continues with Mor-Dok Volume II: Maelstrom! Russian astronomers-turned-cosmonauts join forces with a mad scientist, oligarch, and sworn enemy to blast off aboard the Black Raven in search of the Mor-Dok. The newly assembled US space crew has been eagerly preparing to launch the Mic... Read More

A Promise To Keep

MinnieFrazier had an evening of funAnd excitement at Martha'sWedding at Antoines MaitlandItalian restaurant. The sceneOf her mother wedding. In aPrivate conversation she wasIssued a heart breaking teardropping assignment Alice plea to help her remember noNo I don't remember a thingfrom infancy... Read More


Consequences follow actions. Actions determine worthiness. Worthiness costs more than believed. When 118-year-old warrior Aurora is banished to Earth from her home world--the Gold Planet of Andorra--she loses her powerful sword and Special Power (the ability to control fire). On Earth, Aurora fin... Read More

Cognitive Liberty

Mankind is at a crossroads. Our social systems are breaking down because we've lost touch with our ecological position in the natural world. We've become utterly distracted by the fast-paced demands of daily life to the point where we've lost track of who we are. We've forgotten how to work as a ... Read More

Middle Ground

The mundane and sublime (and all points between) are the sources of the poetic insights Thomas Matthews presents to his readers. Middle Ground is a collection of poems written in a voice that gives rise to a balanced and grounded point of view. This book was written with the aim that the poems would... Read More

100 Ways to Understand and Say No to Badness

To do good things requires knowing yourself and at least something about others. These are both substantial activities and experiences in life. It takes learning (sometimes unlearning) and also to know there is pacing as to how these things can and do happen. It is not intended to primarily as... Read More

From the Other Side of the Bed

For the first time in my life, I had to fight for it. COVID attacked me, my family, and the world. Being a trauma nurse in the emergency department, I often find myself (as do all of my coworkers) meeting people on the worst day of their lives. Now for the first time, I started meeting people dur... Read More

The Adventures of Emina

The Adventures of Emina is the product of over twenty years work on issues of advocacy for girls, women, and all youths. The issues of girl education have been at the center of cultural, religious, and socio-economic controversy both locally and internationally. From the need to empower girls ... Read More

Guardian Angels

True, amazing stories from the owner of a home care company in New England on life--its purpose and proof of divine intervention. Stories of families in crisis and the incredible turn of events. Inside, you will read how the divine shows life the sign of an afterlife. You will read about the life... Read More

Throw the Dog a Bone

My name, the author, is Delores Young. I wrote this book, Throw the Dog a Bone. My imagination was inspired by the Irish holiday St. Patrick's Day. I named the leprechaun St. Patrick, and that's when the book became magical. A leprechaun wouldn't be a leprechaun without magical powers.It all star... Read More

When Gracie Girl Goat Met Greggy

Gracie Girl Goat and Greggy are pygmy goats that live on a small farm in Missouri with other goats, cows, dogs, and cats. This is a story about their adventures and their happy lives with the other animals on the farm.

... Read More

Forever and Always, My Love

What will Renee do now after being forced to leave the love of her life behind, not to mention her entire life? She's lost without anyone to seek comfort in and has no idea where to go! Where will this new journey into the unknown carry her to? Join her on this new adventure to find out just w... Read More

The Spinning of Moss

The Spinning of Moss, a modest volume of tight, often haiku-ese renditions, was inspired by frequent walks along Mossy Oak Drive, insight and memorabilia, daily observations, random, yet at times, silly thoughts; and includes words of inspiration, hope, and joy. A hodgepodge of selections with a ... Read More

The Gift of You

The Gift of You is a poetic journey that shows adopted and all children how loved they are by their parents.

... Read More

A Home Gamer's Guide to Financial Independence

This book is dedicated to the education of the home gamer, an amateur stock market investor/trader who buys and sells individual common stocks through online brokers such as Fidelity, Schwab, and others. The focus is on helping you make the important decisions required to successfully select, buy... Read More

Baby Girl "A"

Baby Girl "A": A Memoir of a Miracle Child is a glimpse into the miraculous birth and life of Laura Banyon. It was a birth that likely should not have taken place due to a horrific accident her mother endured while Laura was in still in the womb. Laura has had many struggles in life, both emotion... Read More

Always Remembered, Never Forgotten

In his effort of further stressing the need for today's law enforcement, the author of Rocks and Bottles has continued in the same vein by writing Always Remembered, Never Forgotten. It is a compilation of situations that he and other officers faced while working in law enforcement over a period ... Read More

Managing Inherent Technical Isolation

In the current business environment, many companies consciously or subconsciously practice a culture of inherent technical isolation (ITI). ITI exists when businesses and IT leaders in particular consistently provide preferential treatment to team members in their organizations on the basis of te... Read More

My Diary of Poetry

My Diary of Poetry book is a mixture of rhyme and rhythms that vary from trust, reality, imagination, habits, and life. It describes talent, danger, nature, and promises are included. The poems bring about survival, hope, embracing fear, and most of all, they encourage the changes. They are fun, mag... Read More

The Twisted Rose

Being recently promoted to full-time member at the Home Office was a highlight for Lord Edgar Cortland, but it was quickly overshadowed by a series of missions that first sent Lord Blakely off to America after a kidnapping, then Lord Davenport to identify the imposter that was now the spy, B. Edg... Read More

Ghost of the Castle

The Ghost of the Castle refers to communication between people. Often when people see ghosts, they cannot hear them. Like how people often see a situation but cannot hear the other person's thoughts over their own.As well as the fact that often our misunderstandings lead us to feeling like ghosts... Read More

A Few Thoughts About Bullying for My Little Friends Everywhere

Teaching school briefly and as a tutor, I noticed that children have more energy for their interactions with each other than for learning! In order to get their attention on academics, I had to get them the right relationship with each other! The time it took to do this was worth every seco... Read More

Sailing Adventures of Mac Brown

Sailing Adventures of Mac Brown is a grouping of short stories about Mac's adventures in and around the creek near his home in Stony Brook, NY. In these stories, Mac heads out into Long Island Sound on a small Sailfish sailboat but forgot to tell his mother he was going! Mac buys his first boa... Read More

The Battle for Coreveth

Coreveth was a beautiful country and home to a variety of nonhuman creatures: elves, ogres, dwarves, and the like. Until one day, four human fishermen stumbled upon it and turned that world upside down. They brought into the country more of their kind by the shiploads and built four kingdoms, app... Read More

Fallen from Grace

In Fallen from Grace, Tyrone, a highly esteemed pastor and avid worker in the church, has found himself in a compromising position that has landed himself in a jail cell and his wife Shanice in hospital fighting for her life because she has endured physical and emotional pain. Tyrone was raised in c... Read More

The Life of a DL Preacher

In writing this book The Life of a DL Preacher, for so many years I often wonder why not just be free! The funny part of writing this book is that people are already tripping why you are telling all your business. LOL. That's the funniest part because they have already talked about me without knowin... Read More

Our Patriotic Nightmare

Our country was founded by the people, for the people, yet the people have no say so in how the country is run. We put our lives in the hands of complete strangers. We are more divided than ever. Someone has to try to unite everyone. Not just one type of person but all Americans that are here now an... Read More

The Bitches that Brunch with Cap n' Crunch

The possibilities of friendships are endless, and friends that are true and authentic toward one another last the test of time. Friendships are the pearls which we string together as our lives move forward. If we are lucky, these friendships teach us things that only they can. Some call it karma.... Read More

Friendly Forest

"Friendly Forest" is a story that follows a little bunny named Billy who finds himself thrust

into the greatest adventure of his young life.

Things start off in the worst way possible for our little bunny. He immediately finds himself

in a challenging situation and will need... Read More

Galactic Renaissance

Two separate factions had been formed--the Republican Empire and the Federal Order. A vision has been foretold by a Sirvan Lord, one of the Galactic Legends, during his sleep regarding his own descendant from the future. Thousands of years later, the descendant was born. He lived an unfair life. ... Read More

My Walk with God

It was about two years ago when the Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me to write this book and title it My Walk with God. This is my personal testimony about my life in Christ. I was reluctant to do so because of my age (at the time, I was eighty-seven years old in the year of 2019). Another blessin... Read More

The Land of the Forgotten Mermaids

Come along and see mermaids with different abilities in this tale about inclusion of disabilities.See what makes each one rare and unique, as differences are celebrated in this unique story of mermaids in The Land of the Forgotten Mermaids.

... Read More

I Can Dream, Can't I?

Enter the fantasy world with dreams like visiting jungle animals on the back of an elephant, worldwide flood, singing mocking birds, a lucky gingerbread man, tap-dancing here and there, exploring a cave for diamonds and gold, four kitties dancing and singing, jumping your way to school, invasion ... Read More

Animals of the Alphabet

The alphabet is seen through many eyes every day but in different ways. Many people do not understand the meaning of autism or children on the autism spectrum. This book was designed to show children pictures of different animals that are unique in their own way, like a bird with an umbrella on t... Read More

The Dancing

Moira was a girl born in the aftermath of war long before her time. Born to love and knowing hope, she could not imagine leaving home. Except life does not care about what she wants, and a choice had to be made.She chooses and must go together with the king of her enemies and his own to save thei... Read More

The Hunter's Daughter

A series of ghastly murders are rocking the small resort town of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Detective James Wolfe struggles to stop a brutal killer while battling small-town prejudice and intolerance. The murder victims in each instance are attorneys and other members of local law enforcement. When Wo... Read More

Night Crawlers

Do you know what night crawlers are? They make great bait for fishermen who are not squeamish about dirty hands.This story begins when two boys, age thirteen, decide to earn a little money selling worms to a bait shop and are once again together on the thirtieth anniversary of a life-changing discov... Read More

I Fell in Love with Another Woman's Man

In Regina's book, I Fell in Love with Another Woman's Man, she gives you love, drama, and even the sexy. This is her life story and she gives you the truth, no chaser. Ladies get ready to sip some tea and whatever you do, make sure you're sitting down for this one. Regina gives you a glimpse of h... Read More

Alchemy of the Human Experience

Man is less significant than he thinks he is and, at the same time, more important than he can possibly imagine. Alchemy is the process of changing the ordinary into something extraordinary. The purpose of mortality or human existence has nothing to do with the accumulation of "things" that rust ... Read More

Silencing the Drums

Filled with as much humor as heartache, Silencing the Drums by Tom Shipley is a stunning example of what historical fiction does when it is done well. Perfectly pitched and perfectly poised, this debut educates readers on life in Southern Virginia after the Second World War and proves the stompin... Read More

Cricket's Song

This book is written to bring attention to the wonder of the life around us as we live our days throughout the seasons starting and ending with summer.... Read More

Cruising in My Little Red Car

There is something special about reading a children's book written by his loving grandmother! Through real-life adventures, read all the episodes and learn about character values of importance in our modern world and the challenges our children face every day. Amid Micah's real-life journeys, the... Read More

On The Cutting Edge of The Frontiers of Electrical, Mechanical and Security Engineering Technology

There are two primary goals that this book wishes to achieve; 1) Reliability through redundancy of design that is not dependent upon the capability of the rest of the system, and 2) the maximum security achievable for our highly classified facilities that we are dependent upon for our survival. I... Read More

Pieces of Eight

This is the story of a once renowned attorney reconstituting himself after the excessive success, alcohol, and countless affairs left him in a ditch. Now, he no longer drinks. He had enough successful cases to reestablish himself and is asked to handle a personal injury case by a friend, altho... Read More

Breaking the Yoke

Breaking the Yoke: The Unruly Mind is a thought-provoking, Bible-oriented book that exposes lawless thinking and how to overcome them with godly principles and weapons of war. It intertwines both a biblical and a psychological perspective. Readers are expected to gain a deeper understanding of the c... Read More

Kira and Kashi

Ace Kedsin is just an ordinary teenage boy living with his mom and brother, or is that just what he wants to believe? Ace is set to embark on a mythical journey through the land of Murag where he wakes up in an unfamiliar body in an equally unfamiliar place. Ace soon discovers that the world is u... Read More

Our Journey by Faith

If you want a life-changing experience, live a life of faith. Hearing and reading stories about a life of faith can be inspiring and encouraging; but to experience it for yourself is a life changer.The sharing of events in our life is a testimony of what God has done in leading us in different wa... Read More

Daily Dose

Known but rarely said, advice is a part of almost every act we perform, every word we speak, and the thoughts we think. From birth, we have been given cliches or catchphrases to incline us to lean our way of mindset down a path carved out by what we hear.As we grow older, we find truth behind the... Read More

Maddy and Grace at the Haunted House

Maddy and Grace at the Haunted HouseA sequel toMaddy's DreamMaddy and Grace at the RacetrackMaddy and Grace meet the AlienMaddy and Grace solve the CrimeAt school, Maddy and Grace kept hearing stories about a haunted house near their neighborhood. They had to find this house and see if all the sc... Read More

Maddy's Dream

In Maddy's Dream, Maddy and Grace get involved in the world of dinosaurs. They are threatened by a mean and hungry T. rex who wants to devour them. They have to escape, and they get help from an unlikely friend. A baby brontosaurus dinosaur. Together they find out what it means to have a helping ... Read More

Maddy and Grace Meet the Alien

Maddy and Grace meet the AlienA sequel toMaddy's DreamMaddy and Grace at the RacetrackIn Maddy and Grace meet the Alien, the adventure starts with a sleepover, turning into an abduction to another world. They are introduced to new technology, strange creatures, and how humans are part of a univer... Read More

Maddy and Grace Solve the Crime

Maddy and Grace solve the CrimeA sequel toMaddy's DreamMaddy and Grace at the RacetrackMaddy and Grace meet the AlienA major crime has been committed in Maddy and Grace's neighborhood. They are determined to do some detective work to unravel this strange mystery. Maddy and Grace explore all the c... Read More


In the final book of the trilogy, Hans meets the brother of the man whose body he inhabits, William Cavutino. William learns who his brother really is, and the two men form a relationship as brothers. Hans and William's history is told, and a lasting bond is forged as the two men travel the world to... Read More

Love Forever on the Frontier

This book is based on the true life story of William Bixby, which includes his friends George Harris and Albert Spang and their marriage to three related women of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe, Jessie, Sally, and Lucy. It starts with the parents of William, their homesteading to Iowa, and includes ... Read More

With A Little Help From My Friends

With a Little Help from My Friends is a magical journey for all ages, but if you're a fan of the Fab Four, it's so much more. There are 323 Song Titles carefully incorporated into the telling of the story (including many rarities, deep cuts, early tapes, demos, covers, giveaways, unreleased, bootleg... Read More

My Daily Reminders

This book is a children's edition of daily reminders to help jump-start their day with encouragement and positivity. It helps remind children to speak words of life over themselves and express kindness to others. It contains little cues to help along the way when they are faced with situations th... Read More

Zora and Her Stars

Zora is a young woman in her thirties. Zora has the world by the ass. Zora is strong, well, and fun to be around. And Zora has a small business she runs with six employees. Then the COVID virus hit her city.

Zora put up her pretty Christmas tree. Zora tells the tree she is going to make it a ... Read More

Where's Bebe?

Take my hand as we explore the adventures of Bebe.

... Read More

The Lifestyle of a Texting Marriage

It's about the husband going to graduate from a prestige college and to have his wife at his graduation. All this is done by a text message. And landing the job making over $100,000 and paying off what he owes his wife and showering his wife with lots of gifts and trips--to take his wife away fro... Read More

Bob and Betty Bumble Bee

What's the Buzz About? Join Jamie on her adventure exploring the great outdoors with her new friends Bob and Betty Bumblebee. Together they teach Jamie what bees do for the world and why they are so helpful, though people may not always like their company. It is a brightly col... Read More


Most economic progress can be traced to some changes in technologies such as team engine, electric power, computers and internet, robotics, artificial intelligence, big data, and others. Technology moves fast! So fast that often times we miss opportunities; look at companies that went bankrupt be... Read More

The Value of a Dollar

Mr. and Mrs. Webber enjoy seeing their three children work on their own newspaper route. Knowing that eventually they would want to use the money from their newspaper route, Mr. and Mrs. Webber devise a test for Ben, John, and Abigail to prove if they can be responsible with money. Will the child... Read More

A Cold Winter's Day

As a child, I remember watching our black-and-white television until the station would go off the air and would not broadcast again until the next morning. We had three, maybe four, stations to select from, but today young kids can watch a full-length movie in color on their cellphone. All this ... Read More

Over the Edge

Off-duty United States Secret Service agent H. Hunter Mahoy is wounded while landing a gunfire-stricken jumbo jetliner at Miami International Airport. The surgeon who operates on him finds a suspicious fragment in his left shoulder and queries him as to its origin. Hunter is clueless.His coworker... Read More

The Hungry Hummingbird

"Once upon a time there were two beautiful hummingbirds named Calliope and Rufus..." The Hungry Hummingbird is a story about a family of hummingbirds who migrate from Denver to Mexico every year and their adventurous baby hummingbird Harpita. Harpita is very inquisitive and very hungry and spends... Read More

Olinghouse Gold

Luigi Rossi measured success differently than most. For him, true success was a glass of red wine enjoyed on the porch of his decrepit cabin in the Nevada desert under the mantle of the Milky Way, the well-being of his two children and his sick wife, and the satisfying labor of quietly toiling... Read More

Hard Rock

After working in several mines around many men of all colors and ethnicities, Lloyd found they all had the same thing in common: they each had a story. He did not realize he was collecting these in the back of his mind. As the years went by, many of these men passed away, and their stories with t... Read More

Story Time With YaYa

The art of storytelling reveals subtle or blatant truths that can be used as teaching tools for minds young and old.This is a unique collection of stories and poems intended for reading aloud, engaging both the reader and listener in creative imagination. Each story embeds a lesson that will hopeful... Read More

King Jesus

Job says, "My days are swifter than a weaver's shuttle and are spent without hope" (Job 7:6). To all those still looking, I hope you find something herein. For the very words of Jesus are "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you." So, herein I... Read More

The Wayward Husband

As Matt is going through his murky midlife crises, his wife, Amy, is experiencing the ups and downs of menopause. Can Matt change his behavior and save his marriage? Can Amy forgive her wayward husband? Will Micky mend her ways and find true love?

... Read More

The Hero's Stone

As some search for the hope of the world wishing to be it, others hope for this to not be found, so as to tell them that the peace will continue. A broken stone tablet tells of a legend, a war, a darkness. These legends are told among the young and the old, those who believe and those who don't, ... Read More

The Beginning of Hatchet Man

At first glance, you might think Tommy is just a regular teenage boy, but he has endured way more than many other teenage boys. He has lived with an alcoholic and a physically abusive father. He has lived with a drug-addicted, mentally abusive mother. He has been mistreated his whole life--not ju... Read More

Tyler and His Friends

Tyler had a surprise snow day and had to figure out what to do. He ends up going sledding with his friends.

... Read More


The book is a fantasy but portrays emotions that one might experience in an unfamiliar state.

... Read More

Power of Touch

The Power of Touch is written to enlighten on the anatomy and physiology of touch within the brain and how such integration influences our interpretation of objects under tactile stimulation. Touch conveys great power to those attentive to its cues and can serve as a means of influencing ot... Read More

The Impromptu Heroes

Ross and Jade Compton, along with their tour group, are vacationing in the tropical paradise of San Bellevue. Everything is perfect until the small country is overrun by a force of rebel soldiers working for South American drug cartels. The rebels are led by a ruthless mercenary named Raphael Ramon,... Read More

Poems from a Discerning Heart

This book will make you experience poems in ways you've never have before. This author put her words each poem to be done so effortlessly through rhyming. Her poems are experiences that she has had in her life displayed in a creative way.

... Read More


It seems we live in a society where people are not as thankful as we should be. It appears the societal norm equates to inconsideration and selfishness. It is apparent that we do not give God the thanks and acknowledgment that we should. However, when reading the Bible, we are made aware just how... Read More

How to Tell If He's Really in to You

How to Tell if He's Really into You is a quick read that's incredibly fun and entertaining but also very informative about the intricacies of all men, significantly increasing a woman chances of finding real true love and succeeding in a complicated thing we all call "dating." This book is guaran... Read More

Different Days Go Different Ways

When writing Different Days Go Different Ways, Alexis Laborn thought of her children and all children as little people. When people think about it, they sometimes may not realize their little ones go through so much. With going through things in life, people deal with these emotions that they hav... Read More

The Freak from Battle Creek

Secret Service agent Glinka Glickstien has been "special" from birth. Her talents were always on display, whether she was playing sports, breaking up a counterfeiting ring, or guarding people. But when she and her colleagues discover that she has been the real target of repeated attacks, not h... Read More

South of Topanga

In his midsixties and with a terminal cancer prognosis, Gary becomes obsessed with not having had sons. With his wife away on a trip, he unofficially adopts young, twenty-four-year-old Michael, looking to him for salvation. Independent Michael, willing to help, becomes caught in Gary's increasing... Read More

The Four Knights of the Square Table

As the four princes became knights, they enjoyed many challenges and adventures that began by many hours of planning and scheming around the square table in the cellar of their castle home. In the beautiful town of Kilgora in old Ireland, this loving family lived out their lives in love and peace t... Read More

Ruby the Dancing Dachshund

Ruby touches children in a designated way: subtle messages to children, caring for others, does not steal nor lie, does not take things for granted. Ruby and her adventures will change bedtime for all. Be on the lookout for more adventures of Ruby to come!

... Read More

A Happy Kid Is Not a Bully

A Happy Kid Is Not a Bully is a guilt-free plan for your great legacy! Our kids are our greatest legacy! This invigorating self-help book reveals tips, steps, and suggestions to raise a happy kid, not a bully. Even if you have an adult kid, this book will give you joy and satisfaction, and bring ... Read More

Granny Bop's Doggy Daycare

After realizing that their family's beloved pet, Myles, has reached an age where he is no longer able to run and frolic with her grandchildren, Granny Bop decides to take a journey with Lucas and Davin to find the perfect addition to the family.

... Read More

The Spotted Pony

The Spotted Pony is a heartwarming story of a pony named Lenni who overcomes her disabilities to be the best cart pony she can be.

... Read More

Town & Country Childhood

Town and Country Childhood begins in the early 1960s in a small town in Southwest Iowa. Growing up in the '60s was not an easy task. My dad owned several gas stations before taking over my uncle's bar, Town and Country Tavern, after his death. The death of my grandpa, my uncle, the Vietnam War, t... Read More

The Thrill of It All

Hello, world. I'm Ola Ray, a small-town girl from St. Louis, Missouri, who reached international fame, as the co-star in what became the biggest music video of all time. Thriller! Whenever I am in public, people seem to find a way to approach me, wanting to know what it was like to be in a music vid... Read More

The Last Gold Ring

This saga is the expression of me understanding myself, also to my children so they can reconcile the persona and actions of the father. To Boo, my wife, and close friends who watched helplessly as I imploded. I used all my God-given talents to become wealthy then burned it to the ground before I... Read More

Walking Out Walking in the Spirit

What does it mean to walk in the Spirit? That is a concept that many people, even Christians, don't really understand. Part 1 of Walking Out Walking In the Spirit is a testimony of how the authors experienced God working in and through them in their own lives. Reading this book will put the reade... Read More

Following Jesus

Remote villages in Africa and Asia, a war-refugee village in Guatemala, war-ravaged muddy Sudan, squatters camps in South Africa, slums in India, rugged country in Bangladesh, a tsunami-torn community in Sri Lanka, sweltering in Vietnam, inside a jail in Laos, pulling teeth in a prison in Uganda,... Read More

Things Black People Aren't Taught

This book is just a basic outline of tools, knowledge, and tricks to succeed as Steve Harvey stated, "I want you to learn how to fail and win anyway because failure cometh."I did not learn to invest because, as Blacks, we were taught to go to school/good education, get a good job, and put your mo... Read More

Cowboy Poetry

A lot of the poetry in this book is based upon experiences of my own, and many more of my poems stem from other events that I have firsthand knowledge of. My ancestors came to America in the late 1600s, so I have a lot of family history to draw on. Also, I have tossed in a few which I hope will c... Read More

Pimpernell the Angry Bull

Pimpernell is an angry bull that always throws tantrums and has a very short temper, but he soon finds a calm bull, Tuscany, that teaches him how to be more peaceful and calm. And he learns that life is too short to go through it angry all the time

... Read More

Mr. Gabe

This book, I pray, expresses that the suffering a child endures because of a traumatic childhood does not have to be the determining factor in deciding the outcome of our lives. The kind of life trauma a child or anyone goes through should not, in any way, determine their ability to overcome thes... Read More

Tat's Light

This book helps in a small way to keep some glass out of the landfills by recycling burned-out bulbs. These ornaments can be made in any color combinations for any event or holiday. Have fun making the ornaments and using them. Bulbs make a wonderful gift.

... Read More

Muprey Diablo

Muprey Diablo is a man caught in a world of destruction, fighting his inner demons, friends, and enemies. It's been twenty-five years since he has opened up his memory bank and revealed secrets that may cause him to lose the lavish lifestyle that he has become accustomed to. Feeling rejected by h... Read More

Not My Fight

As Brian V. Wieck wrote the papers that became the basis for his debut book, The War Within, he learned to forgive his offenders of their trespasses as well as himself of the sins he had committed against God. As Brian continued to write, he began to feel guilty and unworthy to be loved by God af... Read More

Cookbook for Revenge

After working in the hospitality industry all his life, Aaron had seen and endured so much abuse of power and people that the pleasure the industry used to give to him was gone and replaced with anger and resentment. What he thought he could never do finally happened. His fantasies of getting rev... Read More

Is God Still Coming?

There are worldwide concerns that the planet is on the brink of extinction, but just how close are we to the end? Is there a prophetic significance of Brexit for example? What about climate change? Since the earth was created thousands of years ago, why was there no concern of a global extinc... Read More

Please Forgive Me!

This book was written to share the gift of forgiveness. Sometimes we struggle with asking or accepting forgiveness. Situations of trauma in our lives make forgiveness especially difficult. Conflicts in our relationships require us to be able to forgive so the relationship can grow. It is also ver... Read More

Blakey and Conroy Go to the Beach

Blakey and Conroy are four-year-old twin bears. They live happily with Mommy and Daddy Bear in Hollow Pine. The twins love using their imaginations and going on outings, but sometimes they are impatient. There is always a lesson to learn when Mommy and Daddy Bear are around. Will they be able to ... Read More

The Fantastic Adventures of Robert and Darlene A.K.A. Scruffy and Fluffy

Robert and Darlene, who like to be called Scruffy and Fluffy, are brother and sister bunnies who get to go on a plane for the first time to the wondrous state of Alaska. Being bunnies, they have lots of family there. Their first adventure starts in Homer, where they are staying with their uncle D... Read More

Elephant and Gnat

We all know the story of Noah's Ark and how God led the animals two by two, but what happened in the ark during the storm? This book tells the story of a young elephant who was scared and needed a friend and a gnat who answered the call. Read as they learn what it means to put their trust in God ... Read More


Everyone and everything in the village of Biggersville is giant sized. After all, it is a village of Giants! Giant trees, giant houses, giant animals, and all the giant villagers. Everyone and everything, except for a seven-year-old boy named Little Otto. He seems to have stopped growing. Even wi... Read More

Grandpa's Buried Treasure

Michael Rider grew up on a farm. He currently resides in Ohio with his lovely wife, Debbie. He taught mechanical engineering courses at Ohio Northern University for forty-two years. During that time, he wrote ten engineering textbooks. Since his retirement, he has written several children's short... Read More

Eerie Embraces from the Peculiar Purgatory

Devil-James is not a fan of money and is a spiritual writer who writes only for the art alone, so in all reality, he has no concern whatsoever if you read this book. However, if you are already a fan or self-proclaimed proud member of the "Devil-James Cult" or still find yourself genuinely intere... Read More

Mr. Special Helps Mrs. Precious Complete a Total Transformation

Join Mrs. Precious as she journeys toward her total transformation, modifying her life by eating right and exercising. Inside this book is the well-balanced meal plan and a workout program she uses to totally alter her mind, body, and soul. Take control of your life and allow Mrs. Precious to hel... Read More

Caught in the Web of My Mother's Psychosis

Being mentally ill is a lifelong battle of ups and downs, and not a lot of people understand or take the time to care to understand the mentally ill. Everyone are in a class of their own in the world which makes it extremely hard for the mentally ill and non-mentally ill to connect with one anoth... Read More

Trading Bright Lights for Lightning Bugs

As Jen Guidry begins the process of choosing a school for her kindergartener, she celebrates all the opportunities that big-city life offers. Unfortunately for Jen, her husband has other ideas. He's ready to ditch the big-city headaches and move back to his hometown with a population of only 298 ... Read More

Meili's Gift

Meili is an imaginary giant panda with a special gift. Guided by a strange and powerful Buddhist monk, Meili learns to use the extraordinary gift she has inherited from her ancestors to understand and even influence the thoughts of others. The stories in this book tell of the unusual and fascinat... Read More


We live in a world where people paint your picture. These people teach you lessons that isn't normal and would make you believe that it is. They would take your innocence to make you guilty on something they created. Taking the word precious life and flipping it into darkness, are many people sto... Read More

The Solution to Earth

I'm sure that you will all be very excited to hear that, after many years of nigh incomparable introspective extractions of extravagant interdimensional immersion and dangerous mystical experimentation, I have, finally, and with great authoritative finality, solved the Earth. Huzzah! All that ... Read More


This story is about the irony in finding people as lost as you.

... Read More

The Misfits

John Stapleton and Gino Cicarelli, two high school students who met at a wrestling competition, become friends and begin a journey together that explores John's past and Gino's future aspirations. Along the way, they come into conflict with traditional religious institutions and eventually end u... Read More

The Story of Rockefeller

The amazing true story of a tiny owl and his harrowing journey from his home in the forest in Upstate New York all the way to Rockefeller Center in New York City while still burrowed in his nest.

... Read More

Retribution of the Atomic Creature

Retribution of the Atomic CreatureBook IIChallenge of the Arrowhead TrilogyThe saga continues in this exciting sequel. Young Daniel Anderson and his best friend Herb Dillon, once again, find themselves launched on a dangerous trek back to the Arrowhead, in quest of the eternal child back to the r... Read More

How the Elves Saved Christmas

Santa discovers a problem. Who can help him? Find out how Holly the elf saved Christmas.

... Read More

White Bane Part II

Everything in which the hunter held dear is now forfeit, but his tale continues nonetheless, continuing with the role of a hunter whose sole purpose in life is to find a semblance of hope amidst the cruel world of 1797. Over the course of a year, the towns of the Fray have now grown rampant with ... Read More

Tell Tales

This book is a sampler of my many drawings and poems. This one is specific to the many places I have lived and visited. I started drawing in childhood and continued on and off during my life. I lived in five states and Greece, where I was last based in the USAF.After twenty years, I started writi... Read More

Short Stories

Always dream and never stop dreaming. Dreams help you to realize your goals in life. Believe in yourself and let your thoughts be positive at all times.

... Read More

The Adventures of SuperCooper

Cooper, a beautiful Siberian husky with his special collar, embarks on a nightly journey with his best friend, Nigel. The two of them have dedicated the nights to ensuring the safety of their forest friends.Cooper is quickly renamed SuperCooper by all who know him because of his kindness and love... Read More

Used Too, Tomorrow!

This is just a fictional story today. Tomorrow it could become a reality. If we don't take a stand, if we don't work together to preserve our heritage and teach our next generations, we could lose these things. If you think it's not important for our next generations to have the right to hunt and... Read More

Fact or Fiction


... Read More

The Unpardonable Sin

Rev. Sloan realized that many people had a misunderstanding of what God's word says about divorce, suicide, and the unpardonable sin. He wrote his master's thesis on the unpardonable sin. It is his hope and prayer that this will be a blessing to all of God's people.

... Read More


Everybody wants the truth until they hear it. Well, what if everything we were taught about creation, heaven and hell, aliens, angels, and, of course, demons was completely wrong, worse than it is already. The Dark-Light created us to blend together and live in a wonderful harmony, but the Dark, ... Read More

Before I Go to Hell

Fact or fiction? One may never know. Conspiracy theories are everywhere. Life is short, but one young man is determined to make a difference. Can he survive in a cruel world? One may never know. We all die someday, but before he goes to hell, he a few last words. Let's take a journey through the ... Read More

Unlocking the Treasures of God

Unlocking the Treasures of God is written to inspire individuals to reach their full potential by knowing who they are in Jesus Christ and that they are limitless beings if they put their faith in God. It explains Romans 10:9-14 and 10:17 (NIV) in a simplified and creative manner. We have unlimit... Read More

Rico Law

In this thrilling, romantic tale, a young black man from the Bronx named Rico meets a beautiful young Dominican woman named Zema. Rico and Zema falls in love after getting to know one another. Zema takes Rico shopping, asking Rico if he would want to meet and work for Zema's father and boss, Paja... Read More

Mr. Powell's Christmas - Tree Farm

What happens at Mr. Powell's Christmas Tree Farm?When Kristen was growing up in the country, she wanted to know! She walked over to the Christmas trees that were being raised in order to find out. Little did she know a world full of adventure awaited! This is how she met Mr. Powell.During the sum... Read More

Whence We Dream, Hence They Come

A night creature stalks the streets of the Big Apple! Something grabbed Jamal and yanked him into the pitch-blackness of the tunnel. A horrid sound emitted from the dark tunnel, followed by a heartrending scream that could only be Jamal. Brayton got to his hands and knees and feebly crawled away ... Read More

The Rickety Rocket

During a "show and tell" presentation by one of their classmates, two children hear about a trip to a space camp. They learn about budgets and how to manage with what they have. There is a teaching on the merits of forgiveness and how to accept forgiveness and learn humility when they make a mist... Read More

Words Don't Hurt Me: They Make Me

A traumatic childhood experience causes a failed relationship with my parents and most of my siblings. When those who were supposed to nurture you, provide for you, love you, guide you, take care of you, make you feel comfortable instead choose otherwise and disappoint you, the end results can le... Read More

Dr. Pladoo's Expedition

This book is about a group of young adults whose desire is to see the lion den and capture their images right out of the lions' natural habitat was more of an unquenchable flame. Led by Dr. Pladoo and their science teacher, Mr. Roberts, the experiential learning was very much welcomed. They... Read More

Skyler's Invisible Thread

The title Skyler's Invisible Thread is from Seana Coughlin's son's name being Skyler, and the invisible thread is her reference to the bond that they share with each other and the universe.... Read More

The Face of the Shadow

Returning to the base of archeological expedition, Paul met two men that ran away from the prison camp. They held him under the gun and once confessed to raping and killing a beautiful teenage girl. Later, Gene, Paul, and Lisa were searching traces of the ancient civilization along the shores ... Read More

Green Grass in the Spring

His hard-fought wisdom and keen observations are a gift to all of us and this book is true to everything I've known Tony to be: funny, raw, vulnerable, and real. His stark honesty helps us all reflect on ways we are often to blame for our biggest challenges. Holistic Management can unloc... Read More

Dirty Nose, Sandy Toes

Drake is fed up with baths! Watch the story unfold as Drake decides not to bathe anymore to the dismay of his family and friends. Drake soon discovers that the decisions he makes lead to expected and unexpected outcomes.

... Read More


A little girl slowly realizes what the death of her grandfather means to her.

... Read More

Travis the Rescue Cat

Eugene Pierson grew up on a farm in Nebraska where he attended a one-room school for eight years with six other students. In high school he had twenty-seven classmates and was selected for boys state representative for his school. He later received a Union Pacific scholarship to the University of... Read More

Enemies at the Wall

Abruptly from the sidelines came a melodious voice, "You're mistaken, Lord Nan. It's not Lord Shar you will be meeting. Your fight will be with me." Angelique stepped out from the crowd in full battle armor, holding twin short swords. "I am Lady Shar and, therefore, champion to my betrothed. Acco... Read More


Bowen is a coming-of-age story from a unique city block on Staten Island, New York, filled with many gripping moments of drama, misfortune, and triumph of a young man trying to make the best out of the cards he was dealt in life. If you love stories of an underdog; or life in the big city; or what l... Read More

Brave Bright Feathers

This is a story of fiction with real people and events that occurred. The only way we can learn for the future is to learn and remember from the past.From the eyes of a six-year-old boy and the kindness and understanding of all involved on his adventure and journey from the pirate ship to home. M... Read More

A Sprinkling of Stardust over the Outhouse

A Sprinkling of Stardust over the Outhouse is the long-awaited follow-up to Paul Brogan's highly successful first book, Was That a Name I Dropped? released in 2011.Paul came out as gay when he was ten in the early 1960s and faced a number of obstacles for doing so. He approached them without losi... Read More

Facets of Life

Life is but a splendorous ethereal jewel--sparkling brilliantly as it spins throughout time and space. Each of its countless colorful facets represents a memory, fleeting feeling, or thought. There is no better way to capture a finite moment in time, emotion, or personal revelation than with a po... Read More

Sticks and Stones

How many lead-laden walls does your spirit hide behind? Why? With Sticks and Stones, let's learn to transcend beyond our losses and grief to find our spirits again. It's never too late to reclaim your being for yourself, breaking away from the sticks and stones that beat us down.

... Read More

Nicole's New Book

Nicole's New Book is about starting the effort of reading through the eyes of a young child while giving an example of how parents can help motivate reading.

... Read More

A Charm Bracelet of Stories

As I wrote some of the stories for this book, I shared them with my brother, requesting that he fill in my memory blanks and verify some of the details. Recently, I sent an email to him with the latest tale attached and asked, "Do strange things happen to me, or am I just strange?""You are strang... Read More

Perfectly Myself

Everything you need and nothing that you don't. Perfectly Myself is a heartfelt reminder of overcoming adversity to become a little bit stronger. Maia, the main character, is struggling with confidence and feeling alone. Upon receiving a special gift from her mother for her eleventh birthday, she... Read More


Unknown is a collection of short stories, all with different morals, different outcomes, and different people who go through scenarios that anyone can go through. Life is always going to be a battle, but we have to learn to use these battles to beat the war. No matter what, these characters take ... Read More

The Gaza Protocol

On a social trip to Israel, TI finds himself in the middle of a series of attacks that threaten to engulf the region in a nuclear showdown. Once again, he is forced to find a solution as the situation races out of control. With a small international team, TI races to stop a conflagration that thr... Read More

Sammy Cell Phone

People are oblivious to others around them, when they are on their cell phones. Private conversations being aired in public, loud voices in quiet places, ringtones in synagogues. Sound familiar? Sammy Cell Phone can begin device manners from an early age. Get your children and grandchildren invol... Read More

María Estela

Este libro se basa mayormente en la vida de mi madre. Les relato en palabras sencillas parte de su ninez, su vida con mi padre; cuando se mudo a Puerto Rico con sus hijas; y como murio. Aunque comienzo con una parte que es ficcion, en "Morelia", luego paso a la realidad de "Maria Estela", dond... Read More

Bradley Loves Getting A Star

Getting a star is a wonderful feeling. It makes two people happy, and it's really great when you discover that you can give stars forever using "word" stars.

... Read More


After the tragic death of Kaitlyn's husband while on deployment, she moves home to live with her father. Jason Devereux is now a retired detective. Kaitlyn becomes the obsession of an unknown stalker. Amid the reconnection of Jason and Rachel, then their ultimate marriage, Kaitlyn goes from one n... Read More

The Lithium Caper

The force of lithium to power future electric vehicles and the renewable energy revolution ignites a race to control the world's largest deposit in the mountains of Uzbekistan.Thanks to good luck and charm, Mitch Nolan, a philandering divinity school dropout, leads America's quest for the r... Read More

Jimmy the Crab's Christmas

This is a delightful Christmas story about a small crab who wants to experience the fun human traditions of Christmas. Along the way, he realizes that this might be a mistake. It also has a relevant message for today's youth about having fun, enjoying new experiences, and being content with who t... Read More

A Detour of Love

A stranger becomes stranded in an unfamiliar town while traveling on a business trip. Josh wasn't satisfied with his life even though he'd experienced more success than most people before a turn of fate helped him realize how empty his life was. Becoming stranded brings him into contact with Amy,... Read More

Roots of the Ancestors

An innocuous hunting trip into the forests of Western Oregon takes an unbelievable twist for three childhood friends. Join Rich, Sonya, and Evan as they are pulled into a world of elemental magic and terror they never knew possible. With the help of their ancestors, they will learn the strength a... Read More

The Adventures of Marvin and Spinster

An accidental meeting between a bird afraid of heights and an adventurous spider who become the best of friends while enduring many adventures. Along their journey, they work together to face their fears and find their way home. A heartwarming story for people of all ages.

... Read More

April's Breeze

Late one dark April night in 1775, a young doctor from Concord leaves the Lexington home of his fiancee and her family; he is unexpectedly drawn into an alarm being spread across the countryside of colonial Massachusetts (and becomes a key participant) warning of an impending invasion by the king's ... Read More

Poetry of the Soul

Every poem in this book is real and to the point and makes you feel like you are going through every emotion that has been written in every poem. It is full of very deep emotions of depression and reality that we all go through in life that make it hard to deal with . In this lies my hope that on... Read More

Lemon and Lavender

Lemon and Lavender follows the story of high school English teacher, Nick, whose wife comes home on the last day of term and announces that she's been cheating on him. Unable to cope with confrontation, Nick does what he does best and leaves, heading for Colorado to visit the mother of an old mil... Read More

Anyone Can Be a Superhero

Colt and Papa are the very best of friends. Their bond is unique and one of a kind. Papa always asks, "In a world where you can be anything, what would you be?" Colt responds, "I want to be it all!" Colt is a fearless little boy who loves to imagine a world that is filled with excitement and thri... Read More

Mountains on My Shoulders

One man's journey through life from victim to survivor to outspoken activist on many social issues such as child abuse, loss, addiction, HIV/AIDS, disease, racial inequality and equality, and LGBT rights. This is a true story of what one man went through while battling all of life's ups and downs... Read More


My name is Rip B. Johnson, and I'm going to take you on a journey of murder, mysteries, conspiracies, adventure, love, government corruption, treason, human trafficking, and sacrificial American patriotism.You will meet my team as we go along. Some of these people are real-life characters, and so... Read More

Be Sure Your Message Gets to the Buyer

This book is intended for those who (1) are interested in the real estate business; (2) want to purchase their first home and want to educate themselves before taking that big step; (3) want to invest/sell real estate; and (4) are interested in learning more about mortgages. If you fit in one of ... Read More

The Rasta Girl Who Escapes from Babylon

It took several hundred pages of manuscript and over thirteen years of labor for Rasta Girl to become this very unique book that weaves fiction into reality from a Rasta perspective. You will go on the ride of your life as the heroine stretches you across international borders while a... Read More

Blynk Series

Six months in on her very first undercover assignment, a promising GACT agent Seleena (a global anti-terrorist unit) reaches a critical break in her case. After her boyfriend Victor Lassette, a thriving new club owner in Chicago and the subject of her investigation, is assassinated, Seleena find... Read More

A Story About Cats In A Poem

This book derived from a poem as a short entertainment skit at work thirty-eight years ago. Just having fun one night, at lunch break, when asked to tell a poem, this is what came to mind.

... Read More

The Journey to the Magical Sea with Little Jimmy

The Journey to Magical Sea is the second installment of the Journeys of Little Jimmy. In this story, he helps his friend Neo find his way home.

... Read More

Rosa Mystica of Neretva

A letter arrives from southern France rekindles memories and feelings for Hercule, a mercenary turned Franciscan, living a quiet life on the coastal city-state of Ragusa on the Dalmatian coast. The past was anything but quiet as his life was intertwined with Katherine, an apothecary from Montpell... Read More

Welcome to Nam

After returning from Vietnam, I had a lot of nightmares. They started getting so bad that I went to the Veterans Affairs to get help. After a few months, my psychiatrist mentioned for me to start writing them down as soon as I woke up. He then asked if I was getting any competition for my ears fr... Read More

It's Probably Nothing

Karol-Ann Coleman tells her story at a time when it seems uncommon for women at thirty-five to be diagnosed with breast cancer. After being told by several well-meaning health-care professionals that her type of breast cancer is "probably nothing," it became a daily mantra in her meetings, consul... Read More

Phucked Up Philosophy

Don't open this book unless you're ready for a potent uncut reality from the perspective of an unbiased source, the victim.This book is designed to answer the questions or give insight into the ways some of us had to think from the inside from a survival standpoint and for those on the outside th... Read More

Spirit of A First Lady

To every married man of the cloth that's in high office of a bishop, pastor, or apostle, that has a church building or a place of worship, the title of First Lady automatically becomes a part of her life, whether they have the right spirit or not. When you search the word First Lady, you will fin... Read More

At Least Ten Years of Trick or Treat

If you are a single parent in this day and time and a part of the modern-day church, welcome to growth and development at a rate and speed you never expected. At Least Ten Years of Trick or Treat will take you to places that you never thought you would go as a parent. It will also force you to gr... Read More

The Clinic

A fertility clinic, a genetic research center and a dark website work in collaboration to assist in reproductive issues, genetic manipulations and human experimentations. The work is done in extreme secrecy since all countries and societies prohibit such work. With advances in medical science, go... Read More

The Wanted Ninja

Why are we wanted? David is a common man living life, minding his own business till the day he meets Veronica. Now don't get me wrong, things did not change right away for this man's life. He goes through his own struggles, trying to manage Future Technology well in a relationship. Both of these ... Read More

All Dogs are from Missouri

All Dogs Are from Missouri: Basic Obedience, the "Show Me" Way is an expansion from the basic obedience section of Steve's first book, From Sit to Gundog. He wanted to write a book for all the loving canine companion we call the family dog and their wonderful human companions. And guess what? Ste... Read More

The Great Adventures of George the Mouse

The Great Adventures of George the Mouse is to help children understand that we are all different in appearance but we can all still be friends and family. The way each of us looks does not make us friends or family.

... Read More

Strike Dragon

Author, Robert Edward Ashby, who happens to have autism has created an epic tale about a teenage boy with a great heart, who is chosen by the Spirit Core from the Planet Dragza to become the next King of the Dragons known as the Dragon Knights.The Planet Dragza, eons ago, had a devastating battle... Read More

No Ordinary Love

Call it fate or destiny or maybe it's both. No Ordinary Love is a sweet story about two ordinary people from opposite sides of the world who are brought together quite serendipitously. Each receives unusual messages in their dreams that, unbeknownst to either of them, contribute to making d... Read More

The Diary of a Grieving Mother

The Diary of a Grieving Mother is just what it says. The inside looks into the mind of a newly bereaved mother. There is no filter, it is raw, and it is real. In this book, Emily Carpenter tells the story of what led her to be a grieving mother. She tells her story and shares the most intimate th... Read More


Highball is an old signal from the train conductor to engineer that the train was clear to start from its stop and proceed at speed. Two green balls, one above the other, were the visual signal. Railroads were running long before motion pictures. Soon after silent movies were invented, directors ... Read More

Santa's Christmas Cows

"Where does eggnog come from?" you ask. Why, it comes from Christmas cows, don't you know? They are Santa's Jersey cows, and they wear a string of jingle bells around their necks and a big red bow on their tails. While trudging through the North Pole's forest, Santa rescues two lost Jersey cows. He ... Read More

I'd Rather Be a Mermaid

Magic should reside in the hearts of all of us whether we are small and little, old and wise, or somewhere boarding the unknown and uncertain middle of life's ever-changing tides.I'd Rather Be a Mermaid is a story that makes the connection between being a real and authentic individual who embrace... Read More

An Aunt's Tale

An Aunt's TalePart 1There once lived a family in the mountains of Mexico, and they relied on Mack to provide money to pay for school supplies, clothes, and food. When he lost his job, the family thought it would be best if Tia traveled to the United States of America to find work with hopes that ... Read More

Golden Adventures of Hank and Helen

The Golden Adventures of Hank and Helen is for the AARP members to know what is ahead of them and to reassure the Social Security generation that they are not living this life alone. Their everyday activities will make you laugh out loud, sob quietly, and relive romantic moments with memories of ... Read More

Vida, café y letras

Gracias por comprar mi libro. Mi libro está basado en las experiencias de mi vida, en el amor, el perdón, las amistades, los grandes errores que cometemos en la vida, como a veces engañamos, mentimos, traicionamos, pero gracias a Dios y a la santísima virgen, obtend... Read More

I'm Still Standing

In life, trials and tribulations are designed to destroy us. But with God, my challenges with abuse, drug addiction, hardship, betrayal, and loneliness could not break me. As I recount my life's journey, His presence has been with me through it all. According to Romans 8:28 (AMP), "And we know [w... Read More

Boil the Frog

The primary appeal that Boil the Frog will have, for most people grabbing it off the shelf or off the internet, will be the step-by-step guide on how to lose the weight you want to lose. However, this book will actually surprise you about how it dives deep into the very depths of your mind to fin... Read More

On the Backside of the Desert

Transparency of the author's encounter while going through the process of being prepared by God for service.Caring note from the author: When you can't seem to trace the hand of God, trust God's heart. "'For I know the thoughts that I think toward you,' saith the Lord, 'thoughts of peace and not ... Read More

It's About Time!

It's About Time is sure to become an instant family favorite! Will Grandma be able to help Big Hand and Little Hand agree to compromise and resolve their differences so they can teach children how to tell time?In this heartwarming story, children will see how working together to get a job done ca... Read More

A Christmas Tale

A Christmas Tale is the enchanting fictional account of the life of a pastor of a small church in rural Virginia. In the story, we learn how our pastor is frequently called to assist not only members of his congregation but also other members of the community. He asked to help locate a missing ni... Read More

The Church In Wildwood

Gerald Grey, the pastor of Wildwood church has died. His only living relative, his nephew Russell has come to settle the estate. What Russel finds will lead him on a life-changing journey. An amazing discovery in the basement of the church will send Russell and his new friends on a dangerous miss... Read More

Pride Leader!

King is a small cub from the East Savanna lion tribe. Spending his days playing with his brothers and friends, King enjoys himself. Until King begins to experience constant bullying from Abioye, another lion cub and son of their tribe's Pride Leader. While living under the Sudan sun, King questio... Read More

The Keeper of the Books

"I want all the books in the land burned to ashes!" shouted Queen Rinalda to King Leon, "Anyone who disobeys will be severely punished!" Mya Webster, a young local village girl, chooses to defy the queen's orders and is taken by force to the castle. While there, Mya learns of a deep, dark secret ... Read More

It Begins Part II

The alien threat is real. They fly across our skies, under our oceans, and have disrupted our lives and our safety. At first, man looked upon the aliens with curiosity and a hope that they would be benevolent and improve life on Earth. While this optimistic view was embraced by many, just the ... Read More

Don’t Just Dream it… Do It!

To me, retired means the work is just getting started, as you now have the ability to live your life the way you choose. The important question to answer is, what does it mean to you? Whether it's living a life of sunrises and sunsets on a secluded beach or owning your own business, you are... Read More

Underachieve with Ease

Advance praise for Underachieve with Ease: "Where was this book when I needed it?" (U. R. Anidiot, three-time divorcee) This is the book men and nosy women have been waiting for. Underachieve with Ease is the recently declassified manual of tried-and-sometimes-true secrets on how men can do as... Read More

Broccoli Smoccoli

Have you eaten your greens? Some fruits? Did you finish what your parents have put on your plate? Well, this young girl in our tale is about to take a magical adventure in her sleep that will leave her eating the tree-shaped greens she always hated--and eventually loving it! Throughout clouds of ... Read More


Deep in the Amazon, Chrissy was amazed at the sights, sounds, and smells of the rain forest. Her biggest excitement, however, was watching her beloved Devin working alongside the professor as the two of them deciphered the golden glyphs in the cave. How they could understand all the images and... Read More

When Ninja Cry

When Ninja Cry is a fun, action-packed adventure created for pure entertainment. When four post war survivors find a renowned journalist stuck in their game trap, they have to decide what to do with her. Since they live in Voorhees, New Jersey, the only logical response to a visitor from out of t... Read More

Sunday Law

The Bible warns of deceptions. Being deceived in one way or another is something we all have experienced. The Bible has been on this platform of communication between God and man for thousands of years. Like many forms or ways to communicate, there is always something or someone infiltratin... Read More

Pony Island

A little angel of a ballerina was killed in an accident before God was ready for her. Her spirit wandered around for about a hundred years until she found consciousness in cyberspace. She ran across a software engineer that she could communicate with. She worked with him constantly for three y... Read More

The Gutter's Priest

There are roads out there that many of us cross daily without ever truly taking in that which surrounds us. This is the story of a young dope dealer that one day happened to take notice and felt a compassion to give back. And while he encountered mob bosses, crooked cops, rival gangs, and against al... Read More


The moment Katie looked into Max's green eyes she knew he would be the perfect cat. Their friendship grows stronger every day and will last a lifetime.

... Read More


I have five sons, each born about two years apart. I went from changing diapers to toilet training to changing diapers to toilet training to buying jockey shorts and then athletic supporters. My boys went from weighing a collective thirty-nine pounds at birth to now weighing over half a ton and e... Read More

The Chronicles of Arax

Our actions define us as heroes or cowards, not our intentions. Such is the nature of war, Arsenc. Men march beside their comrades into walls of spears and under rains of arrows, refusing to relent so as not to shame themselves before their brothers. For every man who shirks his duty and abandons... Read More

The Adventures of Cookie

Cookie was so excited about the summer finally arriving. Like any other child, she was so happy to be free of schoolwork and was excited to spend time with her friends. Until one day, she woke up and her life changed forever. Her appearance changed, and other kids were so cruel about it. Would Co... Read More

Uncommon Duties in the United States Air Force

***The Department of Defense cleared this book for publication***

Service in the United States Air Force is an honorable profession. Each member of the US Air Force accomplishes incredible tasks in a very broad variety of functional areas in defense of the nation. This is an e... Read More


Do you remember when you were younger about having a happily ever after like you used to read about in the fairy-tale books? Or do you remember in your high school days when you thought about what life will be like once you graduate? For example, going to a university, moving out into a dorm, gra... Read More

From Highland

Their lives intersect in tragic circumstances over a span of decades, with chemistry between them that cannot be denied. They also come to realize a historical connection through their ancestors. Those causing the tragedies go to great extremes to keep them apart. The perpetrators continue to gat... Read More

The Mourikis Project

This story is a historical and literary fiction that begins in the late fourteenth century and depicts the missions of Earth's first Alien with a unique and ancient make. The Alien is with an innate ability to see and communicate with spirits and is assigned and guided by prehistoric beings of a ... Read More

Nothing But Gray

Jason doesn't punch me, or even shove me. Instead, he keeps looking at me."It isn't that simple, Danny. Life's not as simple as right or wrong, or black-and-white. Sometimes you can't be right or wrong, and you just end up in a gray area."For Danny Macall, life in the 1960s has always seemed simp... Read More

The Road to Visibility

Because of the bad economy and personal circumstances, I found it necessary to combine my middle book, Shadows of the Past, with this book, The Road to Visibility. My first book, Invisible Me, tells of my four-year hospitalization because of a life of abuse and betrayal. With no real support syst... Read More

What's Really Cool

What's Really Cool is about teaching Jenny and her class what's really cool in life. The perception of what's cool and the realization of what's really cool is explored by Jenny and her teacher, Ms. Brooks. Ms. Brooks teaches Jenny and the class a valuable lesson on what's really cool.

... Read More

Ride of Vengeance

Imagine yourself in history, arriving home from the Southern conflict to find your beautiful intended, Sara, ravaged; your home and fields burned and destroyed by black-hearted marauders, your sisters and mother brutalized, and your town and neighbors' lives destroyed--all by the hands of a cowar... Read More

A Look at Me in the Mirror

This book is about the life of a little girl who had to grow up fast. She endured several scary things in her life. She was spoiled by her family. She encountered more than a little girl should ever have to. Crying, not knowing what to do, she would figure it out. I can't tell anyone--something b... Read More

Passion and Power

John Verra is a young man moving to a much bigger stage. He arrives with a love and belief in the founding principles of our country. He is not in Washington, DC, but living in another shinning city on a hill, or so he believes, Boston, Massachusetts, a town where he attended college and falls in lo... Read More

Biloxi Native Chronicles

Larondis Crawford comes from Biloxi, Mississippi. He has written several novels such as Changing Faces and The Negative Suit, which are to be released soon. He is a teacher, standup comedian, motivational speaker, and currently works as a marine painting specialist in the Eastern Seaboard of Virg... Read More


The world that we perceive, though, is an illusion. It was created by a description that was told to us since the moment we were born. The basic difference between an ordinary man (or woman) and observer of Ismailis foundation is that a member of Ismailis foundation takes everything as a challeng... Read More

My Miniature Pinscher Chihuahua

My Miniature Pinscher Chihuahua is a story of a mother who wants to fulfill her child's desire of getting a pet dog for his birthday, hoping to instill in him a sense of responsibility at the same time. Her son, DJ, has been putting this wish on his birthday wish list for four years in a row, but... Read More

Candace McFly

Would you do anything to help your friends? Even if it meant facing one of your biggest fears?Candace is not your typical third grader--or your typical girl for that matter. She's not into her appearance or competing in the Li'l Miss Live Oak pageant like all her friends are or the ladies in her ... Read More

The Dragonfly in The Garden

King Bendigeidfran turned to look at the young woman. Her face was flush from the exercise, but she was not out of breath.The king spoke in his language in a calm tenor, "Do you know why I am here, Dominique of Earth?"King Bendigeidfran expected Dominique to look at his son for translation, but w... Read More

Esmarelda's Shoe

Shhhhh...listen...Have you heard of Esmarelda? Well, she has heard of you! Only in October does she fly down to watch over the children. She makes sure that all the children listen because on Halloween night, she will take flight and stay out of sight. She will leave you a clue and you will think... Read More

Losing Weight

Millions of people seek to achieve a level of happiness through losing weight. To reach this very personal goal, most people seek convenient commercial options of mass-produced foods that are high in sugars, salt, and preservatives, without the understanding how those items can complicate the proces... Read More

Under the Bed

For as long as time can remember, we have been told that monsters don't exist. What if they did though? For one boy, a whole new world will open, and it lay just under the bed...Under the Bed is a story of magic, love, action, adventure, death, and betrayal. A hundred-year-old demon will do an... Read More

Big Adventures

Mermaids, trolls, and fairies, oh my! The bond of this family is strong and will be tested as they adventure into a magical land that is unknown to them. Only one person can lead them back home, but will her brothers trust her enough to follow her lead? Can this little girl lead them through a la... Read More

Dream Man

This book is about a young lady who finds the love of her life but doesn't realize that someone else wants to hurt her. She goes into protective custody and falls for the young cop protecting her. Her boyfriend tells her that he loves someone else, and it breaks her heart. In the end, she f... Read More

The Berliners

The Berliners is a collection of stories revolving around three very different pairs of lovers who find each other at the wrong place and the wrong time. The place: Berlin, Germany. The time: three decades in the twentieth century, each with its own unique social and political implications. Th... Read More

The Future of Extreme Sports

Bungee boarding utilizes kinetic energy in a way that has not been fully explored by action-sports enthusiasts. The application of the science of centrifugal force as it translates to the connection between the board and the rider is an exciting new angle. The spinning technique of hanging on to the... Read More

There's a Monster in Our School?

Alex overhears the principal say, "We've created a monster," and decides he will find the monster before it harms a student. After courageously searching each classroom without finding it, he goes to the principal and asks where the monster is hiding. To his surprise, it is Alex who created th... Read More

Mr. Thunder and the Pet Predicament

Mr. Thunder is a bit lonely. After a conversation with his daughter, he decides a pet might be just what he needs. But what happens next is not what he expected! Will Mr. Thunder find the perfect pet?

... Read More

Come Right or Get Left

Tony Ward, aka Tone, and lifetime friend, Ronny Washington, aka Roblow, experienced their trials and tribulations with the system. They were split up but promised the streets would be theirs when they reconnect. Now the time had presented itself once again. They started ABM (All 'Bout Money). ... Read More

A Second Chance at Love

Falling in love at any age is exciting. And for Jade Simpson, it was. She had met Connor in August, right before her senior year at Virginia Commonwealth University. Jade and Connor spent a lot of time together talking, studying, and getting to know each other. Connor treated Jade like a queen... Read More

The Secrets of Spirit Island

Jack lives on the Minnesota and Canada border. His grandpa and father are lumberjacks, working for a big lumber company. His best friend is a big yellow Labrador dog named Duke, who plays an important part in his life.An Oriental family from China moves to their neighborhood. Phan becomes h... Read More

Pandemic and Other Stories

Story 1 is about the problems caused by the pandemic. Two boys go fishing with poles in their hands. Story 2 is about a family on vacation. Beware of your surroundings In story 3, the relatives have a family reunion, and there is a certain scarecrow in the garden. In story 4, two donkeys are capt... Read More

Rational Repetition Therapy (RRT) for Mental Health Professionals

For mental health practitioners, it's very important to understand that human beings have various ways of thinking and behaving. Our job is to understand each patient's thought process and behavior and to treat them accordingly. The human process leads us frequently in the wrong direction. The me... Read More

The Lion of Camelot

There is a newly crowned King of Camelot: grandson of Arthur, son of Mordred. Now that peace is possible, the dynasty must prove it can deliver the promise of ideal justice associated with the name of Camelot. Can the new king's rule withstand the weight of his origin, and will his nascent rei... Read More

Magic Darling

Magic Darling is a newborn filly who is learning how to be a horse. See what she learns in her first year on the farm. She lives in a small herd on a family farm in Texas. This book teaches small children about horse behavior. It is meant to introduce them to the world of farm living. This is the... Read More

The Story of Gingerbread

The Story of Gingerbread is story of a single mom who, through the enjoyment of baking gingerbread cookies and selling them at the office winter craft fair, discovers she has a talent. She ventures off her cookie selling spree by baking a gingerbread girl. Oh, life was simpler before Gingergirl!... Read More


Dreaming of traveling? Then this book is for you. Walt Williams has put together a selection of his photography that will take you on a travel experience without leaving the comfort of your chair. The author has captured some great scenes of northern Thailand that is sure to have you dreaming of ... Read More

The Lioness Queen

A fifteen-year-old girl lost her father and now lives with her new stepfather and mum. She overhears her stepfather's evil plans for her and runs away. She runs into a world of people she had no idea existed. She is discovered to be the fated mate of identical quintuplets. Not only is their ... Read More

Tommy the Speedy Turtle

Tommy, a unique turtle, a turtle with an orange spot on his shell, can move very fast, faster than any other turtle, who loves to look for new adventures, see new things, play with other turtles, and be with new friends in a new place. One day, Tommy sets out for a new adventure to leave his home... Read More

White Privilege and Systemic Prejudice in the Little Red Schoolhouse

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed many cracks, fissures, and fractures in the fabric of America's foundations, American life, and the very pillars of our democracy. As the oldest and most enduring democracy in the world, the pandemic that took the lives of six hundred thousand-plus souls in the U.S. ... Read More

Knights of Labor

The battle against the Tailores is on the verge of ending. The Knights of Labor have worked four long years to put an end to their greatest adversaries, but one person stands in their way. One of their members has a dark secret which shows her as an ally to the Tailores, and she has to wipe away ... Read More

Thoughts from the Mountain, Words from the Heart

Thoughts from the Mountain, Words from the Heart is a book of poems, mostly Christian, inspired by God and the author's family, friends, and life. These poems are meant to inspire and uplift people as they go along life's journey. Life can be trying sometimes, so if these poems touch one person's... Read More

The Secret of Mojave's Dusty Diary

The Mojave Desert is a complex place. Seemingly empty with sand, rocks, and creosote bushes, there is so much hidden life. Jackrabbits, coyotes, roadrunners, snakes, tarantulas, lizards, and...the elusive bighorn sheep. Shawn finds himself there doing research for his university project about the... Read More

The Republic

A world-famous black civil rights attorney has uncovered a sinister plot to undermine and overthrow the US government and replace the existing republic with a Socialist/Marxist-style government. He is assisted in his efforts to expose the World Order Syndicate by a gay female Department of Justice a... Read More

"Weird" short, stupid poems for smart kids

The intention of publishing "Weird" is to aid human and animal refugees, by donating its entire net profits to International Rescue Committee (IRC) and International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

Sharing this information with friends, neighbors, relatives, etc.- either by word of ... Read More

Forbidden Entries

The first four parts are introductions to each character, and from there, we move into the story.- Rivalry - Mafia family dysfunction - Division - Coming together Oscar Al-Ghul has always found Lee Yen-Soo a threat to his Mafia world, as well as his reputation. The people give Yen-Soo the attenti... Read More

Emily's Soul

Kelly Crist is still grieving the loss of her husband and son, but the daughter she is trying desperately to hold on to has not been the same since the accident. Her journey will take her into the unknown world of the paranormal. Still deep in her grief, she will need to do the unthinkable to sav... Read More


Lyla and Lilly take on the role as the new leaders of Armoria while also trying to find the time to train as well as practice their ever-growing magic and abilities to ensure the defeat of their enemy in Dresden.As Damien continues to plot to rule the world, it drives unforeseen visitors to th... Read More

Who's Troubling Africa?

While the author was on a business trip in Abidjan (Cote d'Ivoire) in September 2002, the military insurrection that partitioned the country into two with a de jure government in Abidjan and a de facto administration in Bouake took place. Mark witnessed the violence meted out by both factions to ... Read More

Schneider's Tale

Jack is just an ordinary college senior on a trip for winter break with his friends when his life changes forever. After a skiing accident, Jack gains the powers of a wolf, joins a government organization, and now fights with a new group of friends to rid the world of wrongdoers--that is, if what... Read More

I'm Not Sleepy, Grandma

It is time for grandson to take a nap, but he is not sleepy. At least that is what he keeps telling Grandma. He is trying to think of anything to get out of taking a nap. If he can convince Grandma that he doesn't need a nap, then he and Grandma can keep playing. Grandma, however, has other plans... Read More

White Donor

Imagine you had several miscarriages, and you have one chance at getting pregnant. You and your husband have a special night set up. But your night is upended by a home invasion. You are raped and brutalized while your husband of sixteen years is watching, tied up helpless, and your faithful dog ... Read More

Buddy the Tortoise's Great Exploration Day!

Buddy is a spunky, adventurous Russian tortoise that loves to explore the room of his person, Nehemiah. On this particular day, Buddy encounters a slew of potential friends and has some fun but puzzling experiences. Come explore with Buddy and make some new friends!

... Read More

The Magical Mysterious Treehouse

The Magical, Mysterious Tree House is exactly what the title implies. A tree house where magical and mysterious events occur compliments of the mistress of the woods. However, not only do magical mysterious events occur, but real-life adventures also do. Our group of youngsters are continually su... Read More

Interviewing Granddad

Everyone has lost a loved one in their life, and most have lost at least one before they turned eighteen. For Arthur Parts, he had already lost a few. Terrified that he might forget his grandfather, he decides to sit down with him before it's too late. The two spent twenty-four hours together, ch... Read More

Death of a Madman

The devastation of drug addiction is, quite frankly, a pandemic. It has taken countless lives, destroyed homes, separated families, and alienated friends.Those of us who survived this hellish phenomena have a responsibility to drop a ladder, give a hand, and share with others the way out of such ... Read More

A Young World Drawn to the Gun

A Young World Drawn to the Gun is about America's youngest problem: young people engaging in gun violence. America is losing its future as our children are losing their lives on the streets, in our homes, and in schools across America. America has an obligation to protect the lives of all its cit... Read More

Smedley the Skateboarding Snail

Since snails move slowly Smedley had a real interest in moving fast. He learned how to skateboard and was able to move much faster. He had more goals which included learning from his mistakes!

... Read More

Building a Better Liberia If I Am President

Our founders had envisioned a great country and a great democracy. The color of the Liberian national flag and the form of government and the Liberian Constitution are telltale signs. Liberians living both at home and in the diaspora know that our country is headed in the wrong direction. From on... Read More

Poetic Perspectives

Poetic Perspectives brings to parchment two decades of this author's finest poetry. Deemed the Thomas Kinkade of poetry, Wolfe pens to paper words, thoughts, ponderings, history, personal experiences, patriotism, love, and loss. He clearly expresses delight in his rhyming verse and subject matter. Y... Read More

Guest of the Cannibals

Guest of the Cannibals is a true story my father told me about his encounter with cannibals while on a trip with his family in the early 1930s. He is the chief character in the play. Some names, characters, and places have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals in the story. My fa... Read More

Cabin in the Woods or How A Kid From Brooklyn Wound Up with 20 Acres of Deer Poop

Ever get into a series of situations with which you had no prior experience but still had to deal with it on a daily basis? Consider handling occurrences so alien that nothing in your background or the places you had lived could prepare you. That was Alexandra's problem. Born and raised in Brooklyn,... Read More

Penelope's New Bed

The biggest event in Pebnelope's life was the day her parents sat her down at the kitchen table and told her she would finally be getting her wish to become a GROWN-UP!

... Read More

I Want My Kids to Know Who God Really is

In all ages, faith has provided a backbone and common entity connection for the masses. Faith need not tear people apart because it is a personal journey. Where three such travelers meet in good faith, Jesus is there. Societal norms have shifted away from the Bible and active faith, the type that... Read More

Hidden Secrets

Maria is a junior high school student struggling between reality and a lie and trying to figure out who she really is and what she really wants in life. Maria undergoes a series of situations in her life that puts her in a test, where she has to decide what's best for her and also her mother's--d... Read More

An Awakening of My Kid Human Powers

An Awakening of My Kid Human Powers allows the child to raise expectations of others to do what is right, to make the world a better place. It addresses the strengths within them that make them uniquely themselves. An Awakening of My Kid Human Powers touches on the unique self and the unique qual... Read More

...The Fellowship of the Mystery...

In Ephesians 3:9, the Apostle Paul instructed the followers of Christ, "to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery." Here is Tom Barnes' answer to those instructions.

... Read More

Survivors and Connivers on Moloka'i

This story concerns a young man, Doug Malone, seventeen, who quits college, leaves home, and heads to Mexico to escape an alcoholic, abusive father. After an adventurous start, his perky '35 Plymouth perishes near the Mexican border. In addition, he finds himself out of money and decides to retur... Read More

The Carileum

CARILEUM is an acronym with two meanings. First, the scientific acronym is "conscious aura regenerating infinite life, energy-uniting matter." The second is for the practice of Carileum: "conscious atheists representing intelligence living enriched, understanding materialization."Carileum is a... Read More

How I Grounded the Weight Gain-Loss Roller Coaster

The World-Famous I. B. Corduroy has had a weight problem throughout his entire life and has tried almost every diet program there is. He managed to lose the weight, only to find that he would regain it and then some afterward. He calls this "the weight gain-loss roller coaster."One day, he realiz... Read More


This is based on a true story.

In the thirties, Marseille, rebellious and radiant, was contaminated with bloodshed between Italian mobsters and forthcoming Corsican Mafia. The city, a colorful melting pot of cultures, was founded by Greek settlers who first named it Massalia (circa 600 BC). I... Read More

Forgotten Battles and American Memory

Forgotten Battles and American Memory is a military history book that brings to life long-ignored important conflicts through personal stories. Key figures include George Washington, Myles Standish, Daniel Morgan, Banastre Tarleton, Benjamin Franklin, Oliver Hazard Perry, Nathan Bedford Forest, J... Read More

Life Interrupted

Life can change in an instant. One moment a person is enjoying dinner out with her significant other, the next she is lying in a hospital bed with no guarantee of ever being the same again or even surviving. Things seem to be going so well, and then suddenly, without warning, life is interrupted ... Read More

Ellie's New Path

Ellie's New Path is a sequel to Ellie's Path. When a true love dies, you feel that you have died with them. But life does go on. Become Ellie and experience her new grasp on life with her new neighbors and friends.

... Read More

Feline Retribution

This is the story of Ben and Jenny Olsen, who find a dying kitten on their front porch. After nursing it back to health, they discover that the cat has some awesome supernatural powers. He introduces himself as Beckett. He has a 162 IQ. He is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, and clairvoyant. ... Read More

Now Abides: Faith, Hope, Love

For Karsi'hara two months felt like forever, especially since becoming aware of her prominent gift. She had chosen to become inconspicuous about what was happening to her because she was only able to access that realm as she slept. Having this ability to travel into another place in time was s... Read More

Butterfly Wars

Butterfly Wars is about the destructive nature of post-traumatic stress disorder over time. In a one-year reflective journal, the narrator tells the first-person account of the development and fragility of his character, which is then subjected to provocative challenges that shatter expectations,... Read More

Paradise for Men

Hi, guys!J. George here, and this book speaks to the men who don't want to end up on a rocking chair on the front porch or you young guys looking for some great adventure. Do you consider yourself vital, a man who loves the company of beautiful women, looking for romance, and yes, even a bette... Read More

Just Another Pretty Face (It Must Be The Face!)

William H. Cooper III describes the years of racial profiling in law enforcement that had significantly affected his life, family, and friends. Readers will understand the life experiences of how Mr. Cooper paid the consequences emotionally, mentally, and financially because of wrongful law enfor... Read More


This is a story of the power of dreams and overcoming all the things that stand in the way of those dreams.The story also helps to show how with a little work and water, the circle of life in the garden goes on year after year, and maybe my story will inspire a new generation of gardeners.

... Read More

Grace and Mercy

Grace and Mercy is a story which both personifies and exemplifies exactly what the word insanity means--an act or action of continuously repeating a nonproductive action over and over, again and again, expecting a productive result or outcome. As our story opens, we discover a young male child in... Read More

The Price of an A

Amber Zeller is new in Main Summers Elementary School, and get this, her dad is the principal! In order to go on a tropical trip her family has planned, she needs to get all As in all her classes. Her overall grade slips one day in class, and she has to find a way to bring her grade back up. However... Read More


It has something to say.--AnonymousEx-talent scout, ex-singer, and ex-actor conjured up some eclectic introspective poetry.

... Read More

The Final Sunset

In the quiet still hours of the evening on May 10, 1980, a young nation faced its most crucial hour. Two Cuban MiGs were dispatched by Cuba's competent authority. Their ultimate destination Cay Santo Domingo a small cay in the southern hemisphere of the Bahamas. Their intended target: HMBS Flamingo,... Read More

Life Saving Messages

Live Saving Messages is a truly an inspiring book put together to help people for the right reasons. We all need help and assistance in our lives. These messages provide a path in your journey toward your life and the lives of other. Be saved now and Live in Peace Forever will have you ... Read More

Gordon's Stroll

Young Gordon Fisk has heard the legend before and now puts it to pen in his nineteenth-century poem. Will the poem bring to life a local Native American legend?Let the readers decide if such a tale did happen!

... Read More

Asterian Spy

During the post-war era in Communist East Germany in the seventies, Karen von Wagner is enjoying her life in East Berlin. She had grown up indebted and grateful to the GDR for giving her an excellent education in the arts in spite of what her father had done and was imprisoned for—guilty of war cr... Read More

The Iniquity Pool

Five immortal Brothers, once ethereal beings known as Free Magic, were trapped by human hands and made to submit to an unholy Oath. Four magical races combined in hatred against the fifth. Three transgressions culminated in the death of an emperor and the awakening of a primeval creature bent on ... Read More


With the help of a mysterious and sexy FBI agent, he must put an end to the killer's reign of terror. What they encounter is more than either of them bargained for. Former SFPD Detective Frank Crenshaw is asked to solve a string of copycat murders. It's not going to be an easy job. When the killi... Read More


During this time of a pandemic season and beyond, I hope to articulate a message in my book that you do not have to be stuck when you find out the root cause of your problem(s). Many situations arise because there are so many variations of sin used by the enemy to deceive people into thinking they h... Read More

Y10K Fractured

An empire that has stood for nearly ten thousand years falls. In its fall are left behind the fractured fragments of various kingdoms struggling to survive and rise again.Fast-forward, a few centuries after the fall and the last heir of the imperial throne dies quietly in obscurity as a minor nob... Read More

ShzaHorse Finds the Treasure!

This book is about the love of horses and a partnership between steed and master. Readers may find the book an enlightenment and a learning experience. Horses are truly full of surprises and wonderful companion animals. A sense of adventure is at the climax of this realistic tale.... Read More

Persecution or Popularity as an Individual

Which One Are You?

Corporate individual will select popularity or persecution to be their true identity, true image, and true testimony as a human being in today's society.

Congressional individual will select popularity or persecution to be their true identity, true im... Read More

Color Me

Color Me is the story of Johnathan Black, a painter who suffers from schizophrenia. Throughout the drama, his psychoses are represented by percussion and dance. The play follows Johnathan's growth over the course of eighteen years, from the onset of his mental illness through his triumph over ins... Read More

No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached: My Life Growing up with the Birth of Rock and Roll offers a nostalgic look at life growing up in the fifties and sixties. The narrative provides a bird's-eye view as seen through the eyes of a young devotee of music as it is changing from ballroom to bandstand and from pop to ro... Read More

They May Laugh

Growing up is hard, and learning to be confident is even harder. This book follows a child through the school day where bullying occurs. See how they cope and show the world they are happy and confident in themselves.

... Read More

Arson Investigation

Arson Investigation consists of true actual cases of arson. Photographs that were taken are included to indicate how the fires were started. These arsons include murder, organized crime, cover-up for other crimes, and more. Investigative techniques prepare the investigator to obtain sufficient ev... Read More

Noah Landers, Welcome Home

Little Noah was shipped off the ranch to school at age thirteen. From school, he went on to fight in the War between the States, then worked at various jobs around the country until the mail finally caught up with him. It is then he learns that his father and the foreman were both killed in quest... Read More

Two Left Feet

The book is in the voice of an eleven-year-old girl (referencing ages ten to twelve) living in 1963 Brooklyn. She details her Italian/Sicilian family, their language customs, as well as the crazy cast of characters on her beloved block and schoolmates. It references the events and music of the da... Read More

Color Me Yours

The pain of forbidden love and dark family secrets.Anson is a White young man, and Mattie, a half-White girl. They grow up together playing on Anson's family manor. Negroes and Whites are curious as to why Mattie and her mother stay on White folk's property. Slavery is over. Anson and Mattie plan... Read More

No Ordinary Doctor; No Ordinary Time

No Ordinary Doctor; No Ordinary Time describes, almost exploits, a mid to late 20th century medical career that chronicles in story format the dramatic changes in medical science and health care. Dr. Greenberg took advantage of many opportunities newly opened to physicians, both in New Yor... Read More

Justice for Vietnam

Bright Quang is a Vietnamese American poet, sculptor, writer, and prisoner of war. He came to the United States on November 22, 1993. He keeps up the respectful faiths and the just cause when he loves literature and art more than everything in his life, just because art is long-lasting, and power... Read More

The Body of Christ is One

"For those of us who believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, there is no more important Scripture than the prayer of Jesus, as it is recorded in the Gospel of John, chapter 17. In this prayer, Jesus prayed for those first disciples, and He also prayed for "all who believe in Me through their ... Read More


This is a story about a very lucky young man who gains sexual experience through the help of the sexually deprived women in a condominium where Jeff works as the repairman. While his fantasies come to fruition, he learns what women want and need in their lives.

... Read More

15 Minutes to Live

In February 1968, Andy Warhol coined the phrase "fifteen minutes of fame." His actual statement is slightly different. He said, "In the future, everybody will be world-famous for fifteen minutes."This is not about Andy Warhol, nor is it about fame. It is about fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes--No... Read More

Outward Bound

The creativity that has resulted in this writing was packaged in a special receptacle that was finally rediscovered after many years of storage. The title came from feelings unearthed as a result of its new makeover. Life is a self-renewing journey packed with thoughts of lost times. The refreshe... Read More

The Wildwood Sea Monster

The Wildwood Sea Monster follows a very friendly sea monster who is...well, hungry. Very hungry! He comes ashore to grab a bite to eat and, along the way, makes a friend or two.

... Read More

Reid and the Runaway Balloons!

Reid wants to pick a special balloon for her birthday party but these escaping balloons have minds of their own! Follow Reid as she runs as fast as she can through the neighborhood chasing balloons and getting distracted by some of her favorite things. Will she be successful in choosing a balloon... Read More

Adventures with Oakie the Other Heroes

If the trees could talk, what would they say? You climb a tree and lie in his branches. You tell him all your secrets because he won't tell. One day, as you lie there, you fall asleep. Your mom calls, but you don't hear her. The branch wiggles, no response. It wiggles harder, still nothing. So no... Read More


The purpose of this book is to share a simple guide to what the Torah ("to guide or teach") tells us about living life the way God wishes.When I began to study my Hebrew roots (I do not believe I am a Jew, though I could be; the ten tribes of the house of Israel never returned from captivity and ... Read More

Our American Story

Almost nobody approves of the way our government is working. Almost everybody agrees that money in the form of political donations is a major part of the problems we witness. Corporate and special interest donations are seen as the most egregious parts of the political finance problem.Our history... Read More


Life on the reservation is difficult. Jobs are hard to come by, medical treatment is practically nonexistent, and the schools are in disrepair. They need a silver lining to boost local morale and the economy. It appears that one has presented itself. The logging and mining companies want to le... Read More

Noah Tone

Noah Tone is the firstborn of two parents that possess a legendary legacy in a global struggle that is soon about to boil over. The sparks of war furiously intensify as bonds break, dark secrets are revealed, and opposition increases. It is a dangerous time to meddle with the enemy, but Noah refu... Read More

Infobody Theory and Infobody Model

This book presents a new concept: infobody.It contains four chapters:Chapter 1: Infobody OverviewThis chapter talks about the new concept--infobody and all related concepts and definitions. It also gives a summary for each following chapter and potential applications and research topics.Chapter 2... Read More

The Blade, the Beginning

Two families--irrevocably connected by a fighting knife--go through history unaware of their binding ties that lead them from one conflict to another. The blade repeatedly rises to link them over the deadliest conflicts of their country.

... Read More


Imagine growing up in a dense jungle where just getting a meal every day is a challenge. Jungles have all sorts of hazards like poisonous snakes, spiders, and poisonous plants. Now, mix in some large predators like the saber-toothed tiger and the boa constrictor, and one could well imagine how da... Read More

Present Suffering, Future Glory

On August 12, 1995, James Abernathy, fifteen-year-old son of Larry and Diane Abernathy, was playing Marco Polo in a neighbor's swimming pool late one night when he dove into the shallow end, breaking his neck and becoming permanently paralyzed from the shoulders down. In this book, Diane chronicl... Read More

Seven Years of Great Plenty

This book, Seven Years of Great Plenty, is an inspirational book to inspire and encourage God's people to elevate their faith and believe God for his very best in this new season and to let them know that the heaven is open and opened wide. All they need to do is believe, love, honor and obey Him in... Read More

The First Werewolf

Werewolves have been living in our nightmares, literature, and films for decades; but how did the first werewolf come to be? Why does it only come out during a full moon? Why is being bitten and/or scratched by one turns the victim into a werewolf? Different cultures have different versions of a ... Read More

Skate or Die

"Skate or Die" is "Slap Shot" on Steroids. I know it will be enjoyed by many." – Dave Hanson, ten-years as a pro hockey player and star of the movie Slap Shot.

Hockey fans will love the assortment of players on this team. Author Steve Violetta has been around hockey his entire life,... Read More

Legend of the Woodcutter's Son

"Indeed, Father, is the grizzly the king of all beasts? Does it fear no other?""There is another, my son," "Chief Oakbeard replied. "There is a beast that makes even the grizzly look like a small forest mouse. But let us speak of this later. Right now, my son, let us enjoy this feast on your hono... Read More

Tears for Claire

Wade Lassiter, a gifted athlete and scholar, was days away from graduating from high school in Amarillo, Texas, and had been accepted to attend Princeton University in the fall. He came home on a Friday afternoon to find the house empty even though his parents' cars were there and his ninth-grade... Read More

The Wedding's Riddle

It took just one riddle to turn this wedding into a disaster. When a young Philistine woman married an Israelite man named Samson, everything seemed to be well. Until, on the night of the wedding feast, the newly married Samson challenged his bride's Philistine guests to a battle of wits. Now in ... Read More

Stone Valley

"It was just supposed to be a nice break from my previous life of a difficult marriage, a sick and eventually dead husband, to visit my sister that I hadn't seen in way too long. I needed a real break, and I had it all planned. The problem was, I didn't watch where I was going and found myself in... Read More

In God's Hands, We Grow

This book contains poems of different styles and varieties. I began writing love poems to my wife while stationed in Korea. Once I returned from Korea, my poems matured into a more Christian and miscellaneous type of work. After writing over one hundred Christian poems, I began to focus once again o... Read More

My Window to the Mountains

If you're reading this, you're probably asking yourself, "What is this book all about?"Well, it's about stories of nature, man in nature and the effects of that, changing of the seasons, and some interesting phonomimes that surround us in our daily lives. With some lovely illustrations that compl... Read More

I Put Away

On June 1, 2019, my grandmother, Christine Helen Wallace, went to be with the Lord. This life-changing experience led me on a journey resulting in a shift from operating under a childlike system to an adult one. This journey occurs over a three-week period where God gives me an opportunity to cha... Read More

A Way Up

The first thought after any arrest is usually how long it will take to get out. Whether in jail or prison, your sole focus is getting out. Recent statistics show that three out of every four persons incarcerated always end up returning behind bars within the first three years of release. A large ... Read More

The Twelve Percent System Battle Book 1.0

(c)(r)"The Empress Omega Dawn in Magnetar Form(c)(r)"The "Scrolls" of Twilight Dawn(c)(r)The "Parchments" of Omega Dawn(c)(r)The "Saying" of Unknown Ultimate Itinerate(c)(r)The "Stories" of Light for the Dawns(c)(r)The 12% System Battle Book 1.0(c)(r) (three volume series) is based on Science, Lo... Read More

Visiting Day

Hip, hip, hooray! It's visiting day! Whether incarcerated, in a nursing home, or in a care facility and whether living near or far, it is important to take the time to call, write, or visit your friends, family, and loved ones. This book takes the reader through an exciting and long-awaited visit... Read More


We don't think twice about the common narrative of history, but what if we tweaked it a bit? A young woman and a young man travel far back into the past, all the way back to the time of the Roman Republic and Ancient Carthage. They join Hannibal Barca's vast army of mercenaries as his personal co... Read More

Hamden Notch

"Hamden Notch." A sleepy little town with a horrible little secret.Three friends--hunting buddies for years enter the woodlands together, only one comes out.Al is charged with a murder he did not commit. No one believes he is innocent. All his friends--even his wife have their doubts. His attorne... Read More

House Beat

House Beat. There's no place like home--except if the house doesn't want you there!A Connecticut family living in a small apartment in Oaks, Pennsylvania, moves into an old semi-colonial house in Royersford, PA., needing a tremendous amount of work located about ten miles from King of Prussia. Th... Read More

I Got You

This book is about four individuals: a former state representative from Arizona's Department of Education, a cum laude graduate from an HBCU, a former groomsman, and Marcus MacDonald. Galvanized by negativity, four individuals hoped to get any and every one to join their crusade. Through their li... Read More

Dead in Space

Forged in fire and bound together by adversity, Captain Erik Vallatin and the crew of the Destination set out on their first mission: terraforming a planet rendered lifeless by a murderous android race. But someone on board may not be what he seems.There's trouble elsewhere in the galaxy when ... Read More

Cookies for Breakfast

Winter snow days are some of the best memories Glenn Bartlett has--from building an igloo to sledding to snowball fights. Snow days, when school was canceled, were so special. He hopes you enjoy this book.

... Read More

Nick Williams and the Return of Scar-Lock

Please. Let this be a dream. I'll wake up and none of this will be real.

Nick Williams--a fourteen-year-old resident of London--and his family must hold their own as the threat that his late parents fought fourteen years ago returns. Nick and his family are part of the Enhanced Socie... Read More

Look Through the Mirror

Look through the Mirror: Change Your Perspective to Change Your Life is a beautiful book with a unique perspective focused on the fundamentals of mastering your mind by positive thinking, visualization, the power of positive self-talk, and observing your thoughts so you can choose your thought... Read More

Future Songs

These songs are about all of us in these trying times, and hopefully, we all can try to represent a common solution to partner our way out of chaos and coloniality and share a peaceful solution in song.... Read More

The White Witch's Daughter

England 1296Losing her mother to the witch's noose and her father to those who placed her there, Lady Edyth DeVries flees for her life into the wilds of Scotland. With all her hopes pinned upon reuniting with the only family left to her, Edyth is tormented as a keeper of a dangerous secret, on... Read More

Emilio's Adventures

A fearless knight, a vigorous dragon, and a battle. The twelve knights of Goodling embark on an adventure to face off with Kono the Dragon.

... Read More

How to Avoid Police Brutality

I am writing this book out of a broken heart of what I see happening here and around the world, about every other time occurrence, death, brutality, permanent injury of people in the community, only because of a stop or encounter by the police officers. But this problem is reversible by maki... Read More

The Fox and the Girl

Have you ever seen a super cute wild animal and thought, "Can we keep it?" Well, that's exactly what a very special wild fox thought when she saw a little girl. This story is about a wild fox and a little girl, and the love that they have for each other. Experience the magical bond between an animal... Read More

Lewis Johnson

Lewis Johnson is the episodic biography of an elderly African American looking back over his life as it nears its end. Born in 1932 to a poor family in rural Texas, Lewis thinks of himself and his family as slaves of the Baker family, despite the legal ending of slavery in the United States decad... Read More

Far Away Home

Their planet had been ravaged by years of warfare. All life, apart from the many male species on their planet, have been eradicated. It has become vital to journey throughout many galaxies to gather much needed wildlife, plant life, and compatible females to replenish their world. In their travel... Read More


Migration is book 3 in the Feet of the Nevis trilogy. This is where the story begins and sets the stage for the future of the inhabitants of Orus. If some of the problems faced on Orus sound familiar, they are. I have always believed that a good story is better than a good lecture. That being sai... Read More

Crust Heaven

Crust Heaven—a strange name.

Crust Heaven is a retrospect, looking back from an adult's perspective to a nine-year-old's visions of the world surrounding him. Travel back in your mind to a time before computers, before cell phones, even before most homes had televisions. Back when l... Read More

Carleigh & Friends

Carleigh and her brothers are excited about their summer vacation. Now they could spend more time playing in the creek and exploring the woods behind their old farmhouse. Little did they know that this summer was going to be like nothing they could have imagined. Through a series of unexpected ev... Read More

Serial Killer Eyes

Physically, sexually, and mentally abused as a child, Santee Smith is a tortured soul still coping with the demons that pursue her.Santee attracts people and animals like a magnet. Her instinctive nurturing ability was beaten out of her before she was eight years old. Now she is learning how to i... Read More


Come ride along and live the adventure of the men of Mjölnir (the name of the legendary hammer of Thor, the Norse god of war) an eleven-man German special forces unit of World War II. A forward observation group for the German war machine, the Wehrmacht, and their panzer tank divisions. Jo... Read More

No, Buster Grimes, Don't Work Hard, Work Smart

The year was 1964 and the Vietnam conflict is quickly becoming the Vietnam War!The draft of all able-bodied men is firmly in place. What does smart even mean in an atmosphere of being a "baby killer" of a "draft dodger"? Buster Grimes would find out.... Read More

Mac's Happy Landing

Delmer is an apple of the Delicious variety in the Perry Farm orchard. Welcoming new apples is one of his favorite moments. When Delmer greets a newly born McIntosh apple, the frightened little apple manages a feeble "H-hello."The next day Delmer tells his new friend that he needs a name, and ... Read More

The Chronicles of Arax

Our actions define us as heroes or cowards, not intentions. Such is the nature of war, Arsenc. Men march beside their comrades into walls of spears and under rains of arrows, refusing to relent so as not to shame themselves before their brothers. For every man who shirks his duty and abandons his po... Read More

The Lords Prayer and the Resurrection

Most Christians know the Lord's Prayer by heart, but not all Christians take the time to review the prayer, internalize its message, and renew their faith through it. As we confront daily struggles and seek our purpose in life, our faith can falter. But the Lord's Prayer provides everything we ne... Read More

The Captain and the Lady

The Captain and the Lady is set in the pre-Revolutionary War province of New Jersey. Sally Waitt, a young girl, wishes to be a sailor in her father's fleet of ships. But with her mother's death, Sally's life changes as she becomes the mistress of the plantation and their homes in the city of Bost... Read More

Appalachian Army Brat

Tim will take you on a journey that started from his earliest childhood memories from an Appalachian coal town to the time he separated from the US Army. In between that time is a tale of the turbulent sixties, the wild seventies, lost friends who were never seen again, drug and alcohol abuse, an... Read More

Ministering Without Walls

Have the grace to live righteously.For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. (Ephesians 2:10)When you answer the calling to step out of the traditional role of church membership to serve beyond the walls of a physical structu... Read More

When Midnight Comes!

It is of great honor and privilege that I present to the readers writing that will give those who possess these words in their view all that can have many to tell others what they have purchased as a powerful reminder of past, present, and future writings. During my years of sharecropper's son fo... Read More

Mama's Baby Girl

Life as an unwed teen mother wasn't easy especially raising my daughter whom at the age of six years old was diagnosed with an intellectual disability and later in life, diagnosed with a mental illness.At this point in life I questioned my faith in God and was ready to just give up on my dreams, of ... Read More


Shane Walker is a man who has worn many hats over the years, a poet, prophet, victim, and survivor to say a few. He would be best-described cope. Kope is about science and spirituality in these new times but timeless adjoining of the two: my adventures traveling around the world in the US Army fo... Read More

The Bride of God and the Bride of Christ

Who will be in the Bride of God from the Old Testament? Who will be the Bride of Christ in the New Testament? Answer: those who have loved God through Jesus Christ the most. Only God knows who these will be. However, we can examine ourselves now in the light of God's Word and know our love for Je... Read More

The Recycling Universe Star Theory

After golden sunsets, early cavemen sat around amber campfires in the twilight, serenely pondering diamond stars reaching above moonlit nights. Clouds bring rain and thunder as seasons change. Can mankind's fate be on the brink of extinction? Or will we survive? Elsewhere in the cosmos, is the... Read More


A simple task: a theft steal an object for a lord. Ro believed it an easy thing to accomplish except when the object in question begins to speak to its mind, and seeing a grotesque creature flitting at the edge of his field of vision does he start to suspect that there was something much more to it.... Read More

When God Calls You from Your Comfort Zone

When God Calls You from Your Comfort Zone is an inspirational book written by Carl Hays, who grew up in Mississippi during the turbulent civil rights years. Carl Hays's father was deeply involved in human rights and civil rights campaigns of the '60s. The book explains how a father during those t... Read More

Penelope the Paci Fairy

With the help of her family, Penelope the Paci Fairy, pixies, trolls, and ogres, a little girl learns the importance of helping others through her commitment of giving up her pacifier.

... Read More

An Interpretation of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility begins with allusions to the Norman kings and quickly moves on to thePlantagenets. The main characters are Edward Ferrars who represents Edward I and ElinorDashwood who represents Eleanor of Castile. Allusions to the Plantagenets end with Edward IV.The thread is then picked up ... Read More

Louis Armstrong, Blues Music, and the Artistic, Political, and Philosophical Debate During the Harlem Renaissance

In Louis Armstrong, Blues Music, and the Artistic, Political, and Philosophical Debate During the Harlem Renaissance, Dr. Michael Decuir explores the interrelationship of the literary, visual, and performing arts; politics; and opposing philosophies during the Harlem Renaissance. His research doc... Read More

The Cryptid Beast of the Dark Forest

This short treatise on the illusive creature commonly called Bigfoot is a thrilling adventure the reader will find exhilarating and informative. The history of the beast is covered thoroughly, and current sightings and events are set forth in an exciting, swift-moving, and easily readable style. ... Read More

Shadow Side

A war raging on for centuries against the nefarious shadow elves that threaten to obliterate the humans. Wiping them out of existence. Dwarves and elves coming to the humans' aid, all three fighting to push the monsters back into their dark territory and save the human race until one of the el... Read More

Life As A Foster Child

The young boy and his siblings were ripped from their father's care and placed in a "prisonlike" campus, a state-run children's home. Soon enough they passed him off to a foster home. In a matter of a few years' time, the young boy had endured every type of abuse that he could imagine. Sexu... Read More

The Erin Kennedy Project

Most people find themselves in a career that leads them to a crossroad, but what if you decided to take the road that had no end?The Erin Kennedy Project is an action-thriller about five fictional characters who are dear friends and are at the peak of their careers, but somehow, the women find th... Read More

From Panamá to New York

Jacquelina is a ten-year-old girl who lives in the beautiful Central American country of Panama with her beloved Abuelita and her younger sister, Nana. Her Papa works hard and is often away for work, while her Mama moved to the United States of America many years earlier in search of a better life. ... Read More

Leena Was Lonely

Leena is in for a big surprise. Little does she know her loneliness and her super sad mood because of this awful COVID-19 thing are both going to change today.She is about to learn kindness, how to be still and quiet, and about love and trust in a way she never could have imagined.Leena meets a s... Read More

Forever My Lady

Jaxon and Juana are getting on with their new lives together. They are entering a new chapter. Being a married couple, they will face some new challenges and heartbreaks. Neither one of them has any idea what is in store for them.They will face some obstacles that will allow each of them to know ... Read More

I Love You Grandmother Because You Love God and God is Love

This book is about the mutual relationship shared by grandmothers and their grandchildren. The illustrator has done a great job capturing the various races and ethnicities that makeup grandmothers in the world today. My Grammom played an important role in the lives of my siblings and me. She... Read More

The Mediterranean Sea From Alexander To The Rise Of Rome

This book is designed to describe the environmental, political, socioeconomic, and military life of the inhabitants that surrounded the Mediterranean Sea from the fourth through the second centuries BC. This story relates the complex dynamic interrelationships among the people and states of the M... Read More

Tiana Claus

Tiana Claus is about a cute, loveable African American little girl who won a contest in school to visit jolly ole St. Nick himself, Santa Claus.While visiting, she learns the true meaning of Christmas, touching her little heart. She met Mrs. Claus; Frosted the Snowboy; Jingle and Jangle, two o... Read More

Jungle Animals Circus

A young man, Scott, begins his career as an engineer on a steam engine locomotive traveling through the jungle. He encounters many jungle animals and develops an interest in communicating with them. After several years of jungle travels, he enters college, studying to become a veterinarian. In sc... Read More

Welcome Sky Soldiers Letters Home from Vietnam

The author decided over a forty-year period to write about his experiences in South Vietnam with the Fourth Battalion, 503rd Airborne Infantry. His parents had managed to save every letter he had sent home during that time. What Mike decided to do with the help of his oldest granddaughter, Sierra... Read More

Passionate Pursuit of Iowa’s Water and Woods

Passionate Pursuit of Iowa's Water and Woods is a compilation of outdoor adventures and experiences of lifelong Iowa native Steve Anderson; starting with his upbringing in northwest Iowa and leading to and through some of the positive highlights of a successful career in the conservation field... Read More


I Am Woman is a book about the many struggles women encounter that are not always spoken about (i.e., betrayal, abortion, illness, humiliation, abuse, failure, and success). Although a work of fiction, I Am Woman is based on a culmination of life events that touches on a number of issues whether ... Read More

The Purple Dragon

"The Purple Dragon" is a story of a very sick little girl named Jenella who wanders off from her mother in the woods. Lost and frightened, she finds a cave to take shelter in. Much to her surprise, what she finds in the cave is exactly what this lost little girl needs.

... Read More

Scarlet Chaos

Elaine Brody a psych nurse working with her brother in an organization called Scarlet Chaos. The small group is labeled domestic terrorists by the United States for protesting forced vaccinations that cause sterility. The group becomes more subversive until Elaine survives a biological agent used... Read More

Love Mirage

Although only still in high school, Kyle Phelps had found love in Valerie Brickly that many others search an entire lifetime for. He knew that he would do anything to protect her, including kill for her, and that is exactly what he did. Valerie had been raped by a man Kyle knew all too well. Kyle... Read More

The Blood Island Brooch

Jack Hennessey is a highly decorated, former homicide detective who had a long, successful career. Yet in retirement, Hennessey is consumed by needless guilt, believing he had betrayed his best friend in a botched murder investigation. When the mangled body of a woman is found tangled in the rock... Read More

RetireSmart II

Millions of hard-working Americans wake up every day and go to work as part of the gig economy. But gig workers often aren't prepared for the next step--retirement. Why? Because we were all told a huge lie about saving for retirement, and gig workers are even more vulnerable to this misinformatio... Read More

Lily Pond

After forging an alliance through the efforts of the frogs, the five domains of Lily Pond vow to meet the common threat. A threat that had been long forgotten through the passage of time. With the aid of ancient scrolls that had been discovered in the city of Granstone, the true nature of the thr... Read More

A Caring Errand 2

This book is intended, first and foremost, for use by content-area teachers. Second, it is intended for use by college education professors to instruct their students in the use of a technique Dr. Yokitis calls before-during-after strategic reading process. Finally, education majors can use the r... Read More

Crazy Like Us

Crazy Like Us: Book 1: Sands Through the Hourglass is part one of a crazy love story. Lance found love in the most unlikely of places in the mountains of Western North Carolina. And with the most unlikely of persons, Kate, a dying, middle-aged, lonely married woman with multiple personalities. Di... Read More

A Stitch in Time:

Following the Baron's plan for the girls to learn of the family history, Nayla uses her powers to open a hidden crypt under the chapel at Capitol House. The story of the Baron's family unfolds as Grace, Amy, Claire and Parilee explore the crypt and make surprising discoveries that reveal the gir... Read More

A Glimpse of a Promising Day

Edward Ibeh is a poet that speaks to the young and young at heart. His poetic ink flows with passion and tenderness. His power of observation, attention to detail, insatiable curiosity, and daily life experiences fuel his creativity. He's endlessly fascinated with the human condition and has a de... Read More

The True Story of Six Months from Courthouse to County Jail to State Prison

The Statesville Prison experience will pull you right in, if not already. It was surreal being a White male in his forties locked up in one of the most horrific prisons in the country, Statesville Penitentiary. After another blink of an eye, he's transferred to minimum-security East Moline Illino... Read More

Father Time and Other Rhymes

This book of Father Time and Other Rhymes is written so parents can read to their children and help them to be able to count, learn their ABCs and simple ways to be kind to others. Learn to mind and do what they have been told to do and how to be friends with others.Father Time and Other Rhymes cont... Read More


A frantic father, a mysterious container, and a serendipitous encounter with an especially talented soldier of fortune come together for an international reckoning. The circle of life becomes a Mobius strip.OddsWhen a man retires and becomes a multimillionaire, he learns that his money can't buy ... Read More

Mermaid's Toenails

This imaginary creature can transform herself so that she can enjoy brief moments above the sea. However, she is dismayed with the trash and pollution she encounters and the threat to her beloved sea animals. She has a chance to help three of her friends and is happy to see them able to go on the... Read More

Extreme Entrepreneurs

The book explores the soul and how it projects to others. Two examples, Steve Jobs and Jesus Christ, are examined for what each did as an "extreme entrepreneur," to provide a position that has changed and will continue to change humankind. In his words, Steve Jobs provided technology that provide... Read More

The Enchanted Carousel

Athena, yes, that one, the goddess of wisdom, courage, justice, and skill, is spoiled and pampered and has a habit of stomping her foot when not getting her way. But what else is expected in a teenager?Even at the tender age of thirteen, excuse me, thirteen and four months, Athena sees injustice ... Read More

Blacq Coffee

When Blacq Coffee made detective, he had one goal in mind: putting a stop to cold cases and catching killers who left families heartbroken. When a serial killer lands in his hometown, he catches Detective Coffee at his weakness. With a crazy partner, Detective Carter, and sicko FBI brother Cason ... Read More


-SOPHIE-"We're in this together now..."I meant those words when I spoke them to Zach. He lights up my world, makes me feel safe, and tempts me to believe that life doesn't have to be dictated by my supernatural abilities or the dangers from my past. But lately, it seems the events that took pl... Read More

Santa vs My Dad

Santa's Naughty List adds a new name when Dad gets involved. From savings to rewards cards, the business at the north pole is lucrative. Dad doesn't intend on losing out. But when his name is put on the naughty list, Dad decides to take it up with management: Santa Claus himself!

... Read More

The Red Sneakers

Joshua is a shy young boy who confides in his schoolteacher about joining the basketball team. He struggles with confidence until his teacher gives him the boost he needs—magical red sneakers! With Joshua's newfound optimism, he becomes a successful part of the basketball team. One rainy day, he f... Read More

Mi corazón nunca te olvidará

Es una historia romantica que habla de la depresion, de un joven que cruza su camino con una chica que es invisible para los demas. A partir de ahi, ella se vuelve el mayor misterio a resolver para el. En su intento por volverla a hacer visible, el comienza a arriesgar varios aspectos de su vida,... Read More

The Hidden World

In the small mysterious town of Nelson Gap, three ghost-hunting high school friends--Kevin, Lara, and Simon--are compelled to investigate a haunted, abandoned mine to find Kevin's missing father. What they discover far below the town is an unknown civilization and a terrifying demonic power fi... Read More

Kicking Adversity Aside

As Coach Dooley alluded to in writing the foreword to this book, oftentimes the relationship between a coach and athlete is a two-way street. Each can be an inspiration to each other. This is the case when Kim Braswell, an exceptional athlete handed many challenges, became a part of the footba... Read More

When the Twits Came to Town

Yellow-footed, check-crested, hot-headed Twits,They are small, they are mean, and they love to throw fits.If a Twit hears a thought that they think is no good,They'll furrow their brow and throw back their hood.To the world, they'll make clear that because of your thoughts,You shouldn't speak, an... Read More

Pieces by the Stars

Pieces by the Stars is a short yet meaningful compilation of poetry written by an up-and-coming teenage writer. Relatable and mature topics, such as the ever-prevalent male gaze, body image, colorism, toxic relationships, and mental health issues, are depicted through poignant stanzas. This co... Read More

The Lux Establishments

Amelia DeSantos, at the age of fifteen, was thrown into an unknown world filled with riches and luxuries. Currency unfeasible to her imagination was at a swipe of a card. With money comes a convoluted power over society, to manipulate or to advance. Amelia, even with riches, found herself drow... Read More

Grownups Make Mistakes Too

Not all mistakes are made by children. Some are made by grown-ups who should know better but make them, anyway. For example, there is the mistaking identification of a milking cow, the driver that thought he had the right of way over a moose standing in the middle of the road, and a nosy raccoon ... Read More

Escaping the Robots

This story follows robots and humans on an adventure in space and time. Androids and robots (survivors of a long-dead race) follow the signal of one of the many probes sent into space to the probe's origin--Earth. There, they enslave mankind and abduct tens of thousands of people who are not even aw... Read More

By the Rubric of Rhythm, They'll Read

By the Rubric of Rhythm, They'll Read, offers poetry as an alternative approach for teaching children reading below basic to succeed. It opens doors and new horizons for students placed at risk, while tapping into their multiple intelligences, that standardized tests may have missed. The book disc... Read More


La investigadora Aline Terassier es honrada con el Nobel en Medicina y Fisiologia, y designada por los ETs para que divulgue el 'Mensaje Extraterrestre' destinado a gobernantes de la Tierra y en especial a los miembros del G7. Los EE. UU pone en alerta a la NSA, la CSS y el DHS, sus principales agen... Read More


Before the Big Bang, there was a unique place: Maeia. Here you were a Power or an Ordinary. Those with power wanted to become the Ultimate, and they contested their powers to prove their place. Those who lost were destined for the Abyss--except for one, the man in gray.... Read More


Dr. Hawthorne is a clinical hypnotist residing in early-nineteenth-century England. The daughter of his neighbors, Patricia Finney, has been singled out for elimination by a sinister organization from the future known as Apex. When they send timenauts into the past to carry out this directive, he ge... Read More

How Penelope Learned There Really is a Santa Claus

As Penelope slowly drifted off to sleep and began to dream, she felt what she thought was a cool breeze floating across her cheek. Opening one eye, Penelope discovered that a gentle wind was swirling around. Then, all at once the sound of a great big WHOOSH came from somewhere in her room!... Read More

I'll Never Tell

See World War II through the eyes of one of the United States' most secretive agencies.In 1941, Frank Eberflus enlisted in the United States Army. After his training and serving with the Strategic SV Unit in the United States, he was assigned as a field photographer for the Office of Strategic Se... Read More

Nursery Stories

The three main characters of this book all have serious problems. Each one is determined to solve their problem. To do this takes them into a series of unusual ways. By trial and error, they come up with a rewarding solution.

... Read More

Love Before It's Time

Ladies, in our hearts, we have the capacity to love almost instantly because of the fairy tales we have always heard about. In the book of Songs 8:4, the scripture gives a very important warning. God gives direct instruction. Often, we are told what to do and not to do but never the why. Love Bef... Read More

Hidden Treasures

Davie Kraft is a normal eleven-year-old American boy about to begin his summer vacation from school. A weekend camping trip with his father opens a door to a mystery that has gone unsolved for nearly 140 years. Lured by the mystery set before him, Davie gets launched into the adventure of a lifetime... Read More

Be Marvelous

Stephanie Stock was an average typical high school senior in 2018, living and dreaming of a marvelous life. Everything seemed to be perfect until one day, Venom entered her life and began to take her down piece by piece. Everything changed. Nothing seemed real. OCD and anxiety had taken over her ... Read More

Murders and Mayhem Most Foul

It was Thanksgiving eve in Macy, a small town in central Washington state. Sarah Barnes had nothing on her mind except the scrumptious feast already being prepared for the next day's dinner. However, before she reached her home, events took place that would shatter her life forever.To save her ow... Read More

Temptation, the Player, the Game

Temptation, the Player, the Game asks its readers a simple but maybe hard question, and that is, "Is wrong ever right?" Think before you answer. You may be wrong. What happens when you lose everything that matters to you? Family, your wealth, the confidence of your existence, and your will to liv... Read More

Remembrances and other Observations

Reflections by Dr. Sofija Grandakovska, Professor, CUNY, on the book Remembrances and Other ObservationsThis book, first and foremost, is committed to the importance of remembering the past and its careful preservation at the gates of oblivion. The importance is emphasized in plural form: "rememb... Read More

Facing Reality

Facing Reality: The Man in the Mirror is about love, unity, and guidance as a whole. In this world, it's hard to find people who will love you unconditionally. All they want to do is use you to their advantage. Coming together is not an option. Therefore, when the road seems cloudy and you're all... Read More

Creative Whispers

Creative Whispers has been designed with the help of many friends and relatives. Life experiences of heartfelt moments became the largest part of my inspiration for the creation of my poetry. I feel my work was spiritually guided as the words would flow with ease from thought to paper expressi... Read More

The Courier and Other Tall Tales

Mystery. Humor. Happy stories. Sad stories. The unusual. This little book of short stories covers it all. And overall, you meet a range of interesting, real-life people. You will identify with the residents of a small town, probably not unlike your own. You will laugh as you follow an elderly cou... Read More

Tha Doggfather

This novel is about Tha Doggfather, a violent drug dealer, in crime, wealth, and gang activity. Eric was the son of the doggfather, CB. At a young age, Eric shortly lived with his grandmother. After losing her, he had no choice but to live with his father and younger brother, Shorty. Growing up, ... Read More

40 Days of Sorrow

I said in the beginning of his departure, I had a foot on earth and a foot in heaven. I'm standing on the edge, looking at death. Even before I or anyone else knew he was gone, the premonitions came. Call it mother's intuition, grief, walking in a cloud. Call it shock. Call it processing twenty-seve... Read More

Doing Numbers

Castro, Boss Hog, and Tremor tak a vacation trip to Las Vegas after successfully scoring the biggest job of their lives. But during their fun and exciting stay, an unfortunate situation occurs that leads them to one of the most treacherous persons in all of Nevada. The Operator is his name, an... Read More

What Kat Loves!

What Kat Loves! is a story about a little girl who talks about all the things she loves. She loves her family, her pets, and most of all, going to school. Of course there are things Kat does not like, but she'll learn to overcome them.

... Read More

Roses and Reflections

This book contains messages of the most important things to us—life, God, and love. And other things affecting us—loneliness, fears, trials, doubts, and not understanding why. These messages can be used as a devotional, Bible study, or preaching.... Read More

The Essence of the Witch Rose

The Witch Rose had been exchanging the life energy of children under six for added years onto the lives of those who fed it.With the help of my departed son reaching out from the beyond, I had put a stop to that exchange to protect the daughter Junior never got to see.Now three groups from here a... Read More

Delivery Boy

Delivery Boy is the story of a kid that everybody loves because he is the one who brings the packages to the people of the town. He is only eight years old. Nevertheless, he knows how to drive a big van where he carries all the boxes.The book is written in verse to make the kids enjoy the reading... Read More

Mr. Chippy

The story within is about a friendship that developed between a quadriplegic and a chipmunk. It's a very interesting explanation of how this friendship came about and how it lasted for over eight years. It's funny at times, it's sad at times, but most importantly, it's a look into how even a smal... Read More

Cultivation of the Heart

Cultivation of the Heart is the antidote for the impenetrable hearts--young people who have suffered from a great number of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES). Although many have deemed our youth who are at the center of gun violence to be "unreachable," research and evidence has shown that inv... Read More

When Snow Turned Black

This is the story of a young girl born in the Ukraine (USSR ) who lived during the brutal years and the massacre of millions of people in Ukraine by the Stalin regime. She lost her father and mother and was saved by her uncle, who became not only her protector but also her true love. She witnesse... Read More


Today started as any other day, with the exception that today, I was getting a typewriter to start my cookbook. On May 10, 2013, my wife was looking for a recipe for a jalapeño quiche to prepare for Mother's Day, May 12. As my wife was looking for this recipe, she looked through this ... Read More

Batshit Crazy

Batshit Crazy is a peek into the mind of someone suffering from PTSD and bipolar disorder, authored by William Spindler, a sufferer of both conditions. Before writing this, William had read many books on his conditions, but few offered any real-world experience or offered a look at what he could exp... Read More

Surviving in the Kitchen When Mom Can't Cook Because She has Lymphedema

This book deals with how lymphedema changed a couple's lives. Everyone can learn from their experiences.

... Read More

Boots and the Watermelon Patch

Instead of sitting down to enjoy a special treat at the town picnic, Boots couldn't even sit down after he got stuck on the farm.

... Read More

Paragraph 3

When the COVID pandemic burned across the world in 2020 the United States found itself in an unaccustomed place. A country that had always assumed its superior capacity to deal with large problems instead flailed in its response not only to the health threat posed by the virus but to the economic... Read More


Seniqa Smith is an educator who loves teaching. She decided to write this book because of COVID-19. Students were not able to come to school; therefore, she saw some good in this pre-K in a book as a learning tool that can be used at home. She knew that every kid would get a fair start if they only ... Read More

The Kurrus Khronicles

As now being told by Aura, these tales have been used to teach the children and now the grandchildren of Kurrus and Moraga. They are tools to teach them how to use the gifts bestowed upon them by the Gods. They are also a means of telling the truth about their family, truths known by few in this Rea... Read More

Second Wind

Jenny's world had suddenly vanished. Someone led her to the hospital chapel where she sat quietly, waiting for family to arrive. She was comforted by the quietness.Who am I? she thought to herself. Where do I go from here? "I'm lost without you, Danny," she softly whispered.By now, some of the st... Read More

Let's Fly Sky High

Let's Fly Sky High is a show about how Latoya Fairchild shares the thrilling adventures of her life while growing up in her family. Make yourself comfy as you join Latoya on her journey from her house to your house where she is going to stay and play.

... Read More

The Homeless Rich

He lay down, closed his eyes, and watched his own tragic tale play on an endless loop in his anguished mind. From the honor of his status as a decorated US Army sergeant to the crushing shame of his court-martial for a crime he did not commit, John Wilson's nightmare had only just begun with t... Read More

Why Me

Why Me? Many times in life, when we are going through a difficult situation, we tend to ask, "Why me?" But the question should be, "Why not me?" I am reminded of the book of Job and how God allowed Satan to torment Job to test his faith and how he was rewarded in the end. I hope this book is able... Read More

A Mile Away

This story unfolds in June of 1942. It involves two married couples, from two different backgrounds, who live a mile away from each other.As fate or destiny would have it, they meet on August 10, 1942, when both women share the same hospital room after the birth of their children, who were born at t... Read More

There is Never a Dawn in Hell

A fantasy of the future is projected where events unfold around the centenarian oak tree, which is the witness of what the charmed people did to planet Earth. It describes the way full of challenges and ordeals that the dreamer is searching for her soul. She will have to rebel against the imagina... Read More

The Livingston Gatekeeper Meets Hannah, the Mistress

An altercation may have caused a shift in the realm for the group of college friends as they enter in a different dimension with no warning. With the return of Peter from the Pegasus World, nothing seems to change. Everything is more chaotic now more than ever. What they thought would put ever... Read More

It's Me, Mckenzie!

What makes McKenzie special? She is deaf and autistic, but she is not afraid.It's Me, McKenzie! Uses heartfelt words to paint a literary picture of the daily trek navigated by a child with special needs. Join McKenzie on this written journey as she discovers her inner strength and courage with th... Read More


A young boy, faced with trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up, aids a yearling duck who, as it happens, is on a similar pursuit with possibly serious consequences.Can a young person help a duck be a duck? Can a duck instill a passion in a young person?Together they might unkno... Read More

Grandpa Goose is on the Loose

Grandpa Goose is on the loose! Join us in looking for Grandpa Goose. He has wandered off somewhere on the farm. Where could he have gone?

... Read More

Unbeliever, No More!

There are over ten thousand religious beliefs in the world today! No doubt, your belief will be among the myriad of beliefs. How sure are you that what you believe is actually true? If you cannot offer reliable proof to substantiate your belief, you need to read this book. Today, we have been bom... Read More

Cast It All To The Wind

At first, it seemed an impossibly long journey, hitchhiking and taking buses and trains going overland from San Jose, California, all the way to Machu Picchu, Peru. Thousands upon thousands of miles needed to be traversed across third-world countries, where he didn't speak the language or understand... Read More

Uncle Santa & the Magic Hot Chocolate

Uncle Santa is famous for his pancakes that he makes only one day a week.Kate and Nick love Uncle Santa's pancakes. Pancake Friday is their favorite day of the week, and as a reward for cleaning their room, they get to go to Uncle Santa's House of Pancakes for breakfast.Uncle Santa greets everyon... Read More

Mental Illness

Mental Illness illustrates mental wellness and capabilities of any one being, a single individual existing to, in a direction, that which brings about the existence of the state of mind and mode of existences--something that is the present tense.To be able to relate to and with things that coe... Read More

Belief in Symbolism

This a composition on the irony of religion through mathematics and why the world isn't what you are told to believe. Through the use of the Bible and the internet as sources to confirm what you are being told in this book, you will be awakened to the truth. You will find out why Christianity is ... Read More

When You Can't Go Home

In a New York City restaurant, Wendy Johnston spots the tall handsome stranger for the first time, and sparks ignite. But she's a professional assassin with no time for romance. She barely has time for her family.When Wendy unexpectedly meets him again in another restaurant in another city, th... Read More

Twelve Days of Story Time with Lula's Collection of Children's Stories

Embrace your family and cuddle up together for these captivating stories featuring new characters that you will come to learn and love! When Mother Bunny's pie is missing, the family pulls together to help search. Blair enjoys her live-bird collection. Ben finds a friend in a magic lemon, and Syd... Read More

Profit with Commercial Real Estate

Candy is a Chartered Financial Consultant, who wanted to expand her knowledge and build processes for investing in commercial real estate as a business. This book is a product of that detailed research. Profit with commercial real estate is designed to give you the detailed knowledge necessary... Read More

Ammunition, Demystified

Ammunition, Demystified is Hatcher's Notebook for the twenty-first century. It's a "soft" technical document intended for small caliber ammunition design and production engineers, as well as more advanced shooters and reloaders who want a more in-depth understanding of how guns and ammunition wor... Read More

Race Day

If you like to swing like a monkey, balance like a ninja, climb like a spider, jump like a jackrabbit, flip objects like a bear, roll like a hedgehog, and play in the mud like happy pigs, then join this father-and-son team on an amusing athletic adventure. Race Day is for both the young and the youn... Read More

The Sandman

The Sandman A Wish and The Star is somewhat a tribute to children and parents of adoption. Having cousins that are adopted, I tried to let children know that not always do they stay with the same parents they are born to. My moral at the end of this story explains this to them. Many children pray... Read More

Little Princess of Venice

Little Princess of Venice (Piccola Principessa di Venezia) is a story of a magical cat who lives in Venice, Italy with her feline family under the Rialto Bridge. Little Princess meets a young girl, Charlotte, in Saint Mark's square who is from the United States. Charlotte adopts Little and bri... Read More

Mafia Widow

Mafia Widow details Annie's unique journey of being a wife of a cop, a mistress and wife of a mobster, a widow, and then a wife again. This book provides firsthand insight into the life of a mobster's wife and the inside workings of the federal witness protection program. This is a story so un... Read More

Hate the # 1 Social Behavioral Disease

Boy meets girl. Steven is from the country club brought up with understanding reasoning, believing in facts, having a consciousness, and carrying a moral compass. Octapella lives in a trailer park and under her mother's standards, disbelieves, suffocating control tactics. Zoo controls all of Octa... Read More

Diamond Eyes Makes His Mark

Mark Van Buren, nicknamed Diamond Eyes by his loving aunt, is a fourteen-year-old misfit from Michigan who can't seem to do anything right. When he discovers his father and stepmom plan to ship him to Florida to live with his uncle DJ and aunt Rita, the founders of a cover band, the Ambient Image... Read More

The Jungle

Welcome to "The Jungle". This book is a collection of short stories for the general reader. It has an uncomplicated style which can be easily understood without the aid of a dictionary by your side to lookup unfamiliar terms. Besides the author showing skills in the Language Arts, he also portray... Read More

The White Apache and His Blood Brother

The book centers around two seven-year-old boys living on an Apache reservation during the 1920s. Hank is 100% Apache all the way. Cord is an orphaned white boy whose parents were killed in an automobile accident on a reservation road. He was adopted by chief Jack Silver Eyes, Hank's father. The ... Read More

Poems of Inspiration, Contemplation, and Love

I think the many things I've gone through with people jobs, churches, family, friends enable me to formulate over the years a paradigm of emotions and expressions, and now I put them in writing in this book. So to read them, I hope will give you joy, peace, a sense of love, and answer your many i... Read More

One Slap For Justice

Caden Travers is an easygoing lawyer who abandoned urban living and relocated with his wife, Courtney, to a small town. Tragically, Courtney was killed in an automobile accident by a habitual drunk driver released from jail and driving on a suspended license. Caden remains haunted by that horribl... Read More

May I Love You?

Sean, a vacationing helicopter pilot from Scotland, takes a wrong turn and roars into a small New Mexico town wearing a kilt and riding a Harley. At the local diner, he meets the girl of his dreams. An impossible romantic, he relentlessly woos Jenny by doing ordinary things in extraordinary wa... Read More

The Escape Attempt

In real life, we encounter situations that make us run away or desire to do so. We feel lost and seek answers in an unknown world. These situations can be exposed on us from the outside world or from the world within. In either case, we wish to escape them physically or mentally by ignoring and d... Read More

Highway to Happiness

The Highway to Happiness is a long journey and not always an easy road to travel. This is the journey of three women, strangers to each other, who share their limited resources, their seemingly impossible dreams, and their amazing strengths and achieve success even they thought was impossible.The... Read More


There are a total of a trillion multiverses. One multiverse contains 147,000,000 universes. A universe contains 137,000,000 galaxies. In the multiverse a primordial goddess named Nada rules with her favored universe. There rules a twin flame duo named Lunar and Soleil of the favored universe. The... Read More

Goodnight Hollywood

Good Night, Hollywood is a critical look at the events leading up to the death of Marilyn Monroe. For years, the notion that she killed herself has floated round the public's eye due to this idea being falsely portrayed by her last known personal psychiatrist. This book details the absurdity o... Read More

The Faith

Faith is a word frequently used these days as we continue to struggle through a pandemic that took the lives of over eight hundred thousand Americans and rising. Amid unsolved questions posed to the world of medicine in the throes of political and social unrest, the darkness of this nightmare has... Read More

When You've Been Broken

When the tests and trials of life weigh you down and you feel like there is nothing left to do, God is always there waiting to hear from you. He is ready to rescue you when you call! It is God's desire that we are free from heavy weights and burdens. This handbook will help you gain revelation an... Read More

Cosmic Thunder

Hervor is a fierce Anglo-Saxon warrioress who's been training all of her life for a destiny she knows little to nothing about. But what could the Norns possibly have planned for her after she's lost everything she knows and loves?Flavius Aetius, the most respected general of the Western Roman Emp... Read More

Poems of a Political Prisoner

Poems of a Political Prisoner is a collection of poems written by Virgil E. Jones, a political prisoner who spent his time behind bars, writing heartfelt pieces that will surely inspire and enlighten every reader. His poems are not only of love, peace, and faith. His poems speak of justice, war, gov... Read More


A collection of exquisitely crafted poetry that will feed your spirit, enrich your life, and nourish your soul.... Read More

Dr. Hand's Mind On

Every once in a while, I get a chance to listen to broadcasts on radio or watch networking on television. And, the more and more I do this, the more and more I get deeply concerned with the quality of so-called religious material presented on such via comments, discussions, lectures, preachings, ... Read More

Mr. Rabbit Gets A New Name

Mr. Rabbit Gets a New NameThere is a very special bunny rabbit who is ALWAYS very friendly, good, and respectful of all he meets. He loves all people and animals, and is willing to help others at any time. All who meet him, love him. He is a very intelligent and creative bunny rabbit. His long-ti... Read More

My Life on a Bicycle

No one is born with knowledge. This book is written to help children learn how to meet people and how to learn landmarks. How to learn the area where you live and ride your bike. I made it okay.

... Read More

Make Me Feel Real

The story starts with a terrifying sexual attack on the author at her Manhattan apartment. While the attack takes place she "escapes" in her mind by flashing back on her life from her horribly abusive childhood, through her life of fitness and beauty, and on to her romances, marriage and her s... Read More

The Rise of Hope

The child demon hunter "Hope" Davis officially didn't exist. Born to her teenage mother in the seedy red light district of Fresno California's Hookers row, there was no record of her birth. That was how her mother and her mothers pimp wanted it. Her fate was to follow in her mother's streetwal... Read More

Penelope Causes an Uproar

Penelope was the TALK OF THE TOWN! She was causing A LOT of commotion with ALL her little friends AND parents. In fact, she was the cause of a neighborhood UPROAR! But why?... Read More

Uncle Sam is Cool

What the people want is something exciting. The book I wrote is about young men and women who are struggling in California. Warren Lear is an associate professor, and he likes that. Warren's girlfriend is Jennifer Gentry. She is very pretty, but she is often high-strung, and that can lead to fire... Read More

A Call for Greatness

This book was written as a memoir about what Garrett Alston, PS winner, went through during a very trying time of strokes and heart-attacks protocol. It shows the ups and downs and the challenges he experienced and overcame by having a not-giving-up and refuse-to-lose mentality. He was in the hos... Read More

Happiness Times Two

The universe is over 13 billion years old. The sun is one million times larger than the earth. The earth is inhabited by trillions and trillions of life-forms, and we are one of the billions of people who inhabit our world, yet from our point of view, we are the most important thing to have ever ... Read More

Caterpillar Face

After playing outside with her brothers, Christie goes inside to wash her hands before lunch. In the bathroom mirror, she makes a shocking discovery. What are they? When did they appear? Find out what suddenly appears on Christie's face and how or who put them there.

... Read More

The Master Traveler

Ema Moreau is a teenage girl who does not have much but might just lose the most important thing she has left—her younger sister, Silver. Silver is sick and getting worse each day, but luckily, she is the next on a list to receive a miraculous cure from a flower that can be used to treat any ailme... Read More

Blueberry Reality Show

Sometimes, you have to go back and live with your parents. Just because I lost my car doesn't mean I don't have another way to get around. A stranger sometimes make you giggle. Political news is always good to catch up on what's going on. Sometimes, it's good to stay occupied. The reaction that a... Read More

Summer Clothes for Dayna

Summer Clothes for Dayna is a delightful book that introduces the four seasons through Dayna's choice of clothes as she dresses to go out to play. Dayna tries on different clothes (fall, winter, and spring), but it is only when Mother helps by lifting her to the window to see her backyard with he... Read More

Tales from Therapeutic Journeys

Dr. Kimberley Mercedes Jones creates a buffet of deceptive images, tasting smells, and touching sounds through her collection of poems about cultivating solace. Dr. Jones's figurative language includes a sophisticated presentation of alliterations, hyperboles, and metaphors. She uses rhyme and rh... Read More

The Wrath Busters

The book of Proverbs provides a wealth of wisdom and advice for all ages. Sometimes we don't realize thatProverbs can be quite valuable to children. This book is just a small example of that kind of advice. All agescan learn from Proverbs. May this book be the beginning of new-found knowledge and wi... Read More

Baking With Nana

As an adult, I looked over a good century of life from my grandparents, parents, and myself; and I was shocked by the change that has taken place. When my grandparents were kids, planes were just coming about; today we have been to the moon, have a space station, and even see private individuals ... Read More

Truly Fly

Truly Fly is an inspirational tale, this book focuses on attitude and never giving up. It was written for my sister who is suffering from Parkinson's disease. She and others who deal with a daily handicap show courage, grit, and a positive attitude every day. We can learn from watching and asking... Read More

La Vida y Tiempo Canino de Pee Wee y Buddy

Una historia de dos perros rescatados y sus aventuras. Pee Wee, una mezcla de perro salchicha y corgi, y Buddy, una mezcla de Beagle y Basset con tres piernas, ensenan la aceptacion y a vivir la vida al maximo, demostrando bondad y amor incondicional.

... Read More

The Damarion Carlton Story

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched-they must be felt with the heart.

... Read More

Hills, Holes, Honks and Beeps

Join Emma, Jack, Walter, and Willie on their adventure to learn construction-site safety.

... Read More

Footprints & Papa's Legacy

Footprints & Papa's Legacy is a portion of my life story, a life story that has its ups and downs, the good, the bad, and the ugly as described in a movie I once watched. Footprints & Papa's Legacy was intended for a multiplex, diversified audience: Western culture of USA and audience of third wo... Read More

Little Pete's Plaid House

Little Pete is a sweet, simple snail who lives on the shady side of a farmhouse porch. Her real name is Holly, but her grandmother calls her "Little Pete." She lives in a brown shell that is too big for her and also a bit drafty. Little Pete shares the porch with other snails who have beautifully... Read More

Sammy Shark Has a Birthday Wish

Sammy Shark is a sad little shark. He loves baseball, and his wish is to play baseball on his birthday. Sammy Shark cannot play baseball because a glove won't fit a fin.With ingenuity, hard work, and a lot of fun, his friends will make Sammy Shark's birthday wish come true.Following soon will be ... Read More


In this book, there are many powerful scriptures to enlighten us on what Jesus is saying in Matthew 5:48: "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." My questions are, are you growing in the faith of God? Are you maturing in the faith of God? Are you complete? Let u... Read More

Children's Upbringing In Today's Modern Society (Parenting Now In Crisis)

Writing has marked Fr. Greg Udo Njoku, CSSp's life from his infant classes. He always thrilled his schoolmates in the morning assembly with recitals of little sonnets, dirges, poems, and epic rhymes.For his secondary school, he attended the renowned Kings College in Lagos, Nigeria, a model school... Read More

Ninja Foods

The dietary restrictions that come with medical diagnosis can be challenging and confusing. Ninja foods are a fun and engaging way to involve children in the process of figuring out what foods are okay to eat and the foods that they should avoid. As a family, we have had to adapt to dietary restrict... Read More

Dragon Dance

Dragon BladeIt all started when a lowly computer programmer discovered he had been hypnotized with a false identity. He was somebody. Better than that, he was a hero in another world that direly needed him back. Jim Foley inadvertently dragged his company's best secretary, Summer Quinn, along with h... Read More

Poverty's Poetry

The book is about my life. I have always had problems with law enforcement because of my appearance and accused of things I had nothing to do with. Having live the life of poverty, I express through writing poetry.

... Read More


She's the pretty little rich girl haunted by a dark past. He's the boy from a broken home. They are just a couple of friends finding their way through life until one night of partying turns their lives around, and baby makes three.Five years after Reagan loses her virginity to Xander, she is face... Read More

Untwisted Sister

Untwisted Sister cordially invites the readers of those with obstacles of common grounds mentioned therein, who'd experienced, retrospectively, such adversities of life by reason of naivety or unawareness, whereby our universes are mathematically ordained, orderly and constructively spoken into i... Read More

The Passion of His Love

This book is a collection of poems that stems from the deepest depths of God's love demonstrated at the cross. Its views will give you a glimpse of God's creativity and passion for love and the assurance of his sacrifice and freedom to all mankind.

... Read More

History of the Chilean Military Revolution

Nobody but the author would have dared to demand that the Chilean military revolution be given the same status as the French or the Russian Revolutions, for their worldly importance, that it deserves, both in socioeconomic matters, in which it pioneered, and even in human rights aspects. For the ... Read More


Nostalgia is a tale that shows a reflection on lives past as the present times look to show the truth of the past for Valerie Benson, Ron Winston, and Rick Smalls. As things are currently pulling on each of them individually, they all cannot help but remember the things from their past that have the... Read More

Shadowed Stars The Children of Home

The planet Home, on the other side of the collapsed wormhole, has thrived for twenty-two Earth years. Rico has been raised alone by his human mother and has often been told stories of Rayk, his Luth Bik father, who had sacrificed himself to save everyone before Rico was born. Rico, being half-Luth B... Read More

Jimmy Goes to the Emergency Department

Let's face it, children hate needles! Shortly after a child is born, he receives his first vaccination. From the age of two months until the age four or five years, the child receives numerous vaccinations before entering kindergarten. Approximately 60 percent of well child health visits involve ... Read More

Memories from an Ex-Pat

Most of these stories are from my life as an expat (expatriate--i.e., someone who works outside the US). I worked for General Electric (GE), and part of that time, I worked overseas. I have been on every continent (except Antarctica). I have had some part of my body in every ocean in the world an... Read More

Call of the Witchling

Avianna isn't your average thirteen-year-old. She's always been an outcast, and it got worse when her mom went missing two years ago. Her dad, Kallin, does his best to raise her, but after her latest terror, she suspects he's hiding something. What's even more is she discovers her two best friend... Read More

Beyond Ambition

Ezzard grew up on the island of Saint Kitts and spent most of his childhood in a town known as Sandy Point. He grew up with three brothers, four sisters, a mother, and a father. His father was a sharecropper who did subsistence farming on the foothills of the mountain, growing crops and rearing a... Read More

Illusion of Justice

Twin boys, torn apart, never lose their honor, respect, or belief in the "Code of the West." Identical, custom-made, 1873 Colt 45s, known as the Peacemaker, become the tools to enforce that code. And the use of a disconcerting illusion can help. A heart filled with mixed feelings of pain, hate, a... Read More

Go Ahead and Dream

This contains poetry that lets the imagination of reality bloom and poems that change the mind, challenge the mind, reach the emotional mind, and work the mind.A time to think A Dream by Another Name Is Vision (What's in a Name): Go Ahead and Dream, the original name, about poems of yesterdays an... Read More

65+ Shaping Up for the Best Years of Your Life!

Just because you're turning or have turned sixty-five shouldn't mean you're slowing down. Hopefully, the most stressful days of your life are mostly behind you. The remaining years should be filled with good health and keeping your body and mind fit. These years should and will be much more enjoy... Read More

Knickos' Morning Commute

Knickos is a very special friend, he is also a very incredibly unique mouse.Knickos is patient with others who do not accept his appearance or try to get to know him or understand how he feels being alienated from others.Knickos is judged because he is different in appearance and do not understan... Read More

The Guardian

Billy Hollister has a big imagination and a curiosity that won't be denied. Growing up in a poor rural town with loving parents that work hard but have little time to play leads Billy to find his own answer to a secret everyone seems to know but him. His farm home is right across from haunting da... Read More

The Birthday Case

In a small village outside London, retired Scotland Yard detective Uppington Smyth takes on a mystery concerning his friend's stolen jewelry. An interesting twist leads to an exciting conclusion for the whole village!

... Read More

Mischievous Misti

This is the story of Misti, who finally found her forever home. You see, Misti has a lot of energy for a tiny little dog, and she needs other dogs to play with. Misti finally found her forever family, which includes her humans and her rescue buddies, Lucky, Gracie, and Gunner.

... Read More

Good Old Days

In discussing the good old days, I have attempted to describe in some detail nearly every aspect as to how things were as I was growing up during those days in a close-knit farming community.Some readers, however, may be more interested in my personal experiences of that time, the more humorous o... Read More

The Deadly Web

Ray is a writer for a sizeable publication company in LA. His position with the company is in jeopardy, and his writing style requires a transformation if he is to obtain retirement.In search of the fresh, new material his employer desires, Ray becomes intrigued by the life of Mike Long, an alleg... Read More

Outside the Ring

Chris James was sick and tired of the life he'd made for himself when she came along. Stacey was everything that he'd ever wanted in a woman, but was it possible that she could ever feel the same way about him? Two completely different personalities were thrown together by chance. Chris must conf... Read More

Life Under Siege III

In this book you are about to read, since I am a firm believer in honesty, I don't apologize for holding to values like truth, justice, goodness, righteousness, and purity, because they originate with our unchanging God. Kindness is our most powerful fool. I'm so sorry it put my son in prison. He... Read More

The Kendrick File

"A spy novel dealing with the evil empire."Two Naval officers become aware of a foreign spy infiltrating the National Security Agency with the conspiring cooperation of at least three prominent government officials.

... Read More

Criminal Or Not

Fiction laced with humor and suspense. A man is harassed by law agencies to show guilt of crime and anger the suspected Charles Moore.

... Read More

What is Three Three Three-What is Three to You & Me?

What Is Three Three Three--What Is Three to You and Me?is an exciting work for young readers,Who are learning their numbers. It is an invigoratingand fun way for young children to learn bothnumbers and reading skills.What Is Three Three Three--What Is Three to You and Me?is an engaging book for c... Read More

Hurricane in a Teacup

"The world is ending because of climate change!" Every day we are bombarded with apocalyptic warnings telling us that if we do not change our ways and dismantle our economies, we will destroy the planet. But what if it is all a cynical hoax perpetrated by power-hungry activists and politicians fo... Read More

The Adventures of the Bungalow Fly

The Bungalow Fly's new adventure begins when she meets a man who spends all his days plugged into electronics, gadgets, and other things. The Bungalow Fly uses her creative and mischievous ways to help the man get his life back and put a smile on his face.

... Read More

The Mystery of Eden

If you have ever wondered where the Ark of the Covenant is or the Garden of Eden was, you must rely on the only source of historical truth that is found in the Word of God to reveal the answers to you. Jesus Christ (truth) says, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh unto the Fathe... Read More

Jack and Miss Jenny

Robert pulled open the old wooden door, entered, and paused to let his eyes adjust to the dimly lit building. Robert suddenly felt as if he had been struck by a lightning bolt. Every fiber in his body seemed to be on fire. He momentarily felt faint. There before him was the most beautiful creatur... Read More

Road to Greatness

"Greatness" has been defined as a quality of being great, distinguished, or eminent. "Road to Greatness" employs examples of selected individuals who achieved greatness. The road begins with a desire to become successful by creating a personal path to attain exceptional goals. "Genius= 1% Inspir... Read More

The Vegas Bride

The follow-up to The Storm, The Vegas Bride is where a lie, a pact, and a will from the past join Sabrina and Jack together, Vegas style, where Sabrina is blindsided by Jack and her father, where not everything is what it appears. After giving up his music for Sabrina, Jack is scared to tell her ... Read More

A Taste of Brooklyn

Enjoy delicious meals that bring family and friends together around the table. A Taste of Brooklyn Cookbook is a first-class Italian American cookbook with gorgeous full-color photos and easy mouthwatering recipes. A Taste of Brooklyn Cookbook offers 120 easy Italian American family favorites and... Read More

Michigan Family Law: An Insider's Map of the Minefield

Veronica J. White, an attorney licensed in Michigan in 2004, is just a regular person with a law degree and only became an attorney because she had negative experiences with attorneys and the legal system when trying to get through her own divorce with significant co-parenting issues. She has exp... Read More

The Tirocchi Virus

Qumran cave complex, 73 CERumors abounded the Jews were taking their sacred scrolls from their temples and hiding them in caves east of Jerusalem. Flavius Oramus reasoned, "If the locations where the Jews hid their written scrolls were unearthed, one could replace these scrolls with forgeries esp... Read More

Pastries over Persuasion

Alice, a.k.a. Glitter, trained in close combat, stealth kills, and certain martial disciplines so that she was never again a victim. She had an innate affinity for chemistry, and was responsible for a special blend of truth that was used when time was of the essence. She preferred targets that vi... Read More


Go home, Dyno!Scolded like a child, Dyno leaves the Devil's Brothers MC Clubhouse and mounts his old Harley Panhead. The hour-and-a-half ride gives him too much time to think. Unable to forget a one-night stand has taken him off the deep end. He should have just forgotten her like every other wom... Read More

The Raven Chronicles

Raven loves her life as a bounty hunter. She lives by her own set of rules and is not beholden to anyone. The bounty hunter is ruthless at her job, never failing to secure her targets--that is, until a simple bounty goes horribly wrong and she stumbles across a mysterious individual who will chan... Read More

Daddy Duck of Whisper Pond

Playing in the mud was one of the ducklings' favorite pastimes--mud pies were the order of the day!Daddy Duck of Whisper Pond was written with a story line encompassing multiple characters and centered on the fun to be found living around Whisper Pond. Meet characters such as Sally Squirrel and B... Read More

Life be Like that Sometimes

Welcome to a collection of experiences and feelings that I've gone through so far in life, written in the form of poetry. If you can relate to anything I've written and that made you feel less alone, then everything was worth it. We're in this together because life is like that sometimes and it's... Read More

Diverse Ways to Improve Higher Education

The main purpose of my book is to specify what higher educational policies will contribute the most to excelling in academic knowledge, critical thinking, and complex reasoning. I have also expressed reservations about certain classroom endeavors that appear to be an impediment to intellectual devel... Read More

Clipped Wings

Vets unload tales of courage and service. WWII stories are marinated into Clipped Wings. Settle in a comfortable chair with a drink, and enjoy peace and freedom.

... Read More

Do You See Your Crown?

When our own fears paralyze and cause us to live a life less than we deserve, there comes a time when you start to realize that this isn't the life you want to live, and you'll decide to make that change. Our own thoughts can sometimes tell us we are not worthy, but we all deserve a chance to ove... Read More

The Dispossessing of a Spirit

The Dispossessing of a Spirit is a guide that provides a Biblical foundation to help all people achieve freedom from any hindrances in life. There is nothing new under the sun, and God has provided answers for every circumstance as we seek His guidance and truths through Jesus Christ by the power... Read More

Two Boys from Hitchins

Two Boys from Hitchins: A Historical Fiction captures the life and times of rural Carter County.Edward and Paul Isaacs, born at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in the bustling depot village known as Hitchins, Kentucky, at the close of the Depression period. Times were hard. The hill... Read More

Rebuilding Your Self-Esteem

Re-building your self-esteem is an inspirational piece which is designed to help individuals struggling with a low self-esteem. The truth is, if you don't feel great about yourself, no one will. If you don't feel good, you can't accomplish much. There are dreams in your heart which you'll never r... Read More

Waiting on God

Waiting on God does not mean doing nothing because God spoke now. He's waiting on you and me. It's not easy to wait on God and to follow him, but it's very much worth the wait; and in the end, you will realize waiting is a good thing when you obtain God's promises in your life. I waited not patie... Read More

God Doesn't Give Details

The book is about the wisdom of God, how his inspiration on my life navigated me through some challenging times. The Psalms and Proverbs were instrumental in trusting the wisdom of God and learning how to be still or patient and trusting God that he has my best interests at heart.God Does Not Giv... Read More

The Kilgallen Conspiracy

This is a historical novel based on both fact and fiction. Facts: In October of 1965, Dorothy Kilgallen, a famous newspaper columnist and television personality, announced she was writing a book that would lay out the evidence proving the Warren Commission was wrong about President Kennedy being mur... Read More

Rent Morals

Rent Morals is a book about a picture-perfect marriage that ended with a woman not knowing the man who slept in her bed for twenty years. The relationship started with an explosive first introduction where Juliet vowed to never see Michael again. Soon after, against all odds, it turned into a yea... Read More

A Marble Story

This is the story of how a lonely person found joy in his daily walks. Finding new marbles every day showed him the hidden joy all around us.

... Read More

Sandy the Flower

Sandy, the flower, is sweet and optimistic. Going through life with joy and light in her eyes, she loves helping others and making friends. However, some of the other flowers make fun of her, and this makes Sandy really sad. She begins to question who she really is and decides that if she couldn't b... Read More

Phantom of the Gods II

After the battle of Elvenworth, Khaladi escapes with the undead queen Aymar. Finally, together, the three companions are fighting the demon orc sisters while they pledge with Khaladi. Together, they will fight the corruption and reunite the mermaids to fight next to their prince who will be their... Read More

From Dixmoor to Iowa. Cast of a dark shadow

The reason for writing this book is to pinpoint the poverty levels in lower-class communities across America--in the minority communities and jobless areas in the late 1980s and early 1990s. These are the drastic measures and drug-selling minorities had to take to survive.

... Read More

Tiffany's Heart

Love is the worst of the four-letter words in the world as I tried and couldn't track it down. I did find it at first to where it didn't find me but pretending it did. I didn't even know I was in love, and showing me some things in the beginning only hid the fact that this wasn't love. Whereas I ... Read More

Senior Year

Life has a way of taking a tragedy and turning things into a blessing. As Cameron tries to navigate through life after losing the woman he loved so dearly, he finds himself falling for somebody and vice versa. But will his conscience stop him from creating something amazing as shocking revelation... Read More

The One Who Got Away

Annamarie thought her life was improving until, one fateful day, she had a little too much to drink and her life took an immediate downward turn. She woke to find herself a prisoner in a much larger game. Will she get away or become yet another of his casualties?He works hard to make sure he rema... Read More

The House

How would the United States government respond to an endless deluge of climate disasters barraging its western coast? By converting the land into Unincorporated Territory and selling it to the highest bidder. A new region, called Kingcardine by its sculptors and inhabitants, has been consolidated... Read More

The Twilight Assignment

Edmund Rambar--retired CIA operative, elderly, and in need of money--takes on a final assignment. Through a series of dangerous adventures, he encounters foreign agents out to obtain the information he carries. Still a quick thinker, able to improvise, and a master of disguise, he outwits his pur... Read More

Artists and Vagabonds

My mother was batshit crazy. Later in life, I realized that she suffered from narcissistic personality disorder. As a child, there was a feeling that if I didn't serve or please her, she wouldn't love me. I recognized from an early age that her love was very conditional. I became the court jester... Read More

Four Steps to Infinity

Overwhelming Demonstrative Evidence Synopsis 08/06/2021This document is a full disclosure of experiencing Overwhelming Demonstrative Evidence. This ODE demands a total reinterpretation of consciousness itself and our place in the universe. This first-person disclosure is caveated by deep concerns... Read More

How Adversity Propelled Me to Change

In the event that the contents of this material reach those in need of a blueprint, I recommend this material as an indication of testimony, for we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. In reference to this verse, along with the outline of having laid the platform for change to be... Read More

Theo's Day at the Dog Park

Join Chandler's boys, Larry and Theo, for Theo's first day at the dog park! These two loving hounds are playful, positive, and prepared to take on a crew of bullying crows to keep the dog park the happy place they know it to be.They'll make friends, play games, and even find a stick worth saving.... Read More

Till We Meet Again

In 1936 Berlin, an unlikely friendship develops between Sidney Klein, the son of an American Army officer, and Klaus Bergman, the son of a Nazi SS officer. Although they are of complete polar opposites when it comes to the political spectrum, they develop a trust and friendship that will remain t... Read More

On the Dotted Line

Dani Sanders is more than just down on her luck. She's in serious danger of peddling for spare change on the street corner. After losing her parents in a car accident years earlier, she's deeply in debt with no way to pay herself out. Now she's lost her job and watched her apartment go down in fl... Read More

A Dark Secret

A Dark Secret is about a family that emigrates from Cuba to the USA in search of freedom--a family that is united despite the secrets they hide. To save her family, Emiliana (Emy) is capable of everything, even to unleash a dark side that will follow her the rest of her life. However, it comes at... Read More

Octopus Lee

Octopus Lee is a story of resilience and recovery from life's inevitable traumas. Lee signifies the journey we all must take in dealing with the roots of sadness and pain. This story speaks to the process of transformation and self-discovery for both children and adults.

... Read More

Something About Them Wairs

This is a story about the small town in Lancaster, California, where three prominent citizens have kept a secret long hidden of what they did. The town starts being terrorized by an unknown source and bodies start turning up.

... Read More

The Adventures of Angel Pup and Grandpa

The inspiration to write this book occurred when I first acquired Rafie. He looked like a little angel, hence, angel pup. My wife Sue named him Rafael, who is the angel responsible for health and healing (by Roman Catholic tradition). I am a Lutheran, but I realize that many Christians adhere to the... Read More

Churches of Love

Bishop Owens is an Afro-American pastor who is tired of the poverty, crime, and drug addiction rate around the neighborhoods where his mega church is located. So he implements the teaching of Jesus "Love thy neighbor as you love yourself" while occupying the neighborhoods all day every day with t... Read More

Freedom! A Roaring Ecstasy

Freedom: A "Roaring Ecstasy" are poems and paintings that reach out to the absolute heart of the reader. In depth, it brings family, love, and the gift of life itself into the center of the true meaning of unity and love. In this time of Covid, the reality is the realization of how much we all ne... Read More

Captain the Brave and the Eagle of Kalamashoak

Captain the Brave wants to play just like any other kid. But when a bad eagle kidnaps his friend Joe, Captain the Brave must jump into action. Chasing the bird across the sea to a strange land, Captain the Brave will face off against bandits and witches on his search for the eagle.Will he find Jo... Read More

An Affair with Hollywood

An Affair with Hollywood are stories of a bodyguard and limo driver working during the height of male chauvinism in Hollywood during the historic 1980s. His personal relationships with clients, and his interactions with wishful young actresses, presented him with a medium into the party scene...and ... Read More

The Christmas Pageant

This story takes place in an elementary school located in a government housing project in the early 1950s. The student with a leading part in the production feels insulted by the teacher who continues to correct his recitation. He decides to "get even" with the teacher during the opening night. T... Read More

The Monster

This book is about a time in my life that most children can relate to. That is when our parents force us to take four wheels and make them into two and expect us to be able to balance. The monster reflects my experience of learning how to ride my bike and what misfortune I encountered on my way.<... Read More

The Search for the Shamrock Bears

This book is meant for an adult to read to a child. The story is about a lonely teddy bear named Higgins that got separated from his family, the Shamrock Bears, during a terrible rainstorm. The bear meets up with a leprechaun that is searching for his friends, the Shamrock Bears. The two team up ... Read More

Another Man's Shoes

Based on a true story, this emotionally rich sharing of friendship brings you into the bond!David, who lives outside Philadelphia, receives a call from his best friend's doctor in California. Gordon is suffering major organ failure and is on the brink of death!Gordon, an unmarried quadriplegic, has ... Read More

The Holy Spirit VS. Man's Animal Kingdom

In this book, I attempt to reconcile events in the Bible to factual science discoveries such as archaeological and DNA discoveries. I explain what I believe was Moses's true motivation for marching the slaves into Canaan and his embedded messages in his writings. Applying this theory, I now belie... Read More

Buckley the Birthday Duck

When Buckley the Duck falls asleep under a tree, he mistakenly gets left behind by his friends. Sad and lonely, Buckley wonders if he should fly away or stay and hope his friends return to find him. While he is deciding, a mysterious but friendly visitor comes along and offers Buckley a ver... Read More

Higher Living

There are levels in each of us to live out our desired life. The desire to start should already be in us all. This desire pushes our drive forward into access. Access immediately follows from this deep depth of desire. Our first financial investment that advanced us far ahead.. the first successful ... Read More

The War Years

War is never a good thing. Many lives are lost, sometimes all in the same family. This is an account of this Shelton family and their time during the war years. The first six boys served within the first six years of WWII together. Both the Korean and Vietnam periods were included in their histor... Read More

Gracie and Her Woobie

Meet Gracie, who went from shy and quiet to one of the most loving dogs to both her humans and rescue buddies. Watch Gracie as she never leaves her woobie behind. Gracie's woobie is always close to her whether she's eating, playing or sleeping.

... Read More


What is true unconditional love? Is there really true love forever?Why is it you can love a person and, at the same time, material things?Does love come at a price? Divorce tells us that all love is not true.It also tells us it's not forever.People, like material things, can be traded for a new m... Read More

The Autobiography of Richard Jeffery Wagner

From being drafted into the military during the Vietnam war to solving the so-called hard problem of consciousness; from playing in chess tournaments to working on space robots for interplanetary spacecraft; from attending public schools in John Steinbeck's hometown to teaching computer science a... Read More

Beyond Intellect and Reasoning

The purpose of this book is to draw readers' attention to various legal intricacies associated with deploying self-directed artificial intelligence systems (AIS), particularly emphasizing the limits of the law, vis-a-vis liability problems that may emerge within third-party contracts. With the ad... Read More

More Than a Kiss Hello

Through an adult chat room, Samantha Hendricks finds herself drawn to a charming, rakishly handsome ladies' man, Owen Conner. As they are about to meet, Samantha finds herself cast into a sequence of events that she feels morally and ethically bound by. What is the truth about this man and his Ge... Read More

Aspire to Inspire

With the ever-changing world and the advancement in technology and social media, mental health has become a forefront in many people's lives, whether they want to admit it or not. Mental health is something the author is so passionate about and aims to make the subject not such a taboo by sharing... Read More

It's Not WHAT Things You See, It's HOW You See Things!

It's Not What Things You See, It's How You See Things deals with many of the issues that are plaguing people in every walk of like. These things may not seem to be as destructive as the pandemic or natural disasters, but I guarantee they are extremely damaging to those involved. Suicide plagues t... Read More

Friends and Heroes

Four young preteen boys form a strong bond of friendship that carries them through adulthood. The bond is unusually strong because the boys are individually so different and yet understand and appreciate their differences as well as the sameness in their motivations, their goals, their achievemen... Read More

Christianity Is Hard...or Is It?

We desire to become the person God intends for us to be. We strive to be the best version of ourselves; however, sometimes, we often complicate that process and struggle with the very thing we are trying to accomplish.God has, many times, used the most unlikely candidates to perform various tasks... Read More

The Carolina Cuckoo

Carolina Cuckoo was written from the point of view of a mentally ill person. It shows one man's struggle. It documents the problems and persecution of the mentally ill. It shows a legal system that has no sympathy for the mentally ill. It shows the brutality of prison life. It also shows how the ... Read More

Perseverance in Mobile Bay

"I'm going to cut your thumbs and big toes off right before I toss you to a bull alligator in this Mobile Bay Swamp." So said the psychopath to Sam Logan from Columbus, Ohio, just before Sam arm-wrestled him unmercifully. Sam had paid his ten-thousand-dollar fee for this deer hunt. Twenty industr... Read More

Chained to My Heart

Born in the small town of Point Hope Alaska, Taylor, a divorced barmaid, and Lucas, a hardworking contractor, find themselves in an unexpected reunion of sorts.Thinking each was vacationing alone in the confines of her brother's vacant off-season inn, Taylor befalls the familiar sight of Lucas, a... Read More

A Bully Can Be Big or Small

Bullies can be big or small. The book features bullies can be adults or kids. It will help kids understand how to recognize when they are being bullied. Also, kids will learn how to respond to a bully.

... Read More

A Child of the Green-Wood

When a young girl and her family move next door to Brooklyn's famous Green-Wood Cemetery, she begins her exploration of the ancient park with some surprising consequences.Along the way, Tamisha meets up with a cast of characters who seem extremely knowledgeable of particular graves. They educate ... Read More

Crazy Tales of Miss Heather

You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.I believe that everyone can unlock their creative potential to make something great in any situation. I have always parented by creativity to allow my kids to unlock their creative potential and think outside the box. I want childre... Read More

Avenue Rise

Avenue Rise is a true story of a family who transitioned from life in the Bronx, New York, in the early 1950s to life in a small village in England. They seemed to not only deal with whatever came along, but they also enjoyed the whole experience. The word impossible was not in their vocabulary!<... Read More

Dusk of Demons

Seventeen-17-year-old Shiki lives in modern- day Japan. But he does not live in the world we take for granted.Shiki is one of the many people dubbed "Demon Hunters" that roam the world in search of Demons: the rapists, murderers, and the scum of the Earth. With his Familiar, Tsubaki, at his side,... Read More

A Shining Reflection

Come along for the adventure and the ride as we weave our way through this all-new dark collection of fresh poetry and short stories in A Shining Reflection straight to you from the desk of W. David McKellar.

Stay tuned for the upcoming sequel book, with the release of the inspirational colle... Read More

Hey, I Have Two Dads

Parenthood isn't as traditional as it used to be. This children's book makes it easy to explain two-male parenthood with love and joy.

... Read More

The Beginning

In the year of 2674 Xamir, the era of adventurers, a great battle took place for the world's fate. A group of adventurers stood at the base of a mountain as a devilish fiend threatens to take over their world. A goddess shows up and lends the adventurers her power to save the world. With the help... Read More

Look Up, Look Down

Look up, look down.Can you imagine a place on earth where nothing has ever grown and no flowers to be found anywhere?Come and join the amazing journey of one small seed that landed in that barren earth with help from above and below and a dream!With sunshine and rain and other seeds arriving, the... Read More

Evidence of Failure

Evidence of Failure is a riveting thriller using well-developed characters and an expertly paced plot that has become the trademark of K. L. Dempsey's novels. A killer is on the loose, and it's up to twin sister Ann Singer of the regional National Transportation Safety Board to help find the man ... Read More

The Pursuit of Michelle

People within all steps of life encounter that one lover that leaves a never-ending mark upon a person's soul while becoming a lover built for sexual pleasure. The type of lover that penetrates so deeply within your mind and body, you will lust for ages at just the mere thought of experiencing th... Read More

Through the Changing Seasons

The Autumn Spring saga continues with this second installment in the contemporary age-spanning romance series by author Sam Pettus. Fifty-two-year-old Larry Watts and twenty-six-year-old Brandy Ames have committed themselves to being a couple after a very unusual three-month courtship that starte... Read More

A Memory Away

He's only a memory away. Her Dad in heaven, this little girl must decide how to get to him. What will she do? Can anybody help her through this tough situation? Life is hard but precious; there are no shortcuts to getting through the sad times. All this little girl can do is find the happiness in... Read More


The most powerful instrument that you will have in your lifetime is your mind. When in harmony with the body and spirit, the mind has the capacity to shift your entire life.ARISE walks you through the steps needed to identify the power of shifting your mind to make the desired changes you need in... Read More

The Wind The Blast

Born sixth in a family of eight children, I grew up poor, graduated high school at seventeen. I could not find a job. I had to be at least eighteen to work on a machine. I tried to get dad to sign me in the Army, but he said no. So I waited until I was eighteen. The next day, I went and joined th... Read More

Little Audrey

Brace yourself for this one, because dreams do come true. From the world of my imagination comes the cutest little wonder known as Little Audrey. She has the ability to see herself ahead of time, in the future.

... Read More

Rhymes & Riddles with the Twenty-Six Letters

This book was written to inspire children to learn the twenty-six letters through rhymes and riddles and to have fun and enjoy learning.Success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own.--Michelle Obama

... Read More

Disease Prevention and Longevity

Do you want to live forever? How to prevent loss? In Disease Prevention and Longevity, the reader will learn different ways to prevent diseases and to achieve a long life. Did you know that vitamin A from colorful fruits and vegetables (especially ROY colors) purple potatoes and dark, leafy green... Read More

Hero Dog - Heart of Courage

An intruder wreaks havoc in the house that Little Man now calls home. Neither the resident cat, named Sammy, nor Little Man can prevent the repeated invasions. In a desperate attempt to get rid of the intruder, Sammy makes an error in judgment that nearly costs him his life. Little Man takes it u... Read More

Dori's Seashell

Dori finds herself on a plane with her sisters, flying away from her pretty island in pursuit of a better life for them. Tightly holding onto the seashell she has taken with her on their journey, fear, sorrow, and anger fill her heart as she realizes that she may never see her home again.

... Read More

My Thoughts Exactly

Here on Earth, we look up into the stars at night and wonder, What is life? How did we get here? What is the meaning of life, and if there is such a thing, what is it? Well, both our scientists and religious leaders are in pursuit of these big questions in an attempt to answer them because we ... Read More

Dance on the Moon

Dance on the Moon: Ella the Ballerina is the first book in the series entitled The Adventures of Ella. This book is about a young girl named Ella who loves to dance wherever she is and likes to dress up in different outfits. Ella uses her imagination and pretends she is in faraway places. She eve... Read More


Lightning Lord: A mysterious thief appears at a museum robbery garbed like a medieval druid. This "monk" exhibits a Zeus-like ability to summon thunderbolts from the heavens. Shortly thereafter, a beautiful woman approaches Calvary. This alluring stranger says that she's traveled back in time to ... Read More

Demanding the Sale

Demanding the Sales is about inspiring and motivating people to push past challenges in life. Demanding the Sales is a life lesson for anyone who has trials and tribulations while working toward the important things in their lives. Whether it be a family, career, business, or just self-improvemen... Read More

Walking the Thin Blue Line

Walking the Thin Blue Line is a peek into the life of a young black man who grew up in the hostile streets of South-Central Los Angeles. He chose to spend 15 years as a Los Angeles Police Officer in an effort to change the perception of police officers in his community. His career was cut short w... Read More

Country Cousins Family Recipes

Look no further for some good ole Southern recipes guaranteed to get your mouth watering! From scrumptious desserts to Southern favorites like fried green tomatoes. Get ready to be the talk of the picnic or gathering when you show up with one of these dishes or desserts. This book is a culminatio... Read More


To the dismayed and disappointed disciples making their way back home to Emmaus the Sunday afternoon following the crucifixion of Jesus, the resurrected Lord came alongside them and taught them all things concerning Himself from the scriptures beginning with Moses and the prophets. From scripture... Read More

The Light and the Darkness

Darien and his companions--Kalos, a knight of the Brigade of Iron; Allura, his childhood friend; Vincent, the Corsair; and Exterra, an elf--made their way to the treacherous Ice Fields of Albakor. They then made their way through the Cave of Ruins to find the Holy Sword that they were seeking, th... Read More

Sneezy Cheese

Cat loves cheese, but one day, there was a problem. The cheese made her sneeze! This whimsical tale tells the story of two friends who try to find the answer to the question, Why would cheese make you sneeze? Will they find the answer? Join them on their quest to find out!... Read More

Grogan's Story

Shortly after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on our country, Reserve Coast Guard Investigative Service Special Agent Michael Grogan received active duty orders and became one of the Coast Guard's first ever sea marshals. Sea marshals were tasked with preventing terrorists from taking posi... Read More

When Mom Mom and Pop Pop Forget

A young child tries to understand why her grandparents are becoming forgetful. She wants to know why her friends' aunt will be moving into an assisted living facility. She's determined to help her grandparents any way she can to keep them from moving into an assisted living facility but learns to... Read More

The Joy of Faithful and Cheerful Giving: Wonderful Principles to Embrace

"That money talks, I'll not deny. I heard it once, it said ‘goodbye!'" I grew up hearing this saying, and it often made me chuckle. Maybe that's because on our farm we had plenty of land and livestock but little cash. Once I began pastoring a church, however, the humor in that little jing... Read More


Poems are inspired, not written. But then poems must be written down to inspire. It is in keeping with this belief of the author that Wonderings: A Journey shares insights into life's imperfections, gratuitous gifts, and wonders.

... Read More

Behind the Bar

Behind the Bar takes you on a journey on what your everyday coworker, friend, husband, or wife will share with their favorite coach, the local bartender. It's amazing the things people share, and do, with their local bartender. If you ever wanted to know what your coworker shares, visit your loca... Read More

The News Brothers

The news business today is much different from those talked about in this book. The old days of knowing the English language and writing good grammatical sentences has gone. As Jean Shelton told me many years ago, "During the Depression, teachers got jobs wherever they could. Ours had a PhD from ... Read More

Wine from the Grapes of Wrath

Wine from the Grapes of Wrath is about the family of Willis Oscar Shelton and Theodosia Agnes Rupert. They and their eight boys grew up in Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl and the Depression. They were a family that stayed in Oklahoma and did not move West, thus the title. These stories are reflecti... Read More

No More Pigs in the House!

No More Pigs in the House! is a true story about our beloved pet pig, Princess Tocina. She was adopted as a graduation gift for our daughter, Catherine, and raised in our home in North Central Texas. Filled with colorful and fun illustrations that represent the animal characters and their persona... Read More

My Blueprint

My Blueprint: A Moment of Truth is for single parents, lost souls, and anyone looking for a deeper relationship with God! I have lived my life thinking everything is a designed plan of God, and I am fortunate to play a small role in His divine plan! I pray that my words are able to guide people to l... Read More

Your Personal Power Pyramid

The genesis of Your Personal Power Pyramid is a letter that was written to our son, Jordan, as he commenced from middle school to high school, and the initial transcript was penned to provide Jordan and his two cousins a simple five-component tool to remind them daily what they must do to be succ... Read More

Memoirs of the Mop

Memoirs of the Mop is the second installment in a series of books by author J. R. Warnet. This book tells fictional stories from the humorous and somewhat demented mind of a school janitor. What happens when you cross an overworked employee with the broken public school system? More stories of hi... Read More

Fires and a Friend

What will you see when staring into a campfire at night? And when I say "stare," I mean looking at every ember and flicker of the fire. The tricks of the flames. Hearing the crackle and pop of the wood. Sandrell, a cricket, loved to stare into campfires at night. One night while looking into a sp... Read More

Southern Innocence

This is an exceptional and renowned story of a phenomenal woman. It is remarkable that such a power exists, one that transcends from destitute to momentous liberty. This is only the beginning of a new start for the writer.Because of the nature of our worldwide calamities and grievous afflictions ... Read More

Slept in Beauty

Slept in Beauty is a description relating to a young girl going into a deep sleep at four years old after being raped and sodomized. The body of the young girl continued to grow and live through thirteen years of horrific abuse; all the while, the young four-year-old girl slept in memory, feeling... Read More

Everlasting Love

Can two souls find their way back to each other? Karen had just gotten out of a thirty-year marriage, her self-esteem was low, and she was afraid. She had never fully taken care of herself. She was now challenged to not only take care of herself but also her ailing mother. Life was throwing too m... Read More

William and Henry Walters

Railroads were the first big business enterprises in America, and they made possible many other industries. They knitted our expansive nation together and have ably transported people, goods, materials, supplies, express items, and mail.Literally, hundreds of railroads, if not more, were built in... Read More

Being a Home Town Vet

When anyone is so fortunate to practice veterinary medicine as their calling, their memories are the journals of their lives. This book has excerpts of the journal from a veterinary general practioners experiences of the happiness, sadness, and realities of being a veterinarian. Every day has bee... Read More

The Chameleon

Seth Jovango is a wealthy stockbroker, who is also a sadistic serial killer who has a high-powered family and friends to protect him. Brenda Ellingsworth is the tenacious detective on his trail, trying to solve countless murders while they play a continuous cat and mouse game to the end, and Todd... Read More

Saved by the Enemy

This book is dedicated to all those who have been adopted and gone through similar situations. This is also for those who have adopted children. Each of us is different, yet we share common feelings and situations. Life is a journey that we all must explore and come to our own destination. I believe... Read More

I Was Minding My Own Business...

I was seriously minding my own business when I had a supernatural encounter with God, which seemed like out of a Steven Spielberg movie. I no longer can consider myself agnostic after that.

... Read More

Taxi Cab

Claudia and her daughter would have never thought that calling a taxi would change their lives forever... Losing a husband and father, you would think that they had survived the evil in the world... Little did Claudia know, it was just the beginning for little Shontrell, the daughter of the cop t... Read More

Grandma J's Book of Children's Poems

A collection of short story poems, written for my grandson, Mason, for his first Christmas. Each one was written with the hope they would trigger pictures in his imagination. We hope they do the same thing when you read them to your child or grandchild!

... Read More

Goodnight Spirit

This adorable fully illustrated storybook was written as a tribute to Spirit. It is a reminder that Spirit is everywhere and is in everything, looking after and caring for us all.

... Read More

Poet Rebecca Ann Frostick

Come Take a Ride This has been made from a lifetime of adventure and experience--through the years, from early childhood to present day. The poems in this book are meant to make you smile and laugh with an occasional sad spot here or there.

... Read More

I Eat What?

This story is about the growth of a tadpole into a little frog in a pool of water on the side of the road. He begins to get hungry and wonders what he is supposed to eat. Since he is all alone and has no one to teach him these things, he one day sets out on his own new adventure to see what this ... Read More

South of the Border

Mom kept a close watch over Jose when he was young. As she loosened her grip, he found life wasn't as easy as he had thought. The boys were rough on him, but as he grew into his teens and beyond, he found that girls and women were much harder to cope with. There were times when he was not sure he... Read More

The Bible Heroes of Faith Book of Poems

After completing my first book, The Holy Scriptures Book of Poems, I was inspired to write another book. Initially, I thought of trying to write several children stories of the more known Bible characters. I also wanted to add more detail and depth to the stories. After I completed the stories of th... Read More

Sobriety Castle the Fall and Rise of Stuart MacPherson

Sobriety Castle is a must-read "dramedy" self-help novel for understanding alcoholism and other addictive behaviors with exciting and entertaining stories of romance and adventure.

Year 1963: Young US Navy sailor Stuart is a Polaris missile crane cab operator aboard USS Hunley (AS-31) in Holy... Read More

Blind Justice

Raymond Royal lost his desire to live when he returned home to find his wife and daughter murdered. He quickly learned the only viable suspect was himself, with no other persons of interest. Months later, he suffered severe burns to his legs from a mysterious courthouse fire. He endured constant pai... Read More

Baseball from Providence to Prominence

Dan's second book on baseball is an outgrowth of his passion to educate people and keeping the game of Baseball alive through his writings.Baseball: From Providence to Prominence is broken down into three sections: first, baseball quotes; second, all original baseball stories on ballplayers from ... Read More

Good Health

This pocketbook focuses on good physical health. It is a practical guide not written by a health expert but by a pragmatic engineer. The author has forty-two years of experience as a successful entrepreneur and as a curator of numerous scientific articles, research papers, and proposals. Last but... Read More

The Art of Social Self-Promotion

Author Kathryn Latour gives it to you straight. She has written a how-to manual for women to become the type of person she absolutely loathes: social self-promoters. This tongue-in-cheek self-help book, if applied, will help women navigate the social seas to become socially popular where everyone in... Read More

The Hate Hounds

Two giant mystical devil dogs with mystical powers and unwilling caretakers have been roaming the earth freely for centuries, undetectable by man. These hellish abominations' only purpose is to spread and perpetuate the pure essence of hate, anger, division, selfishness, resentment, unforgivin... Read More

Denny Desert Tortoise and the Stick Lizard

Denny has become a "Taxi" for a tender-footed desert lizard. Their encounter with "Black Bird" a noisy coyote and the crossing of the big black highway, will keep you rooting for these small travelers, clear to the end.... Read More

The Reality of Choice and Consequence

My Testimony of Jesus ChristI bear witness of Jesus Christ. My testimony of him has increased over time. Before my conversion to his church, (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). My testimony was limited. The Bible has always been a great source of strength and knowledge for me. Howe... Read More

The Different Mommies and Daddies

This book was created to help children from all walks of life feel like they belong. My goal is to normalize the way children associate what a family is and how they perceive the guardians that care for them. Children are like sponges; what they learn at a young age will resonate in their approac... Read More

Strange Facts of Flight

The work indicates a variety of two hundred stories, rare and unusual, from books and conversations with astronauts, aircrews, and aviation officials and sources. This is beyond the scope of artifacts generally found in museums. Marquees alert visitors of aircraft and spacecraft, but voluminous f... Read More


Have you ever desired to know more about streaming gamers? Then your ship has come into harbor. This work sheds light on the exploding popularity of the phenomena in the wake of the pandemic via a humorous tour of the cast of characters who regularly stream, a key part of that being in-depth take... Read More

A Long Road to Redemption

Sidney Lewis is a young, attractive twenty-two-year-old woman finishing her last semester in college. While celebrating her impending graduation during a beach trip, she meets Lawson Pierson. Sidney is naturally shy, while Lawson is adventurous and outgoing, and the two complement each other well... Read More

Written in the Stars

There are only three things in the universe that stars can't manipulate: life, death, and love. This, of course, doesn't stop anyone from wishing for these things. These are the wishes that stars will dread hearing their whole existence. So when Calista is pulled from the sky with a wish for true... Read More

I Can Fly High

The book is a continuation of a variety of poems that talks about different topics--such as politics, love, inspiration, motivation, etc.--that deal with the ways of life

... Read More

When a Wolf Cries

After losing touch with his mother due to alcoholism and bad choices, Terry soon found himself following in her footsteps. Coming home from the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) had its many challenges as he remained rebelliously defiant. Soon thereafter he became again truant, experiencing pr... Read More

Phil & Friends A to Z Animal Adventures

Make learning to read fun, and expand your child's vocabulary with the help of Phil and his animal friends! This unique alphabet book teaches children about letters and their sounds using alliteration, animals, and silly illustrations to keep kids engaged. Tag along with Phil as he meets animals ... Read More

Un Secreto Oscuro...

Un Secreto Oscuro... se trata de una familia que emigra de Cuba a EE. UU. en busca de la Libertad, esta familia son unidos a pesar de los secretos que ocultan. En donde Emiliana (Emy) por salvar a su familia es capaz de todo hasta de sacar un lado oscuro que tendra que llevar consigo toda su vida... Read More

Snow Angel

My book, The Snow Angel, is a cute little story about a small family. A story about a young girl who got left at an orphanage, who had a really hard time trying to open up to others, to make friends with the other children. She has hoped for the right one to call her own, but after so long and so... Read More

Summer at 4 Steps Way

From an outsider's point of view, woodland creatures appear to scurry about their day. But in reality, there is a community of animal friends who have adventures together, protect each other, and learn about life. The 4 Steps Way series tells of the friendships and adventures amongst animals in t... Read More

Notorious Two-Bit Street

Madams of brothels, houses of gambling, rampant government corruption--all these were found in a late 1800s Mormon community. This is the fascinating, well-researched, true history of Two-Bit Street--a street that became known throughout the world for its ladies of the evening and saloons that ne... Read More

Bumps and Bruises

Daily choices and decisions over time determine whether we attain the happiness and success for which we all desperately yearn, or whether we encounter the bumps and bruises in life. Bumps and Bruises is a book of principles formulated over twenty-eight years of observation, experience, and couns... Read More

The Magic of the Waterfall

This book is a real romance from our era. Lovers lost their way and made choices that cost them their relationship to grow. They travel to Costa Rica, meeting an ancient man who gives them a lot of information piques their curiosity. How does this man know them so well? Each does not know of... Read More

Crystal Reflection

Crystal Reflection represents the author's passion for expression of deep feelings, releasing thoughts that were previously kept unrevealed and silent through written words on a page. Each poem describes in some way how life can take a toll on our spirit and sanity, especially when we are not honest... Read More


This is a coming-of-age story of a biracial young man growing up on the outskirts of New Orleans in a single-parent home with his black mother--absent of his white father--during the early 1900s. The story explores religious, racial, and class dynamics during the period from 1905 to 1919 as exper... Read More


Different us!The Odd SquadThis book features four friends Maliyah, Jacob, Sarah, and Samson who struggle to finish their final fifth-grade year at St. Mary's Primary School without being the main focus of teasing and bullying. The mean kids at school refer to them as "the odd squad." Since first ... Read More

I Remember

This is a true story about a farm girl's struggles through life. She fell in love with the first boy that kissed her at the tender age of fifteen. I Remember is a true story of the life she lived, loved, trusted, and endured. She lived and learned about life, sometimes the hard way, in her pur... Read More


Lady Alice is an advocate for disabled children around the world. She was adopted into a family where she was the only physical one disabled. She wants to be able to give back to the world and to give each child the gift of voice. She won't let society keep her down nor have the naysayers keep he... Read More

Kindness of Hearts

Ava was excited to find out what new assignment Mrs. Applegate had planned for her kindergarten class. Mrs. Applegate always made learning fun--but this project was different. Ava had to put a lot more thought into completing her task. Would she complete it on time, and would she learn something ... Read More


Why Quatro?It is pretty simple. Quatro means "four," and this book contains four novellas. These four works are not related to one another in any possible way except for the fact they were all written by the same author. They all have distinct characters with diverse personalities. Where each sto... Read More

Life is Hard

The young man, Austin, went through boyhood challenges, as many boys do, but as a man, he faced challenges that almost destroyed his life. He had plans and big dreams, but then after he did some personal research on the computer, the police arrived at his home, and he was arrested. His dreams wer... Read More

I Was a Virgin When I Married Him but He Caused Me to Be Treated like a Prostitute

My name is Vicksay Baby Moten-Richardson; I am the last of fourteen children. I realize now why I am so different in so many ways, not in a bragging way but in a way that God has laid it on my heart to share my life in this book. Not too many people are named Baby. It was not until I was eighteen... Read More

The Auto Biography of Eugene Jones “My Life” From High School Through Retirement

This book is about me and some of my experiences. I started this book from the time I was a teenager. I included some of my travels as I got older: Atlantic City; Canada; Bermuda; Puerto Rico; St. Thomas; China; Hawaii; Las Vegas; Los Angeles; South Carolina; North Carolina; Pennsylvania; Washington... Read More

The Kingdom of Darkness

What if the best way to understand good is to understand evil? What if the best way to understand light, is to understand darkness? What if you could read the Bible from the vantage point of The King of Darkness himself? Where did it all begin? Who was Satan before the fall, and what events l... Read More

The Adventures of Jolie and Her Best Friends Hamilton and Bacorama

There are new children at Jolie's school, which would normally be great, but Jolie is having a hard time making friends with them. Jolie is always so friendly and outgoing and loves to play with everyone, but these children make Jolie nervous, and she doesn't know what to say or how to act around... Read More

Keepers of Power

The owner of a Nebulan Cluster shipping company finds that his family's future will be inescapably intertwined with an ancient artifact. This relic, rumored to hold the key to unfathomable power, is sought by any who lust for power. His grandson, Tobius Stryker, is the one who will have to weather t... Read More

Our Tumultuous Emotions Explained

COVID-19 has been a reset for the globe. We discovered new passions and hobbies. To cope with the tumultuous emotions of these past two years, the author explored poetry. Her writing style, chaotic and unsynchronized, was a reflection of the time period, the pandemic. Her interest starting in eig... Read More

47 Aerogrammes

"Scratch a cynic, and you will find a disappointed idealist."George Carlin's insightful observation accurately described Frank Young on the day of his high school graduation in 1968. Growing up in the small San Joaquin Valley town of Modesto, California, his view of the world was the one he wishe... Read More


These kids are now history!In 2019, two new stepsiblings, history-minded Jenny Newton and inventor-in-the-making Brian Hawke, move together into their new home, which once belonged to Brian's grandfather, a man who had loved to study history and make incredible, new inventions. One day, while sea... Read More

Flail's Kitchen

In this action-packed true crime thriller, from a perspective and insight that has never been put into print, you will not be able to help but fall inside the mind of the author/character Nick Bourland. Set in Portland, Oregon, Flail's Kitchen delivers a heartfelt story of a young man battling wi... Read More

Silver Spoons and Paper Plates

Betty Sue Tucker Shaw is a woman haunted by her traumatic past. She lives alone, all but abandoned by her family, for reasons both deserved and unjust. When she has a stroke, her ability to communicate is all but obliterated, and she finds herself in a terrifying struggle to deal with the demons of ... Read More

The Ex's and the Next's

Well, all righty then, this book basically starts out about one young teenager named Joel. Joel takes care of his younger siblings for his mother, Joyce. Joel's only fifteen years old, and he cares for his siblings, while his mother works tirelessly as a CNA at the nearby hospital, taking care of... Read More

Confesiones de un creador de imagen

Desde el momento en que Peter tuvo conciencia del sentido de su existencia (5 años de edad), sintió la energía única del Caribe, la magia de Cuba que moldeó su destino sin igual.

Peter, un niño con genio artístico y una sensibilidad ext... Read More

Me and Blue

In 2020 the Covid pandemic was happening rapidly, changing everyone's life. Stores closed, there was a shelter in place for a whole year and death filled the air spreading like wildfires on a hot windy day. News ran its course, families were destroyed, healthcare workers at their breaking point. ... Read More

The Dog that Lives on the Moon

Life after death? Where is the Rainbow Bridge?

Sugar, a mixed breed Chihuahua/cairn terrier, answers these questions in The Dog That Lives on the Moon. This book is a story of not only her life here on earth but also her spiritual life on the moon. Her earthly life consists of living ... Read More

Cosmic Cousins Visit Saturn

Blast off for adventure! Follow the adventures of four cousins—Kayla, Colt, Nathan, and Jake—as they use their imaginations and their rocket ship to explore outer space. The cousins play their favorite games on each of the eight planets and learn interesting facts about the solar system while ha... Read More


Hello, readers. My name is Marie Holliday, and I became spiritually "awake" in 2012 after living in five years of financial destruction. As a result, I want to share my experience. The overall concept of the book is for the reader to gain insight into how I rose from financial destruction to gain... Read More

A Punk from East LA

This is an autobiography of my father, Julio Gomez, who grew up in the rough streets of East Los Angeles, in a much different world than what we have come to know today. He had emptied his soul in his last will and testament before taking his own life on his fifty-eighth birthday and emailed me this... Read More

God Never Forgot Me

I would like to share my thoughts, my feelings about God's plan for Jamel. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of Jamel. The attorney really told me what happened that night. Jamel and Marlo just got off from work, and Marlo's aunt's boyfriend came to pick Marlo up to pick up his k... Read More

Pure As... Snow I Stand

This true narrative that was never going to be told about the abuses and death of a four-year-old child and that the Original Creator cared enough to guide her spirit to the light. On Sunday evening, September 20, the year 1987, as I was walking down the aisle singing, I encountered a spiritual p... Read More

How to Milk a Goat

Marika Ostonovitch is the girlfriend of a high-profile Russian mafia boss, Vladimir Alekseev (Vadim). She takes a flash drive belonging to him which contains the location of a lost Van Gogh painting. After running away from Vadim, she enlists the help of an admirer, Paul Fanci, who resides in her... Read More

Buttons the Basset's Great Adventure

The book Buttons the Basset's Great Adventure follows Buttons and his little sister, Bubbles, as they find their way home from the north woods of Minnesota. It's a journey of self-discovery for Buttons, not knowing what lay beyond the safety of his fence. As Buttons travels home, he learns the... Read More

American Republican Drivers

This book is about the plight of Black Americans and other minorities living in the United States and suffering from injustices as a result of the government's failure in justice provision to them due to a mistaken or willful allowance of a third branch of the American government without an election... Read More

That’s My Dad—He’s a Hero!

A father sees his children and friends sitting outside their inner-city apartment sad because they have nothing to do. The dad wants to play basketball with his friends. But should he play basketball with his friends or do something to make the children happy? He decides trying to make the children ... Read More

The Hungry Sailor

Within these pages, you, the unsalted nut that has chosen to go down to where land meets water and put to sea, will find the most critical secrets of survival at sea, galley duty, and how not to kill any sailors.There are twenty-eight days at seas worth of salty culinary galley magic in these pag... Read More

Curly Hair & Other Stories

In Curly Hair and Other Stories, Betty Hunley Carlyon reminisces about her Midwestern upbringing, her married life, and her duties as first lady of a nationally renowned community college in Michigan. Throughout the book, she shares happy and humorous tales of family, friends, marriage, children,... Read More

The Becoming

Following Heathcliff's path in The Becoming, I try to bring life to the voice of the lost loveless "outsider." His journey begins with the self-realization of his classless status. Catherine, his life's love, casts him away in favor of a country gentleman, Edgar Linton. The adventure takes him fr... Read More

Fantasy Island

Robert Belfiore retired from the New York City Department as a captain in July 2003. He was there as a correction officer from 1987 through 1997. In 1997, I was promoted to captain and assigned to the Rose M. Singer Center on Rikers Island and worked as the visiting captain for two years before retu... Read More

In His Arms

When two imperfect young adults from nearly perfect families meet and their worlds change for a better they never imagined, a love story is born.Celine, a black first-generation Detroiter, was not always treated very kindly growing up in the high caste society. She can remember being called enoug... Read More

Gary and Duke

A 100 percent true story of two rapscallion teenagers thumbing and traveling the states. Essentially, the story regards hitchhiking and meeting some famous, some infamous characters. Some are looking for trouble. Hijinks and drama mark this developing story.

... Read More

Bits and Pieces of My Mind

Trying to clear the brain and keep from going insane. Just an outlet for release. What still remains is my mystery.

... Read More

Dare to be as Different as the Colors in a Rainbow

People everywhere enjoy seeing rainbows arched over the sky and the seas. They bring a sense of calmness and add beauty in the midst of storms. They symbolize a covenant made by God after the Great Flood. Additionally, there are legends that reveal that a pot of gold can be found at the end of every... Read More

Thoughts of A Free Thinker

Thoughts of a Free Thinker is a manuscript for those looking for a listening ear—kind of like a diary entry. In life, people sometimes go through ups and downs, and oftentimes, we feel more alone and think no one understands us. However, this collection of poems allows the reader to journey thr... Read More

El Mexicano

Angel Chacon is an ex-Mexican Rurale turned gunslinger and bounty hunter. As a Rurale, he learned how to track men, renegade Indians, bandits, and cattle rustlers. As a bounty hunter, he went after the most dangerous wanted men--those with an especially high price on their heads. Admired by many ... Read More

COVID-19: Voices of the Unemployed

The report was dated June 16, 2020, and read, "There are currently twenty-one million unemployed Americans but around thirty million Americans collecting unemployment benefits." Patrice Myers stared at the information she had googled out of curiosity and tried to imagine what it would be like or ... Read More

Life on the Streets Without God and an Education

This is a survival story of a single mother having thirteen children. The father runs off and leaves. She has no high school diploma and no college degree. After the father disappears and leaves her for dead, she gets well and picks herself up. We are born and raised in East St. Louis, Illinois.S... Read More

Sunny's Big Sneeze

Sunny is a beautiful, colorful thrush with a remarkable song. Her singing brings joy to the humans below while they garden. Sunny loves school and her teacher, Mrs. Robin. There is one big challenge for Sunny. She sneezes, and her sneezes create quite a stir. She must find a way to belong in scho... Read More


What once was a reoccurring nightmare carried the truth of a past reality saturated in love, hate, passion, and jealously. So much has changed in such a short period of time, but the genuine bond between Amirah and Devin, which was built on love, had a way of drawing them back into each other's l... Read More

It's All in Your Head

Despite remarkable insight regarding our understanding of metabolism and physiology, astounding advances in fitness technology and the availability of countless so-called revolutionary diets and fitness programs, each promising immediate and sustained success, relatively few individuals seem to achi... Read More

Coffee Over Conversation

Kim, a.k.a. Tempest, trained in close combat, medium and long-range kills, and more than two martial disciplines, worked at the as dubbed Cave where she planned solo missions for herself and others. She was often invited into meetings for her ability to see solutions, even if a finagle was requir... Read More

A Dream Worthy of the Risk

Chance Chandler is about to become a senior in high school. After losing his father two years prior in an airplane accident, Chance receives millions of dollars in the settlement from the insurance company, as well as inheriting his father's architect and associates company.

A multimillion-do... Read More

A Yooper's Tale

A Yooper's Tale: Death by Wendigo is a fun, action-packed adventure set in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It is yarned with real history, real places, Native American lore knit into fictional story that will keep you turning the pages to keep up with the ride. Enjoy the brief history of the Great La... Read More

The Synergistic Effect

Her dance partner said the pill was called Rapture. And indeed, it catapulted her senses to a new level--initially. Before long, a strange sensation welled up inside her like a slow rush of water. As seconds ticked by, her pulse rate rapidly increased. Believing her heart would pound right out of... Read More

Getting to Know You

Talented was ahead of her time, but she was not ready for what her older sister, Ann, had planned for her. Their parents were divorced. Their dad was never around. To make matters worse, their mom had become an angry alcoholic that spent little to no time with them. They were left to fend for the... Read More

The Aliens Among Us

Montigan, the small but beautiful Martian country, now faces an existential threat. With a population devastated by years of war, they face annexation by their political enemies. Granted a one year reprieve by the Supreme Martian Court, Montiganians must prove they can rebuild their population to mi... Read More

Jupiter and the Cats

If you like cats as I do, you have perhaps thought about the possibility that they have a mysterious power of communicating with humans simply by staring into your eyes. Every cat has their own personality, and some seem to read your mind, even to the point of being creepy. I never thought my cat... Read More

The Manual for Every Greeter

Jesus is the answer for the world.

... Read More

Being a Power

The gems were glowing slightly, and Maria had them in front of her and said, "This is the wraith's soul." She had two gems sitting in front of her and then said, "And these are his power that he collected over his life. Theses gems are deadly, and if not handled correctly, they will kill the pers... Read More

Mama, Can You Tie My Shoes?

Do you remember what it was like learning how to tie your shoes? Candice, that determined four-year-old darling, is at it again in the second book of the Gimme-Five series Mama Can You Tie My Shoes? With Mama and baby brother singing along, Candice begins to sing the Fiddle-Fi-Hum song. Each vers... Read More

The Tales of Elveron

The Tales of Elveron: Book One is a sword-and-sorrcery fantasy set in the magical world of Elveron. The high preistess Lady Clair Everrose and her childhood friend Valin Hawkwing embark on an epic quest pursuing a race against time as the evil tyrant King Velro Othrom seeks to restore his powers... Read More

Dream, Read, Think Positive, Plan, and You Will Win

Dream, Read, Think Positive, Plan, and You Will Win is a book that not only inspires the reader to have hope and encouragement but also helps generate a sense of self-accomplishment by demonstrating various ways that will lead you (the reader) to championship since the day that you were conceived... Read More

Science Strategies to Increase in Biology and Life Science Student Learning and Motivation Grades 7 through 12

On the first day of school, have you ever thought of your classrooms as newly opened boxes of crayons? I do. Like pencil-sticks of colored wax, the students each have different names, individual characteristics, and various levels of brightness. I set a goal each year to promote not only creativity ... Read More

A Slice of Life on the Gunflint Trail

Can you imagine ice fishing at -40F, being so exhausted and hypothermic lying down in a pool of slushy water appear the only option, having outboard motor problems and rowing back miles? This story highlights some of the thrills, adventures, challenges, and near disasters of the desire to be outd... Read More

Poem Book

This book contains poems that can be enjoyed by everyone.

... Read More

The Wizard

Out to enjoy a relaxing walk in nature, an ordinary boy stumbles upon a wondrous adventure and discovers that helping others can be magical.

... Read More

Doorways of the Mind

Julius didn't ask for the amazing journey he was about to undergo.He didn't know what was happening or why the fates selected him.The one thing he did know was he was not a quitter or a coward.He was split between two worlds, and that turned out to be just the beginning. Imagine Julius Kraven, co... Read More

Teaching on Borrowed Time

In Teaching on Borrowed Time: An Adjunct's Memoir, Laurence C. Schwartz guides the reader through his thirty-plus years of teaching part-time as an adjunct lecturer on the university circuit. Always unpredictable and never dull, Schwartz's journey will take him to twenty different colleges and to... Read More

The Rainbow Prince

The Rainbow Prince Project"Once upon a time a brown Princess saved a Prince..."A magical boy, who changes colors with his feelings, is left on the castle steps of a King and Queen. Now the heir to the kingdom, he is put to sleep by an evil white wizard scheming with his dangerous cohort to take ... Read More

Be Rich with Specunomics

The book is a powerful key to unlock the blocked mindsets for all asset classes. It helps people to learn and make money whether they are from a finance or non-finance background, from baby boomers to Gen Z and from doctorates to high school dropouts.

The parameters to understand every major ... Read More

A Curriculum of Unquestionable Value and Lasting Relevance

Many of the people who are saying the schools are not providing students with the knowledge and skill levels needed for today's or tomorrow's workforce when they were in school were high achievers. Many were the best and brightest their schools had to offer. They also received their education dur... Read More

A Proactive Approach to Leadership Transition in Ministry

A Proactive Approach to Leadership Transition in Ministry was inspired through the need of today's ministries to be proactive in preparation and development of future leaders to carry the ministry forward. Equipping and mentoring the next generation of leaders effectively is an absolute necessity... Read More

Number Two Hearn

Julie Sullivan is a young women's historian who loves her life in Charleston, South Carolina. She has just completed her graduate studies and is a respected member of the local university family. Meriwether MacDonnel was a carefree teenager living in eighteenth century Scotland until she was tra... Read More

Help My People Lead!

The desire to create this book began in 1985 when the words "Help My People" were whispered in the author's ear. That began a thirty-five-year journey to determine what was meant by that phrase. It happened once more about ten years later. In the meantime, the author and his wife, as well as others,... Read More

Hood Legends

What you are about to read is the first part of a multipart story about my life, parts of my life that involve gangbanging and not just any kind of gangbanging but gangbanging of the deepest type. Gangbanging on the notorious streets of South-Central Los Angeles. Moreover my life evolved from gan... Read More

The Roller Coaster to Finding Your Peace

The Roller Coaster to Finding Your Peace is a story about how the author Jason Davis came to his position of peace and contentment. It was a long and heavily fought battle, but I finally arrived. Reading this book, I hope you gain fresh ideas and perspective on your position. Or maybe you have a ... Read More

Keddy the Biggest Little Giggle Bee!

There's been a big change in beautiful Giggle Bee Valley. Green grass is gray, and the bountiful flowers and trees have turned blue. All this as a grumpy neighbor moves in. But what can Keddy do? Join Keddy, the biggest little giggle bee, and his friends on an adventure of friendship to save Gigg... Read More


Family Trust was inspired by a very detailed dream many years ago. It was so vivid; I could not forget it. I went to the library and researched the events which occurred in the world and specifically the Columbus, Ohio area from the mid 1980's and forward through 1996. Family Trust by Kathern (Gi... Read More

Destroying the Yoke of Bondage

The power and stronghold of the prisoner of habit is not merely that an old sinner is more depraved than a younger one, which makes us less hopeful of his conversion, but because he has formed a habit of sinning, which, like all other habits, becomes more and more difficult to break.Filled with k... Read More

A Walk Through Life...

Life can fall to the depths of despair.And crumble into a million pieces.But there is nothing you cannot bearWith a little prayer.As time and rhythm never cease.Life is a blessing, not a curse!Be a part of this world for better or worse!Life's not fair, but see, life is everywhere.Why don't you s... Read More

Good Morning, Lagos

BLURB For the very first time, Ejiro is embarking on a journey to Lagos, a metropolitan city in present day Nigeria. Initially an uncomplicated journey, the hand of fate inclines him to make the acquaintance of Chi... Read More

Chef Don's This is Not a Diet Book

This is not a diet book. However, if you are looking to increase your energy and improve your mood and focus without pills and potions, this book will help to guide you. Whether you're a cooking veteran or a novice, this book will guide you to healthier versions of your old-time favorites and a f... Read More

The Ghost of Bertha Mae Book III

At last, Yvette was finally free of Bertha Mae's Ghost/haint. Thankfully, she didn't remember much of what had occurred during those horrific periods of being pummeled near to death, the nightmares, foul language, and smells of her mother. The fear of losing her mind, the quick desire to give up.... Read More

A Second Chance

Divorced, Sarah Grant regrets accepting Brian Evans, a New York actor turned playwright, into her home to rent a room for the summer.Sarah has proven to herself and her therapist that she can find a job, working in the city's library, and live alone. Now she has him around.The town starts gossipi... Read More

The MacLeod Saga

Influenced in reading classic literature and participation in plays and musicals and being a journalism student took a hand at writing poetry and short stories. Being influenced by many sci-fi programs as a boy and an adult gave me an incentive to write a two-piece story collection of one possibl... Read More

The Wannabe Doctor

In the 1970s in the United States, many medical professionals held psychiatry in contempt. An innovative study designed by psychologist David Rosenhan, and published in Science in 1973, provided strong evidence that psychiatrists could not reliably distinguish between normality and mental illness... Read More

Reporting Facts and Running from the Truth

Are you constantly casting yourself in your own mind as the "loser" who doesn't measure up no matter how many "wins" you've accomplished? Do you raise the bar so high for yourself to the point where all the positive things in your life are overshadowed by pain and suffering, a lot (not all) of wh... Read More

Krystal Key & the Camping Chaos

Krystal Key is a superhero who shows up on the scenes of bullying. Her smart watch alerts her when someone is being bullied. Wherever her boots of peace take her, she helps bully victims realize they have the crystal key to seek help (even when they feel helpless and that there is no hope). She s... Read More

A Crab Named Jasmine

Would you like to read with your children a story that fosters the emotional bond between parents and children, adjusted self-esteem, quality time, sincerity, guidelines to achieve their dreams until they come true, and the value of friendship? Then you must read the story of Jasmine. Jasmine met... Read More

The Adventures of Kat the Catfish

Kat is a young and curious catfish. When confronted with the opportunity to save the Golden Sea Museum, she takes it. Without knowing all the details, she begins an adventure that will lead to other adventures and fighting underwater crimes.

... Read More

Barney the Barncat

Barney is a yellow tabby cat that lives on a farm. He is a bit mean and definitely temperamental. He spends most of his time in the safety of the barn, especially the loft. There, his hated enemy can't reach him--that no-good, dirty varmint Sampson. But Sampson, the Australian shepherd farm dog, ... Read More

Of the Heartland

This story is set in the Midwest, somewhere northwest of the Twin Cities, in fictional Heartland.A young farm boy, George Johnson, proves he is no ordinary boy. In his first adventure, he teams up with a girl to save a drowning boy. He is taken by her, but they are worlds apart. Will she become p... Read More

Growing out of Old into New

This book was written to reach the hearts of people in recovery or those who have struggled with some type of problem that's taken control of their lives and made it unmanageable or just love to read uplifting poetry. I love to share what it took for me to get where I am today with the world so e... Read More


Nola Mirg is used to being alone. After being abandoned at birth and moving from foster home to foster home, she has already had her fair share of hardships. After her foster father abandoned her two years earlier, Nola is doing her best to move on with her life. However, destiny has other plans,... Read More


Our country's largest intelligence agency has a problem. In two weeks, Supreme Court Chief Justice Dulles is expected to hand down a decision that could effectively negate their ability to spy domestically by striking down congress's Terrorist Act. Right now, he's on his annual fishing vacation u... Read More

Water Walking

Water Walking is based on the event when Peter stepped out on the water when commanded to come by Jesus. Peter did something that the other disciples did not do. He stepped outside of what the other disciples were doing to draw closer to Jesus. In the Christian faith today, many who profess the C... Read More

Mirrors of Joy and Pain

Author Linda Howard Senior, in her first completed book of poetry, Mirrors of Joy and Pain, credits as a primary source of inspiration her family: husband, Carl; sons, Carl Jr., Clayton, Corey; and daughter, Cicely. Her themes have been drawn from every aspect of life, the ups and downs, the challen... Read More

Mom! What is that?

The mission of Emi and Matt is to inspire and empower kids around the world to learn and play through the power of reading. Mom! What is that? is the conversation between a mother and her child trying to identify the letters of the alphabet through animals. The illustrations speak the language of a ... Read More

How the Spirits Connect Together

Two people were not supposed to be together, so they snuck around to meet each other because they were so in love. They would meet in the tall grass to hide themselves. Every day they would meet each other around 10:00 a.m. They would lay in the grass together to cuddle. They missed each other so ba... Read More

Toby Learns to Swim

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.--BuddhaTeaching our kids to know and accept themselves, not just their strengths but also their weaknesses, will help them try new things, cope with their mistakes, and try again even if they fail first. The... Read More

Greedy Thom

Greedy Thom thought he was going to have a quiet night to himself, but when he heard knock after knock at his front door, his night would be anything but quiet. He was interrupted by three sad-faced long-eared kangaroos who seemed to have Greedy Thom's spare bedroom on their minds. They didn't sa... Read More

Extreme Wellness

Sholom Gootzeit is a doctor of osteopathic medicine serving patients in the Greater Phoenix, Arizona, area.His seventy-year life journey has taken him from his birthplace in the Bronx across many different adventures and life experiences, ranging from working for years as a lifeguard on Long Isla... Read More


Fred is a silly whale who loves to play and swim around, but he doesn't always listen. So when God asks him to listen, Fred swims away and hides. He quickly learns that not listening is a bad idea. Join Fred on this whale of an adventure as he learns why we need to listen and obey.

... Read More

The Dark Lords Stir

Daniel Manslayer didn't know why he felt compelled to travel to the Westward and the Lands of Chaos. He only knew that he needed respite from Count Valkar and all the other prize-seekers that were looking to cash in on the bounty placed on his head. He had been told that the Lands of Chaos had no ru... Read More

True Story of Baroumbayes Journey from Africa to United States

Noubaissem, in the Sara dialect in Chad, means "God is with me." Baroumbaye means "to call me one day." If the author's name has accomplished anything in his life, it is much more divine grace.

Grace is from the Hebrew word chanan or the Greek word charis, meaning "the state of kindness and f... Read More

Cat Tales

Do you ever wonder what your cat is thinking when he or she stares at you? How does your cat see the world or events in its life? Well, you are in for a surprise when you open Cat Tales. It contains four short stories about cats, three of them narrated by cats. The first is about an orange tabby ... Read More

Shadows of the Past

Greg Hardison resigned from the police force due to witnessing the tragic deaths of two close friends, a coworker and classmate. After years living a normal life, he's forced to live in the world with those dark memories again. He unexpectedly witnessed a murder by a mob boss who desperately want... Read More

Unbearable Love

Everyone has a spirit animal inside them. Few understands the process by which you can find your inner spirit animal. Are you an eagle, ready to soar high above the ground? Are you a lion, proud and ready to lead? Are you a monkey, ready to climb and swing in the branches? Knowing what your spiri... Read More

Sorenson's Gift

The storyman came to the park every day to spin wondrous tales of the past, amazing fantasies that held the children in thrall. At least that was what Ryan thought they were--until his little sister, Stevie, disappeared into a mysterious trunk in the old man's attic. So begins an enchanting and s... Read More

Truth & Consequence

His writings transcend the complete anatomy of the human spirit from the very beginning of life to his inevitable demise. He questioned humanity's customs and beliefs, trying to bring some measure of understanding to societies' inequities and injustices and their consequences. However, the most d... Read More

Finding Courage

Finding Courage: A Single Mother's Story of Heartbreak, Redemption, and Dating is a book about love, loss, and the power of self-actualization. Through her relationships that have been one train wreck after another, the author describes how each of her major relationships has taught her lessons a... Read More

Ultimate Deceit

Ultimate Deceit is a series of true accounts experienced by the author that takes the reader into a deeper mind-bending world of incredible occurrences. It presents factual events that involve interaction by EBEs (extra biological entities) with human beings—events that even today have been suppre... Read More

The Magic of Normal

The Magic of Normal

As we travel through the journey of life, what we are all really looking for is the "magic of normal."

" Meet the woman who grew up in Iran and travel with her to the Silicon Valley. It's there that she would lead a team to a $21 billion sale of a pharmaceut... Read More

Stayin Alive

In the best of times, the lives, health, and well-being of transgender and nonbinary (TGNB) people are precarious. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the pressures have increased significantly, thus worsening their condition.The 2015 National Transgender Discrimination Survey found that TGNB people were... Read More

Five Christmas Stories and Two Other Tales

The author wrote these seven stories over several years for his grandchildren. Each has a happy ending with a little moral message. These stories vary from children and lost dogs to young men on their horses looking for gold. These stories will take the reader from Poletown, a Detroit neighborhoo... Read More

Just a Dream

Skylar has struggled with a devastating death in the family, not sure how she will recover until an old flame comes into the picture. She had closed off her heart after her divorce, but this man has opened up her heart to thoughts she thought were gone. Now she has to decide how things will go mo... Read More

Seger Park

Rome Jeter is a blue-chip recruit and an only child who is mature for his age. As his life becomes complicated, the very social systems that raised him fail miserably. He is betrayed by the police, the press, and even mentors.This far-reaching novel addresses generations of change as the very people... Read More

No Greater Joy

When they say God has a sense of humor, they're not kidding, he truly does. Nothing's impossible, there is nothing that can't be done or can't come true through prayer.I believe that when you are destined for something or someone, it doesn't matter what life throws at you or who comes your way or... Read More

Al, Mickey, and Me

Al, Mickey, and Me is a delightful, true story of second chances. Call it serendipity, karma, kismet, or whatever you like. Life is full of endless possibilities and not just for the young but for the young at heart as well. This is a story of reconnecting after years of separation and the wonder... Read More

The Sleeping Sleuth

Thirteen-year-old Lucy Petrol is tired. Tired of noisy city life, tired of avoiding bullies, and tired of trying to be a perfect representation of what her classmates call "normal." It seems like no matter what she does, nothing works out in her favor. But on one fateful, extra-horrible day, some... Read More

The Boy and the Rabbit

A little bit of kindness can make a lot of change in human life or animals. When you show kindness, care, and love to animals or pets, they always have so many different ways to express their happiness. For example, when you have been kind to a dog, the dog will wag its tail. When you show kindne... Read More

Do Your Best

Share Negus Kloehn's story of how he overcame many obstacles presented to him daily. Growing up in a remote area of Africa, Gambella, Ethiopia, Negus learned to live off the land, raised his younger brother and sister, and never gave up. Negus's early years illustrate living in a one-room hut wit... Read More

Burgh Blonde

Meet me, Burgh Blonde, Pittsburgh's token single girl. This book picks up where Sex and the City left off but with a blue-collar, working-class American twist. In Pittsburgh, we're known for our sports teams, Primanti's sandwiches, and kitschy yinzer language. This book puts into context exactly ... Read More

Death of the Elephant

Imagine America with only one political party! Death of the Elephant paints such a portrait of where we are headed if we stay on our present course. Will there ever be another Republican president? Can the Republican Party survive? Will the Democrats and their allies in the press complete their powe... Read More

Surviving the Journey

Memories clearly start from the age of five to the year 2020 and the COVID-19 outbreak. Robert was introduced to the outdoor life by his father and brother. Athletics consumed a huge portion of his life. His first hunt in Alaska during the fall of 1981 was a huge success and planted the seed for ... Read More

Mechanics of Prosecution

Written with the novice prosecutor in mind, Mechanics of Prosecution will serve almost as a mentor, taking the reader through the role of the prosecutor, ethical and professional considerations, case analysis, charging decisions, trial, and appeal. It will greatly accelerate the reader's professi... Read More

Lady and the Ten-Time World Champ

A true love story never ends...Shelly Salemassi and Hector "Macho" Camacho should never have crossed paths, but in a twist of fate, one night in a casino in Canada, they literally bumped into each other. He came over on a boat from Detroit because he had a felony and couldn't cross the bridge. Sh... Read More

Charging Hell with a Bucket of Water

Ex-death row inmate wrongly sentenced because he reported two deputies who killed four young women. Learn how our government made drugs illegal so they could sell it to everyone and prosecute everyone. Find out who really killed President Kennedy and why and who runs the child sex business. Read ... Read More

Love of History

Love of History is a book of fact and fiction about the people and events that marked the development of civilization. Its intent is educational. It begins before the dawn of history. Of note is the development of religion in the area embracing India and the Mediterranean. The cost of war on the ... Read More

Our Daddy Was a Heroin Addict

He often appeared amusing to family and friends alike. Daddy was seen as a very cool guy by many people. Of course, I looked up to him. However, secretly, I didn't expect Daddy to be around for very long. As I continued to get to know more and more of Daddy, this very troubled and dark side of hi... Read More

The Last Druid Standing

Occasionally, Mother Earth realizes what a mess we have made of the planet. When this happens, there are mass extinction events that allow evolution to start over. Seventy-seven thousand years ago, a supervolcano in Sumatra, Indonesia, called Toba erupted. It is one of the earth's largest known e... Read More

The Javelin Trilogy

Generations have been and gone since Colonel Jeremy McCloud disappeared without trace on the first space mission launched by the United States of America in August 1945.Those involved in the launch are also gone--or have they?Present day, twenty-first centuryThe first indication there might be co... Read More

Eddie's Goat

Eddie Pierce has one job in the rural community simply known as the valley. He is the caretaker of Mrs. Claire's goats. It would be an easy enough business if it weren't for devilish Tiny and his impressive set of horns. But Tiny isn't the only problem Eddie has to face during a few aggravatingly... Read More

Enemies of God

We have often heard that "God hates the sin but loves the sinner." But is this an accurate statement? Does the scripture really bear that out? While there may be a small amount of truth to that statement, is this how God views those who oppose Him? If we take a deeper look into the truth of God's... Read More


I know that by reading the title you think there is no such thing as zombies.The question remains: if this was true, why are stories revealed of them worldwide?The old saying "Don't judge a book by its cover" applies to this chronicle.Think of this: in today's world, we have experiments of (1) cl... Read More

Things to Think About

I am told that my book is very interesting and inspirational. I wrote it for people in general. I hope you enjoy it!

... Read More

A Tribute in Rhyme

My wife, from the day we met, inspired me to express my love in words. For almost fifty-three years, she was my pillar and greatest fan. What I now offer is a very humble tribute to the love of my life.

... Read More

Gilbert and Max

Gilbert and Max: The Wedding, is the next in the series. It tells what John and Patty had to go through to say their vows. For them, it wouldn't be your everyday wedding plans. The wedding wasn't the only thing they had to do in a short period of time. In thirty-three days, they had to finish Joh... Read More

Bad Poetry

Can you be vulnerable? People have a hard enough time being vulnerable with their friends and family. Now imagine that vulnerability cast upon the world.

This collection was created without pretentiousness, never assuming its publishing would ever see the light of day. The deepest fear had to... Read More

Four Bible Themes

Between the early years of primary school and Sunday school I learnt about Noah and the ark, David and Goliath, Zacchaeus on the sycamore tree, etc. These stories, I have kept with me, in my memory, helping to shape my adult years. The knowledge I have of these stories is a benefit of the theolog... Read More

ABBA Father

Ths is the story of one woman's walk through life and how she found Jesus as her savior nd the things that He has taught her. ery relevant to the times we live in and what is going on in the world today.

... Read More

The Voicing Tree

Matthew's life was normal. He finally got a break from school and homework (which he never did anyway)."My name is Matthew Edwards."Suddenly his life is transformed when he meets a treelike boy who sends him on a mysterious quest."Well, my name is Ouron Jackson."However, the young boy has been tr... Read More

The Rising Truth of Revelation

In Daniel 11:9, it is said, "Go thy way, Daniel. For these words are closed up and sealed 'til the time of the end." I believe these books are now open to God's people, including Revelations, made plans to the understanding of God's people and the world through them, to understand the call to com... Read More


The book reveals the Reality of Life. Life's origin, life's reason for existence is answered. The personal choice for the self, self-creation, is shown. Life's eternity, life's indestructible nature is proven. The immortality of the soul is proven. The book proves God's existence. Unlimited power is... Read More


Seven years after Liberation Day, life within Salutia is bustling. Taking over leadership is harder than Malcom anticipated, but despite the stress of running the safest place in the New World, he and Lyle are still searching for John's daughter Kali in the hopes of bringing her home.

Kali is... Read More

Snow Wind and Ice

The story is a short one, written by the inspiration of God. At times interspersed with jokes and biblical wisdom.It focuses on a journey of sorts while being in the US Navy and life after service.I wanted to write down my thoughts and feelings; I just could not keep them to myself. And I hope th... Read More

Nursery Stage

As a young child and adolescent, Marie Deveaux had endured much hardship. Bounced between foster families, she had been the subject of emotional and physical abuse. She managed to persevere and overcome her challenges, and today, she sits atop the world of fashion design. Her award-winning design... Read More


Resilience: 40 Years is a collection of poems that describes to the reader the different daily emotional aspects of different life situations of the author, such as thinking the worse in a bad situation or the best in a good situation. There are some poems with far-reaching depth and others with ... Read More

The Adventures of Prissy Priscilla

What happens when a mischievous, curious, and adventurous girl causes disruption and mayhem? This book, the first in a series, explores answers to this question.

... Read More

Great-Grand Bread

A grandma you can go to anytime is one special grandma. You would always be met with a big smile and warm greeting. Next thing you hear is "Are you hungry?" "I just made some soup," or "I just baked some's still hot." This was my mother, Marge.She was always concerned with you not being h... Read More

Wheeler Hill

Frank E. Greene Jr. was born during that era when segregation was King and when Jim Crow laws demoralized every aspect of his life. He was seven when he came to the realization he was Black in a world of ethnic discrimination! Soon, he adopted an inferiority complex recruiting in timidness! But e... Read More


The year is 1870. Paris is under siege by the German Army and consumed by revolution within its gates. Twenty-one-year-old Robert and Mireille are caught up in war and madly in love. They must survive and find their futures in some of the most desperate days the great city has ever seen. Street b... Read More

Where the Cotton Once Grew

In the midst of the Great Depression in tiny Roxboro, Alabama, Sara and her son, Sam, struggle to make ends meet within a community where Christian values are preached but rarely practiced. The county's wealthiest and most influential citizen, Milton Marion, is bent on ruining Sara's life and wre... Read More

Farewell to the King

This is the third and final installment of the trilogy of King William and Queen Margaret. The story led to the end of the lives of William and Margaret and the foundation of the fictional House of Rochester. It follows them in their final years as they become the beloved monarchs. The story foll... Read More

A Wolf of the Cloth

The plague of the undead sweeps across the United States, forcing the Hawkins family, among others, to seek refuge at a Catholic church located in the small mountain town of Denbrook.A young boy goes missing, and a search party ventures outward in an attempt to find and bring him back to safety.And ... Read More

The Beginning

The Beginning is about Angel struggling with great disappointment and heartache followed by joy and happiness in her early life. Angel learns that life is ever-changing and that some changes bring about happiness, love, and surprises. In the end, Angel overcomes a few of life's unexpected challen... Read More

In My Mother's Mind

In My Mother's Mind covers a span of about eleven years. The primary character in the book, my mother, lived in Florida for twenty-two years after retiring from her career in Ohio. She talked of living in Florida for decades. While Florida was her happy place (not to be confused with Disney World... Read More

When Depression is Silent

The little girl living in the white house with the fence grows into an adult surrounded by a fence of violence, crime, and shame.Undetected and denied diagnosisA young girl growing up in a middle-class family appearing to have all things she needed in the eyes of others, but behind the walls of h... Read More

Warrior Wannabe

2Readers will get to know Tom Baker well in this unflinching, introspective, and honest account of his always-interesting life. In prose that is unadorned, sometimes ugly, but always authentic, he mixes harrowing tales of combat in Vietnam with humorous tales of growing up in the mountains of wes... Read More

White Lobsters of Hidden Point

Travel through an amazing series of events that transpired along the twisted journey a special individual had lived from a small, secluded waterfront community on the lower Eastern Shore of Maryland, across the country, and down to the Caribbean Sea. Captivating encounters with alternative lifest... Read More

The Adventures of Hallie & Ralph

The Adventures of Hallie and Ralph is about a young girl and her semi-invisible friend and the trouble the two of them seem to get into on a regular basis. Because there are so many situations that Ralph really doesn't understand, he is constantly getting himself into trouble and dragging Hallie ... Read More

Beauty Tips 101

To every young lady or woman who may need a confidence boost, you can find it here in this book. Like a flower, we all blossom when we are ready. This focuses on how to take care of the natural beauty as well as knowing how to enhance it. Discovering what makes us beautiful on the inside is what ... Read More

What is a Dream?

What is a dream? To have a dream is to wonder. It's the spark of imagination that glows bright. A calling that can be heard like roaring thunder. An expression of your soul's light. What is a dream to you?

... Read More

WTF! The Chase

Buckle up, people! 13 has disappeared with the doc, and the only sorry sumbitches who can do anything are Stone, Jack, Kate, and Stacy. The gang teams up with Hightower and a cocaine-addicted alien named Frost. Time travel seems all fun and games until shit goes wrong, and like everything with th... Read More


Crystal is about a young mermaid who will do anything in her power to learn about the land creatures, even if it means putting her loved ones and herself at risk. In spite of the king's orders that all merpeople must stay away from the forbidden surface, she deliberately disobeys his orders by re... Read More

The Hollers

Angela and Joan, also known as earth's guardians, were here to protect this world from any evil marauder. For centuries, they've been behind the scenes, keeping this world safe.One sad day, the vamp-extraterrestrial prevailed. They will now destroy from within by gaining control of the Homo sapiens ... Read More

Ben's New Friends

Follow the heartwarming life of Ben, a Virginia Border Collie. Meet his loving human parents--Don and Sherri--and their grandchildren. Share Ben's joy when he spends time with his two adopted feline sisters--Emma and Pipin--and the three adorable pet rabbits on the farm. Finally, share our Border... Read More

Hoop! Don't Shoot!

A passion to save our youth heals our community.Hoop! Don't Shoot! is the story of one woman's passion to transform the lives of at-risk youth, their environment, and the overall community. Ms. Angie shares stories of her journey, leading and guiding many former gang members to a better quality o... Read More

The Book of Revelation

With God's help, I hope to convince many of you about the great salvation in understanding the book of Revelation. From the very outset, John the Apostle wrote that these things must soon come to pass (Rev. 1:1-3). This message is from Jesus Christ himself, a message of God's power and authority,... Read More

That's My Nanny Tee

To my moms and dads:Placing your precious little ones in the care of someone other than the family may be overwhelming: for you and them. That's My Nanny Tee will help ease this transition as you leave your little ones in the very capable hands and loving hands of Nanny Tee. Simply insert pictures o... Read More

A Brief Affair

I have witnessed a remarkable but true story that just had to be shared.In the spring of 2017, I found myself walking down the aisle of a small New England church to witness my birth mother's marriage to a gentleman whose heart she broke sixty-two years ago when she ended their engagement because sh... Read More

Ghosts of Magnolia Lane

Summer break is supposed to be a time for kicking back, putting your feet up, and forgetting all about school and your goofball teachers, not for finding dead bodies and hunting ghosts. But that's exactly what the summer had in store for Clara and her friends. After moving into her family's old S... Read More

The ADvantage

Entrepreneurs and forward thinkers: before you spend one dollar on marketing and advertising, you must read this.Everything you think you know about communication is wrong. The world may be changing but the rules for reaching your audience aren't. An advertisement might contain flashy sound effec... Read More

Go Stop Repeat

This is a story of a struggling young couple, Tom and Aki, who lives in Brooklyn, New York. Tom is Italian American, and Aki is of Japanese descent, born and raised in Osaka, Japan. Tom is a dreamer who, like most, dreams of becoming rich, not yet knowing how rich and blessed he already is. Tom a... Read More


Trapped behind prison walls for over fifteen years, Man-Child is here! Prison approved and ready for the streets and all who like sex, money, drugs, and murder. Written for the streets of Rochester, New York, who raised Man-Child.Volume 2 coming soon!Lenell Robinson is currently serving a twenty-... Read More

The Adventures of Jaylyn - The Protector from Bullies

Jaylyn is twelve years old and studies several types of martial art and wrestling. He does it because one day he decided he had enough of his friends and family being bullied. Bullies in the schools and bullies in the neighborhood. Jaylyn decided someone need to do something about it, so it had t... Read More

The Started Colt

At a certain point in my life I became fed up with the Equine industry, I didn't like the way people treated horses, I didn't like the way people talked about horses and I didn't like the way people looked at horses. In despair and heart broke over the loss of my first love I gradually came to se... Read More

Shadow Box of Scars

She's the girl you see every day, always smiling with those sweet dimples and big puppy-dog brown eyes. She's the well-kept girl who seems to have it together on the surface, a display she puts on for good measure. Good grades. Always courteous to others. She's such a good girl, a fine little lad... Read More

Inspirations from the Heart

I began writing poetry as a hobby. I didn't realize how many poems I had written throughout the years, until I was advised to have them published. The purpose of the verses in this book that are written from my thoughts, experiences, and the events in my life are to be an inspiration to the reade... Read More

Perfect Revenge

Chasity Johnson has only one objective: to seek revenge on the man who broke her heart. Will she go through with the "She-Devil" tactics she has in store, or will she let the attention of a beautiful stranger distract her from the mission at hand?

... Read More

Forever and Always, My Love

Life's hard enough growing up, and finding out that you're more than just human can make it even more complicated! Renee Cox found this out one day when she met a mysterious boy out of the blue and had no idea the impact that he would have on her entire life. Follow her through her unimaginable r... Read More

A Story of Love, Loss, and a Spirit Message

Telling our stories is a sharing of community, teaching, and healing as we all walk th