ISBN and Barcode

An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is the long and intricate string of numbers on the back of a book just above or below the barcode.

There are 13 digits to a modern ISBN number (any number assigned after 2007).  The first three numbers indicate the industry of the publication.  Next comes the group identifier, which denotes the country group (any country or group of countries that share the same language).

The next group of numbers denotes the publisher code and title or item number.  A publisher can have multiple publisher codes depending on how many titles they have published.  Finally, there is a checksum or “check digit”.  This serves as an error check to make sure that the ISBN number is a valid number according to industry standards.  This number is derived by alternatively multiplying the first 12 digits of the ISBN number by 1 and 3, then taking the sum of those calculations and dividing them by 10.  The remainder is then subtracted from 10, leaving the final check digit.

An ISBN and barcode is not required to sell your book. However, book stores will not stock a book without them, so they are considered necessary.  In fact, a separate ISBN is used for eBooks as opposed to hard copy (print) books, and a printed barcode is required on the front or back cover of your hard copy book. We will obtain the necessary ISBNs and barcodes, listing you as the author and Page Publishing as your publisher.

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